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Adair Eugene ANDREW


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Martha Jane WILLIAMS

Adair Eugene ANDREW 1 2

  • Born: 6 Aug 1944, Hospital, Deaconess, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA 3
  • Married: 17 Sep 1966, Church, Community Presbyterian, Greenhills, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

   General Notes:

Birth Certificate 6 Aug 1944, Genealogy Questionnaire Dec 1999 AEA.

State Board of Health of Missouri, Standard Certificate of Live Birth, Reg Dist No 318, Primary Reg Dist Bi 1003, Registrar's No 10929: Place of Birth: St Louis MO Deaconess Hospital, Mother in Community 22 yrs, in Hospital 13 hrs, Residence of Mother St Louis 16 MO 4053 Connecticut, Adair Eugene ANDREW, August 6, 1944, Male, Single, Mo pregnant 9, Mother married yes, Father Eugene Ashton ANDREW Jr White 24 yo, Birthplace St Louis MO, Occupation U.S. Army, 2nd Lieutenant, Other Children 0, Mother Anna Louise HANISH White 22 yo, Birthplace St Louis MO Housewife, 4053 Connecticut St Louis MO. I certify that I attended the birth of this child who was born alive at the hour of 12:39 PM, Info from mother 15 Aug 1944, Attendant Arnold Klein, M.D. 2632 South Kings Highway.

ES Horace Mann Elementary MO 1955
JHS Berkeley Junior High School MO 1958
HS Greenhills High School OH 1962
Columbia College NY 1963
BS University of Cincinnati OH 1967

Chemical Engineer Union Carbide Corp- New Orleans LA, Houston TX- 1968-70
High School Mathematics Teacher- Houston TX, Florissant MO- 1970-2000.

Reading, Violin/Viola playing in Community Orchestra, Jogging, Walking, Hiking, Bicycling, Baseball Fan.

Teachers Union, NEA...I am not a joiner.

Grandma- kind woman to everyone, giving us little grandkids coffee at family gatherings, dinners at her house.

Grandpa- aloof, saw only at family gatherings at grandmas or at art museum where he was a guard.

Mom- her cooking, dinners were the best, her letters to me when at college, teaching me music, throwing my toy gun down basement stairs, smashing all my model airplanes.

Dad- helping me, building a fence with him, overhauling bicycle, Boy Scout hikes, burning Winton Woods, watching TV westerns, his belt on my behind.

Siblings- Mimi running up to me when I came home from school and clinging to me when I picked her up, Kathie counting to 10 for the 1st time in Denver, her Beatles period, Jeff teasing everybody, names Dar-dar, Dip-dip, Dub-dub, Bee-bee, Pop chasing him upstairs, Cliff play in Winton Woods, his bachelor party with Jeff & me, our 50 mile hike on 6 Aug 1994.

Elementary School- Horace Mann, shooting dice in schoolyard, getting knocked out in kickball.

High School- Greenhills, Friday night football games while in band, math teacher Mrs Paisley, my Henry J, dates with Marti, dates with Vickie, Saturday night dances in Berkeley.

College- Columbia, New York City, flunking out, bar tending, waiting on tables, University of Cincinnati, tough classes, getting a B in Differential Equations, getting a 100% on heat transfer equation.

Marriage- Marti's flirting, "Hi, MW", her lavender green sweaters, basketball games, movies, parking in Winton Woods, Charlie and the Gayety Burlesque.

Man marks his birthdays with feats of endurance
By Victor Volland
Of The Post-Dispatch
Last year he rode his bicycle from California's Death Valley, the lowest spot on the continent, to the top of 5,870-foot Dante's View Mountain.
Age may be catching up with the leg muscles of Adair Andrew, a former McCluer High School math teacher who likes to perform physically challenging feats to celebrate his birthday.
On the 57th anniversary of his birth, on Aug. 5, he hiked and rode his bicycle 100 miles in 24 hours around Spanish Lake County Park. A former race-walker, he borrowed the idea from an event in a meet in which he competed, in Columbia, Mo., in the early 1980s.
"I try now to do something different every birthday," said Andrew, who lives in Black Jack and began the annual exercise at 44 by "walking his age" in miles each year from his home to a halfway point and then back. By his 55th birthday, he had tired of this and invited his brother, Cliff, to join him on a 965-mile biking marathon to Cimarron, N.M., where the two had spent part of a memorable summer more than 40 years earlier, at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch.
But Cliff Andrew, a Maryland neurologist who persuaded his brother to run with him on his own 50th birthday in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, couldn't return the favor because of the demands of his medical practice. Adair Andrew, who had trained with 80-mile days on the Katy Trail, between here and the Sedalia terminus, went it alone, toughing out 100-degree heat across Kansas, dehydration and numbing head winds in the desert. He ran the final 5 1/2 miles on the Tooth of Time Trail, to the mountain of the same name.
For No. 57, Adair Andrew followed his usual regimen of detailed advance planning and physical training. He decided that, to avoid the "wall" he invariably hit from blood-sugar depletion and muscle fatigue in his five marathon runs, he would drink plenty of water and munch snacks of breakfast bars, bread and bananas from a fanny pack every hour, to replace the calories he was burning and that he would also take short naps and rests along the way, in a screened tent.
He walked three 1.4-mile laps around the park, for every bicycle circuit. He began at 1 p.m. on the Sunday birthday rather than in the cooler morning hours, to counter the psychological "wall" factor that stymies many long-distance runners around the mid-point, in this case, 1 a.m.
"Depression sets in along with fatigue, then, in the darkness; but if it's already 1 a.m., you know you've only got four hours before light, and the depression will lift," Adair Andrew said.
However, following the prescription of 100 miles or 24 hours, whichever came first, time ran out at the 80-mile mark. Nursing an old hernia tear that had resurfaced sooner than expected and wilting under 95-degree, August, dog-day heat, he decided to call 24 hours a day. He walked and rode more than 100 miles, but because the rules count each bicycle mile as one-half mile, the adjusted 24-hour mileage added up to 80, he explained.
Now, recovering from surgery to repair the hernia tear, an undaunted Adair Andrew is thinking about next year's birthday blast.
"I haven't decided anything, but I have a few ideas," he said. "I'm thinking maybe of trying biking the Continental Divide Trail, from Montana down to Mexico. And I've always wanted to do the Boston Marathon; I missed qualifying by 10 minutes a few years back."
Last year he won a bet by riding his bicycle, in six hours, from California's Death Valley, the lowest and often the hottest point on the continent, up to the top of 5,870-foot Dante's View Mountain, to "look down on the inferno."
Or then, Adair Andrew adds dreamily, there awaits the ultimate challenge of riding his bicycle the length of the 2,300-mile Lewis and Clark Trail, along the Missouri and Columbia rivers from St. Louis to Oregon.
Reporter Victor Volland:\ E-mail:\ Phone: 314-298-0832
Published in North Post on Monday, August 20, 2001.

"Dar-Dar" 1950-JHA, "Utz" 2000-CGA


1. Occupation: High School Math Teacher, Sep 1970, Florissant, St Louis, Missouri, USA.

   Marriage Information:

Adair married Martha Jane WILLIAMS, daughter of Charles Blaine WILLIAMS, Jr and Frances B FOSTER, on 17 Sep 1966 in Church, Community Presbyterian, Greenhills, Hamilton, Ohio, USA. (Martha Jane WILLIAMS was born on 27 Apr 1945 in Hospital, Christ, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA and was christened on 27 Mar 1947 in Church, Community Presbyterian, Greenhills, Hamilton, Ohio, USA.)

1 St Louis Reunion, Jun 1999, 2001.

2 Genealogy Questionnaire, Clifford G Andrew, Dec 1999 AEA.

3 St Louis Birth Certificate, Department of Health and Hospitals, Division of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, 1944 No 10929.

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