Grand Duke Svyatoslav KIEV, I
Grand Duchess Malusha Lubech KIEV
(Abt 944-)
Emperor Romanus BYZANTIUM, II
(Abt 939-963)
Empress Theophano BYZANTIUM
(Abt 936-991)
Grand Duke Saint Vladimir Sviatoslawitz KIEV, I
(Abt 960-1015)
Princess Anna Macedonia BYZANTIUM
Queen Dobronegra Maria Kiev POLAND
(Abt 1011-)


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King Casimir Odnowiciel POLAND, I

Queen Dobronegra Maria Kiev POLAND

  • Born: Abt 1011-1017, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Married: 1039, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

   Other names for Dobronegra were POLAND Queen, POLSKA Duchess, KIEV Princess and Mariya.

   Ancestral File Number: 9HM1-NV. User ID: 302555981.

   General Notes:

Princess of KIEV, Duchess of POLSKA, Queen of POLSKA.

5th Great Grandaunt of Alexander Nevsky, 12th Great Grandaunt of Ivan III the Great, and 14th Great Grandaunt of Ivan IV the Terrible.

Kings and Queens of Europe, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute 1989: "Kazimierz I Odnowiciel, Son of Mieszko II King of Poland or Polska, Mar Dobronega-Maria Daughter of Cladimir I Grand Prince of Kiev, Died 1058."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol II, p610, Casimir I: "...He married the Russian princess Dobronega and supported by her [half] brother the Grand Prince Yaroslav the Great of Kiev, regained the provinces of Mazovia and Pomerania in 1047..."

Vol X, p478, Vladimir I Saint: "...A marriage following the death of Anne (1011), affiliated Vladimir with the Holy Roman Emperors of the German Ottonian Dynasty and produced a daughter, who became the consort of Casimir I the Restorer of Poland (1016-1058)..."

Ancestral File Ver 4.11 9HM1-NV Debronega Marie KIEV Grand Duchess Born Abt 1011 = ?Daughter of GERMANY Princess Mar 1011, 6TKK-TB Dobronegra Mariya KIEV Princess Born Abt 1011 Daughter of 952M-CC Anna BYZANTIUM Princess Died 1011, IGI Birth T990521- 152-1395781 Dobronegra Mariya Princess of KIEV.

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 6TKK-TB Dobronegra Mariya Vladimirovna Princess of KIEV Born Abt 1011 Kiev Kiev Ukraine Daughter of Anna Princess of the BYZANTINE EMPIRE (AFN:9QZD-W4).

IGI Birth T990521-152-1395781 Dobronegra Mariya Princess of KIEV Father Vladimir I Grand Prince of KIEV 1011 Kiev Kiyev Ukraine USSR.

IGI Marriage T990521-204-1395781 Kazimierz I Karol Prince of POLAND Spouse Dobronegra Mariya Princess ofKIEV 1039 Kiev Kiyev Ukraine USSR.

   Marriage Information:

Dobronegra married King Casimir Odnowiciel POLAND, I, son of King Mieszko Lambert POLAND, II and Countess Richeza Palsgrave LORRAINE, in 1039 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine. (King Casimir Odnowiciel POLAND, I was born on 25 Jul 1016 in Krakow, Krakowskiego, Poland and died on 28 Nov 1058 in , , Poland.)

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