King Malcolm SCOTLAND, I
(Abt 897-954)
Queen Malcolm I SCOTLAND
(Abt 901-)
King Kenneth SCOTLAND, II
(Abt 930-995)
Queen Kenneth II SCOTLAND
(Abt 936-)
King Malcolm Mac Kenneth SCOTLAND, II
(Abt 953-1033)


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Queen Malcolm Mac Kenneth II SCOTLAND

King Malcolm Mac Kenneth SCOTLAND, II

  • Born: Abt 953-970, , , Scotland
  • Died: 25 Nov 1033-1034, Castle, Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland
  • Buried: Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Other names for Malcolm were Melkolf, SCOTLAND King and ALBA.

   Ancestral File Number: 9G83-Q9. User ID: 2420445250.

   General Notes:

King of SCOTLAND Reigned 1003/1005-1033/1034.

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EncyclopaediaBritannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol VI, p529, Malcolm II: "Born Abt 953, Died Abt 1034, King of Scotland."

Macropaedia, Vol III, p234, Britain and Ireland History of: "The Scots confirmed their hold on Lothian, from the Forth to the Tweed, when, about 1016, Malcolm II defeated a Northumbrian army at Carham. About the same time, Malcolm II placed his grandson Duncan I upon the throne of the British kingdom of Strathclyde. Duncan succeeded Malcolm in 1034 and brought Strathclyde into the kingdom of Scots."

Draper Gedcom
Malcolm II., born about 954, died November 25, 1034. He succeeded to the
throne in 1003, and had a troubled reign of about thirty years. He
defeated Kenneth IV., at Monievaird in Strathearn, and in consequence
became king.

His annoyance came from the Danes who, in previous reigns, had made
several attempts to effect a settlement in Scotland, but had been
defeated in all of them. They had secured a firm footing in England, and
the year after Malcolm's accession to the throne, they commenced the most
formidable preparations, under their celebrated king, Sweyn, for a new
expedition to the Scottish coasts.

Malcolm finally defeated this initial invasion in 1010. There was a
second attempt made to gain a foothold in Northern England, but it too
was defeated.

In 1014, another Danish force landed on the coast of Buchan. The Danes
on this occasion were led by Sweyn's celebrated son, Canute, afterwards
King of England and Denmark, and again they experienced a signal
overthrow. A treaty was drawn up which stipulated that the Danes agreed
to quit every part of the Scottish coasts, and this was followed by the
final departure, the same year, of these invaders from Scotland.

Malcolm was next engaged in war with the Northumbrians, and, having in
1018, led his army to Carham, near Werk, on the south bank of the Tweed
River, he was met there by Uchtred, Earl of Northumberland, when a
desperate battle took place. The victory was claimed by Uchtred, who
was, soon after, assassinated, when on his way to pay his obeisance to
the great Canute.

He killed Kenneth III., son of Dub. He had no sons.

Having succeeded as King of Alba in 1005, Malcolm II. secured Lothian by
the battle of Carham about 1016 and about the same time obtained
Strathclyde for his grandson, Duncan, thus forming the kingdom of

("The Genealogy of Homer Beers James", V1, JANDA Consultants, 1993
Homer James)

The son of Kenneth II (d. 995), who may have designated him as his heir,
Malcolm became king after killing Kenneth III (1005). His reputation
rests on his extension of his kingdom's frontiers south to the
Tweed-Solway line. Though repulsed at Durham (1006), he defeated a
Northumbrian army at Carham (1018) and asserted his claim to Lothian. In
the west, he had the alliance of Strathelye and when the last king died,
Malcolm secured the succession of his grandson, Duncan.

These conquests were recognized by English kings, though in return for
Malcolm's submission to Cnut when the latter marched as far as the Tay
(1031). The marriage of his daughter to Sigurd the Stout, Norse earl of
Orkney, took his influence even to the far north.

("The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy", Cannon, John
and Ralph Griffiths, Oxford Univ Press: 1988, p 88)

World Ancestral Chart No. 10002 Patricia (Downey) Adams
Ancestors of Warren Cash 1760: Malcolm II of ALBA Died 25 Nov 1034 Glamis Castle Argus Scotland.

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9G83-Q9 Died Glammys, Ver 4.19 Born Abt 970 Scotland, Died 25 Nov 1034 Glamis Forfarshire Scotland, Buried Iona Argyllshire Scotland.

   Marriage Information:

Malcolm married Queen Malcolm Mac Kenneth II SCOTLAND, daughter of Sigurd. (Queen Malcolm Mac Kenneth II SCOTLAND was born about 962 in , , Scotland.)

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