Duke Leszek POLAND, IV
(Abt 865-921)
Princess POLAND
(Abt 869-)
Duke Ziemonislaw POLAND
(Abt 892-Abt 962)
Duchess POLAND
(Abt 896-)
Duke Mieszko POLAND, I
(Abt 922-992)


Family Links

1. Princess Thyra Haraldsdatter DENMARK
2. Princess Dubravka Cechy BOHEMIA

3. Princess Oda OSTMARK

Duke Mieszko POLAND, I

  • Born: Abt 922-937, Poznan, Poznanskiego, Poland
  • Married (1): 951, Poznan, Poznanskiego, Poland
  • Married (2): 965, Praha, Praha, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia
  • Married (3): Abt 979-980
  • Died: 25 May 992, , , Poland

   Other names for Mieszko were Mieczyslav, POLSKA, POLAND Duke and Micislaus.

   Ancestral File Number: 9HMK-SR. User ID: 2420447840.

   General Notes:

Duke of POLAND.

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The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p1774, Mieszko I or Mieczyslaw I: "Born Abt 922, Died 992, Duke of Poland (962-992), the first important member of the Piast dynasty. The first German invasions of Poland began in 963. To avert this threat, Mieszko obtained (Abt 963) a friendly treaty with Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, to whom he agreed to pay tribute. Mieszko later conquered Pomerania. In 966, he accepted Christianity and immediately began the conversion of Poland. Late in his reign he placed Poland under the protection of the pope, thus gaining papal support of Polish integrity. His son Boleslaus I succeeded him."
p2143, Piast Dynasty: "1st dynasty of Polish dukes and kings. Its name was derived from that of itslegendary ancestor, a simple peasant. The first historic member, Duke Mieszko I (reigned 962-992), began the unification of Poland and introduced Christianity..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol VI, p879, Mieszko: "later form Mieczyslaw, the name of three early rulers of Poland , of whom the first was the most important:
"Mieszko I, Born Abt 930, Died Abt 992, Piast prince or duke of Poland (from Abt 963), brought Poland into Christendom and expanded the stateto the Baltic Sea. He accepted Christianity directly from Rome in 966, in order to resist forced conversion by the Germans and the incorporation of Poland into the Holy Roman Empire- the fate of Bohemia. Mieszko expanded the Polish state intoGalicia at the expense of Bohemia and to the Baltic Sea through the incorporation of Pomerania."

Macropaedia, Vol XIV, p638, Poland History of: "Siemomyslv's son, Mieszko I, was the first of the Piast dukes to have his biography recorded in detail in the chronicles of that time. Through his desire to conquer Western Pomerania along the Oder River to the trading cities of Szczecin and Wolin, Mieszko I came into contact with the German kingdom, whose ruler Otto I the Great (Holy Romanemperor) had conquered and subjugated Bohemia in 950 and all the Polabic tribes (between the Elbe and Oder rivers) between 936 and 955. This extended the sovereignty of the German king to the Oder River, and, for the time being, Mieszko acknowledged Otto's supremacy and entered into a close trade and cultural relationship with the Duchy of Saxony, Otto's homeland. To counter the German threat, Mieszko I entered into an alliance with the Bohemian duke Boleslav II, marrying his sisterDubravka (Dabrowka), in 965. Baptized in 966, he promoted the general spread of Christianity in his lands, although a few small Christian communities had already been in existence. In consequence, the year 966 is considered to be the year thatmarks the founding of Poland. The bishopric of Poznan was established in 968 and placed under the sovereignty of the archbishopric of Magdeburg. During the Great Slav Rebellion in 983, Germany lost its territory east of the Elbe and Saale rivers. In tacit agreement with Germany, Mieszko I conquered the entire coastal region of the Baltic Sea, including Szczecin, during 967 to 990. After dissolving his treaty with Bohemia, he further added Silesia and Little Poland to his other conquests. This established Mieszko as the ruler of an empire covering about 96,500 square miles and populated by 1,250,000 people. Poland was now larger and more powerful than the Scandinavian countries, Hungary, or Bohemia. Of decisive importancefor the later development of internal unity was the fact that Mieszko submitted to the formal supremacy of the Holy See in Rome around 990. He took this step in order to avoid being subjected to the authority of the German Church."

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9HMK-SR Mieczyslav I POLAND King Born Abt 937, NCE Born Abt 922, 6TKJ-M5 Mieszko I POLAND Prince Born Abt 922 Poznan Died 25 May 992, 9HN0-2Q Mieczyslav IPOLAND Duke Born Abt ?896, 9HN0-FM Mieczyslaw POLAND Mar Bef ?908, WCWH Micislaus, IGI Birth IGI Marriage Mieszko I Prince of POLAND.

IGI Birth T990521-64-1395781 Mieszko I Prince of POLAND Father Ziemomysl Prince of POLAND 922 Poznan Poznanskiego Poland.

IGI Marriage T990521-183-1395781 Mieszko I Prince of POLAND 951 Poznan Poznanskiego Poland.

IGI Marriage T990521-184-1395781 Mieszko I Prince of POLAND Spouse Dubravka Princess of BOHEMIA 965 Praha Praha Czechoslovakia.

IGI Marriage T990521-185-1395781 Mieszko I Prince of POLAND Spouse Oda Princess of the OSTMARK 979 Poznan Poznanskiego Poland.

   Marriage Information:

Mieszko married Princess Thyra Haraldsdatter DENMARK, daughter of King Harold Blatand DENMARK, I and Queen Gyrithe Olafsdotter DENMARK, in 951 in Poznan, Poznanskiego, Poland. (Princess Thyra Haraldsdatter DENMARK was born about 947 in , , Denmark and died about 18 Sep 1000 in , , Norway.)

   Marriage Information:

Mieszko also married Princess Dubravka Cechy BOHEMIA, daughter of Duke Boleslav Cechy BOHEMIA, I and Duchess Bozena BOHEMIA, in 965 in Praha, Praha, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. (Princess Dubravka Cechy BOHEMIA was born about 931-939 in Praha, Praha, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia and died in 977.)

   Marriage Information:

Mieszko also married Princess Oda OSTMARK about 979-980.

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