King Constantine SCOTLAND, I
(Abt 836-876)
Queen Constantine SCOTLAND, I
(Abt 840-)
King Donald SCOTLAND, II
(Abt 862-Abt 900)
Queen Donald SCOTLAND, II
(Abt 866-)
King Malcolm SCOTLAND, I
(Abt 897-954)


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Queen Malcolm I SCOTLAND

King Malcolm SCOTLAND, I

  • Born: Abt 897-904, , , Scotland
  • Married: Abt 931, , , Scotland
  • Died: 954, Fordoun, Kincardineshire, Scotland

   Another name for Malcolm was SCOTLAND King.

   Ancestral File Number: 9G9M-BJ. User ID: 4840894664/-672.

   General Notes:

King of SCOTLAND Reigned 943/944-953/954.

Kings and Queens of Great Britain, GenealogicalChart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute, 1990: "Malcolm I Son of Donald II, King of Scotland 943-954, Killed 954."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Scotland 944: "Malcolm, King of Scotland 944-953..."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p1465, Kenneth II: "...son of Malcolm I (reigned 943-954)..."

Encylcopaedia Britannica, 1981, Macropaedia, Vol III, p234, Britain and Ireland History of: "In 945 Edmund of England is said to have leased to Malcolm I of Alba the whole of Cumbria, probably an area including land on both sides of the western half of the later Anglo-Scottish border."

Draper Gedcom
Malcolm I., who died in 958 [more likely 953; see below], King of Scotland 943, acquired Cumbria 945 from Edmund, the Saxon king of England. On the abdication of Constantine III., Malcolm succeeded to the throne in 944. In 945, Edmund, the Saxon king of England, ceded Cumberland and part of Westmoreland to him, on condition that he would defend that northern territory, and become the ally of England. Edred, the brother and successor of Edmund, accordingly applied for, and obtained the aid of Malcolm against Anlaf, King of Northumberland, which latter country he wasted, and carried off the inhabitants with their cattle. In the time of Malcolm I., the people of the province of Moray, in the northeast of Scotland, were a mixed race, formed of Scandinavian settlers, with Scottish and Pictish Celts. Turbulent and rebellious, they were continually at war with the sovereign, and an insurrection having occurred under Cellach, maormer of Garmorgan, Malcolm marched north to reduce them to obedience. He killed Cellach, but was, some time thereafter, assassinated in 953 at Ulurn after a reign of nine years. He was succeeded by Indulph, the son of Constantine II., and Indulph had as his successor, Duff, the son of Malcolm, who ascended the throne in 961. ("The Genealogy of Homer Beers James", V1, JANDA Consultants, 1993 Homer James)

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9G9M-BJ Born/?Died Abt 897, Ver 4.19 Died Abt 954, 8HRV-SD Born Abt 904, WCWH Died 953.

World Ancestral Chart No. 10002 Patricia (Downey) Adams
Ancestors of Warren Cash:
Malcolm I (Cash Ancestry)
When we go back in the annals of time, we find that records are lost, stories are added to, and history becomes obscured except for those who were set down in writing because of their affect on history itself. For the rest of us, the average person, we are not so fortunate and many of the facts about us become distorted and missing.
We invite you to read what we have found (citing references when found) and what we "have been told", then form your own opinion. If you find anything in this genaology that you know from recorded documentation is incorrect, please contact the collector of this information: Patricia (Downey) Adams 828 N. 70 Street Kansas City, KS 66112 (913) 299-0503 Please feel free to visit my web page at:
The information on Malcolm I up to the time of William Cash of Scotland was found in a book with the personal belongings of Earl F. Downey of Kansas City, Kansas. The name of the book is CASH. The book was compiled by Don Cash of San Diego, California. Begun 08 May 1973, amended 24 Jan 1976, and completed 10 Mar 1976. The Explanatory Note from the book is as follows:
The Dalridian Scots .. who were they? In very ancient times, Ireland was called Scotia, and its people Scots. this probably began around 1000 B.C. at the time when Irish oral history cites the coming from Egypt (via Spain) of Scota, widow of Miles, or Milesius, and her sons. They landed, says the honored legend, in Bantry Bay, and their ships carried horses, chariots, and loyal followers. They conquered the barbarian Firbolg, divided Eire between the sons, and the descendents of the sons suplied Eire's Kings for many centuries.
You will note on your present day map of Ireland, in the south, a place called Cashal (no connection to our surname origin, merely Irish Gaelic for Castle). Cashal was the seat of the ancient Kings of Munster. some of its original ruins are still preserved. About 463 A.D., a son of one of these Kings, Cairbre Riada, led a group of followers north to escape famine. He was a popular and competent leader, as they named themsleves in the Dal (gaelic for Clan) Riada. History from then on refers to them as the Dalriadian Scots.
Arriving in the north, a group of 150 decided to cross the Channel into Alba (ancient Scotland) in 464 A.D. and colonize. The adventurers were headed by Fergus Mor, the 131 st Monarch of Ireland, who became first King of these Dalridians who were to found what was to become Scotia, and then Scotland.
With Fergus was his grandson, Conal Gabbrain (or Gabran) who in 538 would be King of the Dalridian group. Scots chroniclers mention him as a direct lineal ancestor of Malcolm IV, who would be half-brother to our Cash Matriach in 1160. This translates to the fact that the ancient Cash bloodline was actually a part of the migratory movement that founded Scotland.
12th Century Scotch chronicles refer to six Scottish Kings as "the seed of Ireland: Alexaner I (1107-1124); David I (1124-1153); William the Lyon (1165-1214); Alexander II (1214-1249); and Alexander III (1249-1286). As we trace the ancestry of these Scottish Kings, they lead us into the dim corridors of oral history, back to Heremon, Eire's first King (son of Milesius) and beyond 1000 B.C.
We found preserved in a Paris museum, a manuscript of the Genealogy of Malcolm IV and William, his brother, taking their bloodlines back through Fenius Fairsmith, a King of Scythia, c. 1300 B.C. thence back to Gomer, and his father, Noah!. In Dublin, the irrepressible Irish go a step further, taking Malcolm IV and William beyond Noah, through Noah's ancestors, Lamech, Methuselah, Enoch, Jared, Mahaleel, Cainan, Enos, Seth and Adam! The archives of Ireland are rich in chronicle and manuscript history, preserved from an earlier time than that of any other country in Europe.
Beyond the earliest periods above mentioned in recorded and/or oral history, we come to a period which began roughly 30,000 years before Christ, which takes us into the Himalaya's where the white Celtic race was formed in approximately a ten thousand year entrapment by glacial ice, and from which came Celts, Mediteranneans, and Nordics. As the glaciers ebbed and the passes opened, these people came into the plains of Iran and Afghanistan and into Egypt. As the milleniums passed, they plodded their many torturous ways across the European continent.
Our path lies, roughly, in what appears on todays maps as Ladakh, among some of the worlds highest peaks, but within a hundred mile long valley region fed by lakes with warm springs as their source, which nurtured and sustained the primordial, animal and marine life of the region. The area, in Communist hands in the 1970s, has been long closed to further research.

World Ancestral Chart No. 10002 Patricia (Downey) Adams Ancestors of Warren Cash 1760: Malcolm I Born ?Bef 934 <897-904.

   Marriage Information:

Malcolm married Queen Malcolm I SCOTLAND about 931 in , , Scotland. (Queen Malcolm I SCOTLAND was born about 901 in , , Scotland.)

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