King Boleslaw Chrobry POLAND, I
(Abt 963-1025)
Princess Judith HUNGARY
(Abt 965-)
Crown Prince Ezzo Palsgrave LORRAINE
(Abt 955-1034)
Princess Mathilde SAXONY
(Abt 979-1025)
King Mieszko Lambert POLAND, II
Countess Richeza Palsgrave LORRAINE
(Abt 991-1063)
King Casimir Odnowiciel POLAND, I


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Queen Dobronegra Maria Kiev POLAND

King Casimir Odnowiciel POLAND, I

  • Born: 25 Jul 1016, Krakow, Krakowskiego, Poland
  • Married: 1039, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Died: 28 Nov 1058, , , Poland

   Other names for Casimir were Kazimierz I, "The Restorer", POLAND King, POLAND Duke and Karol.

   Ancestral File Number: 9HM1-MP. User ID: 302555980.

   General Notes:

"The Restorer", Duke of POLAND Reigned 1034-1037 and 1040/1041-1058.

Kings and Queens of Europe, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute 1989: "Kazimierz I Odnowiciel, Son ofMieszko II King of Poland or Polska,Mar Dobronega-Maria Daughter of Cladimir I Grand Prince of Kiev, Died 1058."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Poland 1041: "Casimir, King of Poland 1041-1058..."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p2143, Piast Dynasty: "...Casimir I Reigned Abt 1040-1058..."
p471, Casimir I: "Born Abt 1015, Died Abt 1058, Duke of Poland (Abt 1040-1058), son of Mieszko II. He succeeded in reuniting the central Polish lands underthe hegemony of the Holy Roman Empire, but he was never crowned king. He is also called Casimir the Restorer. His son and successor was Boleslaus II."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol II, p610, Casimir I the Restorer: "Polish`Kazimierz Karol Odnowiciel', Born 25 Jul 1016, Died 28 Nov1058, King of Poland who re-annexed the formerly Polish provinces of Silesia, Mazovia, and Pomerania (all now in Poland) which had been lost during his father's reign, and restored thePolish central government.
"Only surviving son of King Mieszko II and Richeza (Ryksa) of Lorraine, Casimir I, who had taken monastic orders, received papal dispensation and ascended the throne after his father's death (1034). In 1037 he was deposed during a coup of the nobles against the royal power and a popular revolt against the magnates in conjunction with an anti-Christian uprising by pagan tribes. Exiled to Germany he won military aid from the German kings Conrad II and Henry III and by 1040 had regained his throne. He married the Russian princess Dobronega and, supported by her brother, the grand prince Yaroslav the Great of Kiev, regained the provinces of Mazovia and Pomerania in 1047. He took Silesia (1050) from the Bohemians, though he had to pay annual tribute to the Bohemian princes as compensation. He re-established the Polish central government, revived the Roman Catholic Church, and suppressed the pagan tribes that had helped to depose him. As ruler of Poland, however, he was never crowned king, and German suzerainty over Poland was, in fact, re-established during his reign."

Macropaedia, Vol XIV, p638, Poland History of: "Casimir I the Restorer, 1039- 1058. A former monk, Casimir(Kazimierz) I slowly restored Poland with the help of the German King Henry III. Both Great Poland and Little Poland recognized Casimir I as their Duke in 1039-1040. Mazovia followed in 1047 and Silesia recognized him in 1050, but Casimir hadto pay tribute to Bohemia for Silesia."

Ancestral File Ver 4.11 9HM1-MP Casimir I POLAND King Born Abt 1015, 6TKK-S5 Kazimierz I Karol "The Restorer" POLAND Prince Born 25 Jul 1016, 952M-FP Kazimierz I Karol POLAND Prince, IGI Birth T990521-85-1395781Kazimierz I Karol Prince of POLAND.

IGI Birth T990521-85-1395781 Kazimierz I Karol Prince of POLAND Father Mieszko II Lambert King of POLAND Mother Richenza Countess of LORRAINE Born 25 Jul 1016 Krakov Kradowskiego Poland.

IGI Marriage T990521-204-1395781 Kazimierz I Karol Prince of POLAND Spouse Dobronegra Mariya Princess of KIEV 1039 Kiev Kiyev Ukraine USSR.

   Marriage Information:

Casimir married Queen Dobronegra Maria Kiev POLAND, daughter of Grand Duke Saint Vladimir Sviatoslawitz KIEV, I and Princess Anna Macedonia BYZANTIUM, in 1039 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine. (Queen Dobronegra Maria Kiev POLAND was born about 1011-1017 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine.)

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