(Abt 800-)
Grand Duke Rurik Varangian Kiev NOVGOROD
(Abt 830-879)


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Grand Duchess Efenda Kiev NOVGOROD

Grand Duke Rurik Varangian Kiev NOVGOROD

  • Born: Abt 830, Moskva, Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia
  • Married: Abt 876, Novgorod, Volynsky, Ukraine, Russia
  • Died: 879

   Other names for Rurik were Ryurik, Rorik, Hrorekr, NOVGOROD Grand Duke and KIEVAN RUS Founder.

   Ancestral File Number: B6DP-M5. User ID: 4840895696.

   General Notes:

Viking Chief, Varangian Founder of KIEVAN RUS princely dynasty, Grand Duke of NOVGOROD.

8th Great Grandfather of Alexander Nevsky, 15th Great Grandfather of IvanIII the Great, and 17th Great Grandfather of Ivan IV the Terrible.

Barber Grandparents: 125 Kings, 143 Generations, Ted Butler Bernard and Gertrude Barber Bernard, 1978, McKinney TX, p79: "309R Rurik, early leader of Russia, (Parents not known, F of 321); as a Viking Chief in 875 he was called by the people to be their ruler in Novgorod; found Ladoga on Lake Ladoga where he made his first headquarters; later built a castle in Novgorod and made his headquarters in that city."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Russia, 862: "Ruric, a Varangian Chief, established first government in 862-878, descendants of Ruric ruled amid many vicissitudes for 736, till 1598..."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p2375, Rurik: "Died 879, semilegendary Varangian warrior, regarded as the founder of the princely dynasty of medieval Russia. Rurik and histwo brothers, at the head of an armed band, apparently seized Novgorod and nearby districts (Abt 862). According to unreliable early accounts, they had been invited by the local Slavs. Rurik's successors founded the powerful Kievan state, whichlasted until the 13th century. The house of Rurik also came to rule the grand duchy of Moscow, and later all of Russia, until the death of Feodor I in 1598."
p1477, Kievan Russia: "Medieval state of the Eastern Slavs. It was the earliest predecessor of the present-day Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Flourishing from the 10th to the 13th century, it included nearly all of present-day Ukraine and Belorussia and part of NW European USSR, extending as far N as novgorod and Vladimir. According to the Russian `Primary Chronicle', a medieval history, the Varangian Rurik established himself at Novgorod (Abt 862) and founded a dynasty. His successor, Oleg (Died Abt 912) shifted his attention to the south, seized Kiev (Abt 879), and established the new Kievan state. The Varangians were also known as Rus or Rhos; it is possible that this name was early extended to the Slavs of the Kievan state, which became known as the Kievan Rus..."
p2865, Varangians: "Name givenby Slavs and Byzantine Greeks to Scandinavians who began to raid the eastern shores of the Baltic and penetrate Eastern Europe by the 9th century. Their leader, Rurik, established himself at Novgorod in 862, thus laying the traditional foundation for Kievan Russia. The Varangians, some of whom were known also as Rus or Rhos, made their way down the Dnepr and established the great trade route from Kiev to Byzantium..."
p1312, Igor: "...Successor of Oleg. According to the Russian `Primary Chronicle', a medieval history, Igor was the son of Rurik, founder of the Russian princely line..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol VIII, p720, Rurik: "Also spelled Ryurik, Rorik, or Hrorekr, Died Abt 879, semilegendaryfounder of the Rurik Dynasty of Russia, a Varangian, or Viking, prince. His story is told in `The Russian Primary Chronicle' (compiled at the g=beginning of the 12th century) but is not accepted at face value by modern historians. According to the chronicle, the people of Vovgorod, tired of political strife, invited the Varangians about AD 862 to establish an orderly and just government there. Rurik came with his two borthers and a large retinue (druzhina) and became ruler of the city and region of Novgorod.
"Some historians think that Rurik came from the Scandinavian peninsula or from Jutland (now Denmark) and seized the town of Ladoga, on Lake Ladoga. After establishing a stronghold there (Abt 855), he may have gonesouthward along the Volknov and captured Novgorod. Another possibility is that Rurik and his army were mercenaries, hired to guard the Volkhov-Dnieper waterway, who turned against their employers."
p720-721 Rurik Dynasty: "Princes of Russia who, according to tradition, were descendants of the Varangian Prince Rurik, who had been invited by the people of Novgorod to rule that city (Abt 862); the Rurik princes maintained their control over the Russian lands until 1598...when their male line died out [with Fyodor, and rulership passed to his stepson Boris Godunov.]
"Rurik's successor Oleg (died 912) conquered Kiev (Abt 882) and established control of the trade route extending from Novgorod, along the Dnieper River, tothe Black Sea..."

The Story of Civilization, Will Durant, Vol IV, The Age of Faith, Bk IV, The Dark Ages, Ch XVIII, The Byzantine World, Sec VII, The Birth of Russia, p448: "`The Ancient Chronicle' of Russia (twelfth century) gave personalityto this Scandinavian infiltration by its tale of `three princes': the Finnish and Slavic population of Novgorod and its vicinity, having driven out their Varangian overlords, fell to so much quarreling among themselves that they invited the Varangians to send them a ruler or general (862). Three brothers came, says the story- Rurik, Sineus, and Truvor- and established the Russian state. The story may be true, despite latter-day skepticism; or it may be a patriotic gloss on a Scandinavian conquest of Novgorod. The `Chronicle' further relates that Rurik sent two of his aides, Askold and Dir, to take Constantinople; that thes Vikings stopped en route to capture Kiev, and then declared themselves independent of both Rurik andthe Khazars. In 860 Kiev was strong enough to send a fleet of 200 vessels to attack Constantinople; the expedition failed, but Kiev remained the commercial and political focus of Russia..."

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 B6DP-M5 Ryurik Grand Duke of NOVGOROD Born Abt 830 Novgorod Novgorod Russia Mar Abt 876 Novgorod Novgorod Russia Died 879.

IGI Birth T990002-20-1126128NONE Father Ryurik Grand Duke of KIEV.

IGI Birth T990017-162-1126128NONE Ryurik Grand Duke of KIEV ?800< 830 Moskva Russia USSR.

IGI Marriage T990002-109-1126128NONE Ryurik Grand Duke of KIEV Spouse Efenda 876 Novograd-Volynsky Ukraine USSR.

IGI Birth T990002-20-1126128NONE Igor Grand Duke of KIEV Father Ryurik Grand Duke of KIEV Mother Efenda Grand Duchess of KIEV 877 Novograd-Volynsky Ukraine USSR.

   Marriage Information:

Rurik married Grand Duchess Efenda Kiev NOVGOROD about 876 in Novgorod, Volynsky, Ukraine, Russia. (Grand Duchess Efenda Kiev NOVGOROD was born about 850 in Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia.)

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