Grand Duke Rurik Varangian Kiev NOVGOROD
(Abt 830-879)
Grand Duchess Efenda Kiev NOVGOROD
(Abt 850-)
Grand Duke Igor KIEV
Regent Saint Olga KIEV
(Abt 890-969)
Grand Duke Svyatoslav KIEV, I


Family Links

1. Grand Duchess Malusha Lubech KIEV

2. Princess Predislava BULGARIA

Grand Duke Svyatoslav KIEV, I

  • Born: 942, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Married (1): 959, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Married (2): Abt 959, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Died: 972-973, Dneiper, Pereyaslavl, Ukraine, Russia

   Other names for Svyatoslav were Svatslaf, Sviatoslav, Spendoblos and KIEV Grand Duke.

   Ancestral File Number: B6DN-WD. User ID: 2420447624.

   General Notes:

Grand Duke of KIEV Reigned 945-972.

6th Great Grandfather of Alexander Nevsky, 13th Great Grandfather of Ivan III the Great, and 15th Great Grandfather of Ivan IV the Terrible.

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Barber Grandparents: 125 Kings, 143 Generations, Ted Butler Bernard and Gertrude Barber Bernard, 1978, McKinney TX, p81: "334R Svatslaf, Czar of Russia, (S of 321, F of 349); ascended the throne in 964; conquered Bulgarian Tribes; defeated by the Greek Emperor and forced to surrender Borostol; ambushed and slain by Patzinsks Tribes at Cataracts of the Dneiper River."

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p1477, Kievan Russia: "...Under Olga's son, Sviatoslav (Died 972), the Khazars were crushed, and Kievan power was extended to the lower Volga and N Caucaus." Encyclopaedia Britannica 1981 Micropaedia Vol VIII p720 Rurik Dynasty: "[Igor and St Olga's] son and successor, Svyatoslav (ruled 945-972)- further extended their territories..."

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Vol IX, p707, Svyatoslav I: "In full Svyatoslav Igorevich, Died972, Grand Prince of Kiev from 945 and the greatest of the Varangian princes of early Russian history. He was the son of Grand Prince Igor, probably the grandson of Rurik, Prince of Novorod, and the last non-Christian ruler of the Kievan state. After coming of age he began a series of bold military expeditions, leaving his mother, Olga, to manage the internal affairs of the Kievan state until her death in 969.
"`The Russian Primary Chronicle (Povest vremennykh let)' says that Svyatoslav `sent messengers to the other lands announcing his intention to attack them.' Between 963 and 965 he defeated the Khazars on the lower Don and the Ossetes and Circassians in the northern Caucasus; he also attacked the Volga Bulgars.In 967 he defeated the Balkan Bulgars at the behest of the Byzantines, to whom he then refused to cede his conquest. He declared his intention of establishing a Russo-Bulgarian empire with its capital at Pereyaslavets (now Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky) on the Danube. In 971, however, his comparatively small army was defeated by a Byzantine force under the emperor John I Tzimisces, and Svyatoslav was compelled to abandon his claim to Balkan territory.
"In the spring of 972, while Svyatoslav was returning to Russia with a small retinue, he was ambushed and killed by the Pechenegs (a Turkic people) near the cataracts of the Dnepr."

Macropaedia, Vol XVI, p40, Russia History of: "...The consecutive history of the first East Slavic state begins with Prince Svyatoslav (died 972), the greatest of the Varangian princes. His victorious campaigns against other Varangian centres, the Khazars, and the Volga Bulgars and his intervention in the Byzantine-Danube Bulgar conflicts of 968-971 mark the full hegemony of his clan i Rus and the emergence of a new political force in eastern Europe, similar in some ways to the princely dynasties of the Piasts in Poland and the Arpads in Hungary. But Svyatoslav was neither a lawgiver nor an organizer; and on his death he left, in true Varangian style, only his sword and that which had been gained by it..."

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Ancestral File Ver 4.10 B6DN-WD Born 942 (3yo 945) Kiev Kiev Ukraine Not Married Died 972/973 Kiev Kiev Ukraine.

IGI Birth T990001-259-1126128NONE Svyatoslav Grand Duke of KIEV Father IgorGrand Duke of KIEV Mother Olga Grand Duchess of KIEV 942 Kiyev Ukraine USSR.

IGI Marriage T990002-66-1126128NONE Svyatoslav Grand Duke of KIEV Spouse P Grand Duchess of KIEV 959 Kiyev Ukraine USSR.

IGI Birth T990001-31-1126128NONE Vladimir V Grand Duke of E KIEV Father Svyatoslav Grand Duke of KIEV Mother Malusha Grand Duchess of KIEV 960 Kiyev Ukraine USSR.

   Marriage Information:

Svyatoslav married Grand Duchess Malusha Lubech KIEV, daughter of Malk LUBECH, in 959 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine. (Grand Duchess Malusha Lubech KIEV was born about 944 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine.)

   Marriage Information:

Svyatoslav also married Princess Predislava BULGARIA about 959 in Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine.

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