Duke Ziemonislaw POLAND
(Abt 892-Abt 962)
Duchess POLAND
(Abt 896-)
Duke Boleslav Cechy BOHEMIA, I
(Abt 900-967)
Duchess Bozena BOHEMIA
(Abt 901-)
Duke Mieszko POLAND, I
(Abt 922-992)
Princess Dubravka Cechy BOHEMIA
(Abt 931-977)
King Boleslaw Chrobry POLAND, I
(Abt 963-1025)


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King Boleslaw Chrobry POLAND, I

  • Born: Abt 963-967, Poznan, Poznanskiego, Poland
  • Married (1): 3 Feb 984-1018
  • Married (2): 986, Esztergom, Esztergom, Megye, Hungary
  • Married (3): 987, , Prussia, Medieval States
  • Died: 17 Jun 1025, , , Poland

   Other names for Boleslaw were "Chrobny", Boleslav, Boleslaus, Boleslas, POLAND King, "The Brave" and POLSKA King.

   Ancestral File Number: 9HMK-N3. User ID: 1210223920.

   General Notes:

"The Brave", King of POLAND or POLSKA Reigned 992/1025-1025.

Kings and Queens of Europe, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute 1989: "Boleslaw I Chrobry, Son of Mieszko I of Poland or Polska and Dombrowska (Dubravka) of Cechy or Bohemia, King of Poland or Polska 1025, Died 1025."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Poland 992: "Boleslas, King of Poland 992-1025, Poland became a Duchy under Lesko I Abt 550, and a Kingdom Abt 992..."

The Story of Civilization, Will Durant, Vol IV, The Age of Faith, Bk IV, The Dark Ages, Ch XXV, The Recovery of Europe, Sec V, Border States,p660: "Mieszko's son Boleslav I (992-1025) conquered Pomerania, annexed Breslau and Cracow, and made himself the first King of Poland."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p2143, Piast Dynasty: "[Mieszko I's] son, Boleslaus I, was crowned king in 1025 with papal approval. However, some of his successors did not claim the royal crown..."
p324, Boleslaus I: "Born Abt 966, Died 1025, Polish ruler (992-1025), the first to call himself king; also called Boleslaus the Brave. He succeeded his father, Mieszko I, as Duke of Poland, seized the territories left to his two brothers under their father's will, and set about increasing his holdings. With the sanction of Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, he obtained (1000) the elevation of Gniezno into a metropolitan see, thus emancipating the Polish church from German control. Otto also supported plans for Polish political autonomy. Otto's successor, Holy Roman Emperor Henry II, opposed Boleslaus's ambition; when Boleslaus overran Meissen and the East Mark, Henry refused to confirm his control of these territories. Boleslaus took advantage of dynastic troubles to occupy Bohemia in 1003; expelled in 1004, he still retained Moravia. He repelled a series of invasions ofPoland by Henry. In 1018, in the Peace of Bautzen, Boleslaus received Lusatia as a fief of the Holy Roman Empire. Subsequently he campaigned successfully against Kiev. Boleslaus ranks among Poland's foremost rulers; he reorganized the administration, systematized taxation, and created a large standing army. Shortly before his death he was crowned king with the approval of the Holy See. He was succeeded by his son, Mieszko II."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol II, p127, Boleslaw I the Brave: "Polish Boleslaw I Chrobry, Born 966/967, Died 17 Jun 1025, first king of Poland, who expanded his country's territory to include Pomerania, Lusatia, and, for a time, the Bohemian princely lands, and made Poland a major European state; he also created a Polish Church independent of German control.
"Son of Mieszko I, the first of the Piast Dukes, and the Bohemian Princess Dobrawa (Dubravka), Boleslaw I inherited the principality of Great Poland (Wielkopolska, between the Oder and the Warta rivers) upon his father's death (992). He conquered Pomerania (on the Baltic Sea) in 996 and seized Cracow (formerly a Bohemian possession) soon afterward. He ransomed the relics of the martyred St Adalbert,Bishop of Prague, from the pagan Prussians and buried the relics at Gniezno. The Holy Roman emperor Otto III, who had been Adalbert's student and Boleslaw's ally since 992, attended the ceremony (Mar 1000) and marked the occasion by personallycrowning Boleslaw King of Poland. With Pope Sylvester II's approval, the Emperor granted Poland its own archdiocese, with Gniezno as its seat. Boleslaw then reorganized Poland's church structure, making it a national church directly under papal jurisdiction and independent of German ecclesiastical control.
"After Emperor Otto III's death (1002), Boleslaw seized the imperial lands of Lusatia and Misnia (Meissen) and the principality of Bohemia. These actions started a series ofthree wars between him and the German king Henry II; it lasted until 1018, when, by the Treaty of Bautzen, Boleslaw retained Lusatia and Misnia, and Henry II won Bohemia. Boleslaw's expansionist policy continued. When he defeated Grand Prince Yaroslav I the Wise of Kiev in battle (21 Jul 1018) and placed his own son-in-law (and Yaroslav's brother) Svyatopolk, on the Kievian throne, his control extended from the western tributaries of the middle Elbe to the eastern reach of the Western Bug River. Though recognized as King by Otto III in 1000, he sought to strengthen his position and his independence from imperial control by being crowned by the Archbishop of Gniezno (25 Dec 1024)."

Macropaedia, Vol XIV, p638, Poland History of: "...The eldest son of Mieszko I, Boleslaw I the Brave, further enlarged his empire, going beyond the ethnic boundaries of the Polish tribes. With Boleslaw's help, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III set up his own Polish metropolitanate (church province), with the bishoprics of Cracow, Wroclaw, and Kolobrzeg, and the archbishopric of Gniezno, at the Congress of Gniezno (1000). The first bishop of Prague, Adalbert (Voytech), became the national patron saint of Poland in that year,following his martyrdom in 977 during his missionary work with the heathen Prussians in Samland in east Prussia. When Otto III died, Boleslaw I conquered Bohemia, Moravia, the German borderlands in Lusatia (Lausitz), west of the Oder River, andprobably also Slovakia between 1003 and 1004. But the new king of Germany, Henry II (ruled 1002-1024), reconquered Bohemia and also led three campaigns against Boleslaw I, without success. In 1018 Boleslaw turned east, occupying Kiev for a short period and regaining the borderland at the Bug and San rivers, which had belonged to Poland before 981. Boleslaw I was crowned king (presumably withthe consent of the Holy See in Rome) in 1024-1025, and the new kingdom became gradually knownunder the name of Poland (Polonia) even during his reign. After his death the Polish monarchy came to be the secular symbol of the country's unity, in spite of all the partitions and divisions that the future held in store."

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9HMK-N3 Boleslav I POLAND King Born Abt 963, NCE Boleslaus, EB and 6TKJ-NB Boleslaw Born Poznan Abt 967, 6TKK-XT Born Abt 964, WCWH Boleslas.

IGI Birth T990521-56-1395781 Boleslaw I King of POLAND Father Mieszko I Prince of POLAND Mother Dubravka Princess of BOHEMIA 967 Poznan Poznanskiego Poland.

IGI Marriage T990521-191-1395781 Boleslaw I King of POLAND Spouse Judit HUNGARY Princess 986 Esztergom Esztergom Megye Hungary.

IGI Marriage T990521-190-1395781 Boleslaw I King of POLAND Spouse Emnilde Princess of WESTERN SLAVS 987 Prussia Medieval States.

IGI Birth T990521-11-1395781 Mieszko II Lambert King of POLAND Father Boleslaw I King of POLAND Mother Emnilde Princess WESTERN SLAVS 990 Poznan Poznanskiego Poland.

   Marriage Information:

Boleslaw married Princess Oda MEISSEN on 3 Feb 984-1018. The marriage ended in divorce. (Princess Oda MEISSEN was born about 982 in Meissen, Dresden, Saxony and died after 1018.)

   Marriage Information:

Boleslaw also married Princess Judith HUNGARY, daughter of Prince Geza HUNGARY and Princess Sarolta TRANSYLVANIA, in 986 in Esztergom, Esztergom, Megye, Hungary. The marriage ended in divorce. (Princess Judith HUNGARY was born about 965-970 in Esztergom, Esztergom, Megye, Hungary.)

   Marriage Information:

Boleslaw also married Princess Emnilde WESTERN SLAVS, daughter of Prince Dobromir WESTERN SLAVS and Mrs Dobromir, in 987 in , Prussia, Medieval States. (Princess Emnilde WESTERN SLAVS was born about 968 in , , Prussia and died in 1017.)

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