King Mieszko Lambert POLAND, II
Countess Richeza Palsgrave LORRAINE
(Abt 991-1063)
Grand Duke Saint Vladimir Sviatoslawitz KIEV, I
(Abt 960-1015)
Princess Anna Macedonia BYZANTIUM
King Casimir Odnowiciel POLAND, I
Queen Dobronegra Maria Kiev POLAND
(Abt 1011-)
King Boleslav Smialy POLAND, II
(Abt 1039-Abt 1079)


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Princess Vysheslava CHERNIGOV

King Boleslav Smialy POLAND, II

  • Born: Abt 1039-1041, Krakow, Krakowskiego, Poland
  • Married: 1067
  • Died: Abt 1079-1081, , , Hungary

   Other names for Boleslav were Boleslaw, Boleslas, "The Generous", POLSKA Duke, Boleslaus, POLAND King and "The Bold".

   Ancestral File Number: 6TKK-QS.

   General Notes:

"The Generous", "The Bold", Duke of POLAND 1058-1076, King of POLAND or POLSKA 1076-1079/1082.

Kings and Queens of Europe, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute 1989: "Boleslaw II Smialy, Son of Kazimierz I Odnowiciel and Dobronega- -Maria, King of Poland or Polska 1076-1079, Died 1079."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Poland 1058: "Boleslas II, King of Poland 1058-1082..."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p324, Boleslaus II: "Born Abt 1039, Died Abt 1081, Duke (1058-1076), and later King (1076-1079) of Poland; son and successor of Casimir I. Throughout his reign he opposed the influence of the Holy Roman Empire. He asserted Polish power in Bohemia, Hungary, and S Russia by interfering in their civil wars. As a reward for submitting his foreign policy to papal control he was crowned King in 1076. He became involved in a sharp conflict with the Polish clergy and nobility, and in 1079 he killed (or procured the death of) Stanislaus, Bishop of Krakow. The death provoked immediate reaction; the king's younger brother, Ladislaus Herman, joined in league with the powerful nobles and seized the royal power. Excommunicated and deprived of his title by Pope Gregory VII, Boleslaus died in exile in Hungary."

Encyclopaedia Britannica 1981 Micropaedia Vol II p127 Boleslaw II: "`The Generous,' also known as `The Bold,' Born 1039, Died 1081, assumed the rule of Poland on the death of his father, Casimir I the Restorer, in 1058. During the struggle between the German kings and the papacy, Boleslaw was able to restore the international position of Poland. He helped Bela I to obtain the Hungarian crown (1060) against the Germans' protege and refused to pay tribute to the Czechs for Silesia. In 1069 he intervened on behalf of a relative by marriage, Izyaslav, to give hime the throne of the principality of Kiev. Boleslaw and Pope Gregory VII had common interests both in Hungary and against the German King Henry IV, and Boleslaw was recognized as King of Poland in the presence of papal legates in 1076. Catastrophe followed a second intervention in Kiev (1077); Polish nobles, with German and Czech support, rebelled; among them was the bishopof Cracow, Saint Stanislaw, who was accused of treason against the sovereign. Boleslaw had him put to death on 11 Apr 1079. The exact cause of the subsequent internal revolt is not clear, but the King had to flee from Poland, taking his son with him, and died in exile, traditionally at Assiach in Carinthia or Wilten in Tirol. A modern biography is Tadeusz Grudzinski's `Boleslaw Szczodry' (1953 et seq)."

Macropaedia, Vol XIV, p638, Poland History of: "Boleslaw II `The Bold,' 1058- 1079. Casimir's successor continued the power politics of Boleslaw I, leading many successful campaigns into Hungary (1060-1077) and Kiev (1068-1077). He also maintained the independence of Poland from Germany by skillfully taking advantage ofa controversy between the Germany King Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII. With the help of the Pope he also renewed the crown of Poland. But after Henry IV had regained power (1077), a party of Polish nobles rebelled in his favour against Boleslaw.For reasons unknown, Boleslaw had decreed the execution of Bishop Stanislaw of Cracow in 1078, and this led to open rebellion. Boleslaw was forced to flee to Hungary, where he died in exile in 1081."

6TKK-QS Boleslaw II "The Bold" King of Poland Born Abt 1041, WCWH Boleslas II.

   Marriage Information:

Boleslav married Princess Vysheslava CHERNIGOV in 1067.

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