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  • Born: 1 May 1585, Nayland, Suffolk, England
  • Christened: 1 Aug 1585-1587, Nayland, Suffolk, England
  • Married (1): 13 Jan 1591/92, Nayland, Suffolk, England
  • Died: 13 Dec 1667, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
  • Buried: Dec 1667, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

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   General Notes:

Rem from Nayland Suffolk, Immigrated Yarmouth Isle of Wight England Apr/May
1630 >Salem Massachusetts Jun/Jul 1630 Aboard the Winthrop Fleet, Rem to
Watertown Massacusetts 1630, Military Service, Admitted Freeman 18 May 1631,
Town Surveyor (with Abraham Browne) Appointed to lay out all the Highways 1635, Selectman 1636-1640, Fined for Offence against Laws of Baptism Oct 1651, Fined for Neglect of Public Worship 1654/1659, House ordered searched for Quakers 27 May 1661, Will Dated 30 Nov 1667, Will Proved 17 Dec 1667.

The Winthrop Fleet 1630, Charles Edward Banks, Riverside Press, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1930, p95:
"Warren, John. Watertown. From Nayland, Suffolk (Stone Gen., 43). Freeman 18 May 1631 (M.C.R., I, 366). Born 1585; died 13 (10) 1667 (W)..."

Planters of the Commonwealth 1620-1640, Charles Edward Banks, Riverside Press, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1930
p65: "1630 The Winthrop Fleet
"Eleven vessels brought 'the Great Emigration' of this year, viz:
"Arbella (the flagship), Ambrose, William and Francis, Talbot, Hopewell, Jewel, Whale, Charles, Success, Mayflower,and Trial.
"The first five ships sailed 8 Apr 1630 from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, and arrived at Salem 13 June and following days. The other half of the fleet sailed in May and arrived in July at various dates. Altogether they brought aboutseven hundred passengers of whom the following are presumed to have been on these ships (See Banks 'The Winthrop Fleet of 1630'):
p84: "...John Warren, of Nayland Suffolk, Watertown
Mrs Margaret Warren..."

Genealogies, Families, and Descendants of Early Settlers of Watertown MA, Vol I, Genealogies, Henry Bond MD, Boston, Little Brown & Co, 1855, p619:
"1.(I.) John Warren came to America in 1630 aged 45; settled in Watertown; was admitted freeman 18 May 1631; was Selectman 1636-1640. In 1635 he and Abraham Browne were appointed to lay out all highways and to see that they were repaired. His homestall lot of 12 acres in 1642 was bounded W by highway, E by William Hammond, N by John Biscoe, S by Isaac Sterne. He also then owned 7 other lots amounting to about 176 acres. Oct 1651 he and Thomas Arnold were each fined 20s for an offence against the laws concerning baptism. 14 Mar 1658-1659 he was to be warned for not attending public worship; but "old Warren is not to be found in town." 4 Apr 1654 he was fined for neglect of public worship 14 Sabbaths each 5s=L3.10s. 27 May 1661 the house of "old Warren and goodman Hammond" were ordered to be searched for Quakers. His wife Margaret d 6 Nov 1662 and he d 13 Dec 1667 aged 82. His Will dated 30 Nov, proved 17 Dec 1667 mentions the following chil, probably all b in England.
[Figure = Signature of John Warren]
15.2.1. John b 1622; adm freeman 18 May 1645.
3.2. Mary m 30 Oct 1642 John Bigelow [Bigelow, 1.]
6.4.3. Daniel b 1628; took oath of fidelity 1652.
5.4. Elizabeth m abt 1654 James Knapp [Knapp,4.]"

17th Century Colonial Ancestors of Members of the National Society of Colonial Dames XVIICentury 1915-1975, Mary Louise Marshall Hutton, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company Inc, 1987, p271:
"John Warren (1585-1667) MA, m. Margaret ---, Military Service."

Barber Genealogy, Sect I Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909, Sect II Descendants of John Barber of Worcester Massachusetts 1714-1909, Publ John Barber White, Ed Lillian May Wilson, Haverhill Mass, Press of the Nichols Print, 1909, clxiv 659p 24cm, 10-11369, CS71.B24 1909, Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909.
p87: "`Mary Warren, who married the Emigrant, John Bigelow, was the daughter of John Warren, who came to America in 1630. He lived in Watertown, Mass., where he died Dec. 13, 1667, aged82 years. He was a lineal descendant in the 17th generation from William de Warren a Normand Baron who fought at the Battle of Hastings, 1066. He took his name from the fief of Varenne, or Warrene, in Normandy, and received from William the Conqueror 298 manors in England. He married Gundell, daughter of William and Matilda, and was buried in Sussex, in the Abbey of Lewes, which he had founded.' (Bond's `Watertown, Mass.')"

Database: Massachusetts Applications of Freemen, 1630-91
Date, Name, Residence, Original Source, Comment
18 May 1631, John Warren, C. R., Vol. I. pp. 73, 74.
-- May 1645, John Warren, C. R., Vol. II. pp. 78, 79.

ANCESTRY.COM 12 Aug 2000
Database: The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33
ORIGIN: Nayland, Suffolk
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Even though he was a member of the church, he was frequently cited for failing to attend public worship. John Coolidge and John Whitney testified that John Warren and Thomas Arnold "did absent themselves from the public ordinances, more than 4 times before their presentment" [Pulsifer 36]. Mr. Jeremiah Norcross and David Fiske deposed in court that John Warren and Thomas Arnold had absented themselves from the public ordinances on the Lord's Days both at Watertown and elsewhere. John pleaded that he had been absent elsewhere on six of the Sabbaths in question, but he was still fined 5s. for each absence [Pulsifer 36]. Bond speculates that John Warren was a Baptist [Bond 619].
FREEMAN: 18 May 1631 [MBCR 1:366].
EDUCATION: He signed his will by mark. His inventory included "one silver spoon, two Bibles and other books," valued at 1 10. In his will he bequeathed to his daughter Elizabeth "a book called the plaine man's pathway to heaven."
OFFICES: Chosen Watertown selectman, 30 [November?] 1635, 6 December 1639 [WaTR 1:2,5]; committee to lay out highways, 14 November 1635 [WaTR 1:2]; committee to divide land, 10 January 1647/8 [WaTR 1:12].
ESTATE: Granted sixty acres in Great Dividend, 25 July 1636 [WaBOP 5]; granted thirteen acres in Beaverbrook Plowlands, 28 February 1637/8 [WaBOP 7]; granted thirteen acres in Remote Meadows, 26 June 1637 [WaBOP 9]; granted a 162 acre Farm, 10 May 1642 [WaBOP 12].
In the Inventory of Grants John Warren held ten parcels: homestall of twelve acres; nine acres of upland; three acres of meadow; thirteen acres of plowland in the Further Plain; thirteen acres of meadow in the Remote Meadows; sixteen acres and a half of upland beyond the Further Plain; sixty acres of upland in the Great Dividend; one acre and a half of meadow in Ward's Meadow; one acre and a half of meadow near the Little Plain; and two acres of marsh [WaBOP 100].
In the Composite Inventory he held eight parcels: homestall of twelve acres; nine acres of upland; three acres of meadow; thirteen acres of plowland in the Further Plain (Lot 84); thirteen acres of meadow in the Remote Meadows (Lot 50); sixteen acres and a half of upland beyond the Further Plain (Lot 19); sixty acres of upland in the Great Dividend (Lot 26); and a Farm of one hundred sixty-two acres [WaBOP 42-43].
On 30 December 1662 the town of Watertown ordered that a ten or twelve acre parcel of land be laid out to Daniel Warren "in satisfaction of some land that John Warren his father bought of the town" [WaTR 1:75].
In his will, dated 30 November 1667 and proved 16 December 1667, John Warren Sr. "being aged & weake in body" bequeathed to "my son Daniell Warren the p[ar]cell of land that he now lives on being about the quantity of sixteen acres with all the apurtenances"; to "my son John Warren & my son Daniel Warren my dividend and all my remote meadow with another p[ar]cell of remote land ... in Watertown ... [to] my two sons equally"; to "my son Daniell Warren my best flock bed with my green rug ... and two of my four pewter platters"; to "my daughter-in-law Mary Warren wife to my son Daniell one pewter porringer"; to "my daughter Mary Begalow a p[ar]cell of remote land being the quantity of 16 acres ... already in her possession"; to "my daughter Mary Begalow one small pewter dish"; to "my daughter Elizebeth Knape plow land lying on the further plain in Watertown w[hi]ch her husband James Knape hath formerly been possessed of"; to "my aforesaid daughter Elizebeth a book called the plaine man's pathway to heaven"; to "my grandchild Daniel Warren Son to my son Daniell Warren one of my cows"; to "my grandchild Mary Begalow a lined box that was my wife's"; to "Michall Bloyse daughter to Richard Bloyse deceased one pewter plate"; to "all of my grand children to each of them the sum of 2s. 6d."; residue "to my beloved son John Warren making and ordaining him my whole and sole executor" [MPR Case #23862].
The inventory of the estate of "John Warren Senior late decessed of Watertown" was taken 13 December 1667 and was untotalled, but included 123 in real estate: "one tenement of houses and ten acres of upland and three acres of meadow 60"; "sixteen acres of waste land 8"; "sixty acres of divident land 15"; "thirteen acres of meadow 10"; "farm land one hundred and fifty acres 30." Among the interesting things found in his inventory were "one musket, one sword, one halberd," valued under 15s. [MPR Case #23862].
BIRTH: Baptized Nayland 1 August 1585, son of John and Elizabeth (Scarlett) Warren [NEHGR 64:353].
DEATH: Watertown 13 December 1667, aged 82 [WaVR 29].
MARRIAGE: By 1615 Margaret _____; she died Watertown 6 November 1662 [WaVR 24].
CHILDREN (all baptized Nayland, Suffolk):
i MARY, bp. 23 April 1615; bur. Nayland 17 December 1622.
ii ELIZABETH, bp. 25 June 1618; bur. Nayland 25 November 1622.
iii SARAH, bp. 20 April 1620; bur. Nayland 7 September 1621.
iv JOHN, bp. 12 May 1622; m. Watertown 11 July 1667 Michal (Jennison) Bloise [WaVR 1:29], widow of Richard Bloise and daughter of Robert and Grace (_____) Jennison.
v MARY, bp. 12 September 1624; m. Watertown 30 October 1642 John Bigelow [WaVR 1:9].
vi DANIEL, bp. 25 February 1626/7; m. Watertown 10 December 1650 Mary Barron [WaVR 15], daughter of Ellis Barron [TAG 20:135-36].
vii ELIZABETH, bp. 21 July 1629; m. by 1655 James Knopp, son of WILLIAM KNOPP (eldest child b. Watertown 21 April 1655 [WaVR 17]).
ASSOCIATIONS: John Warren was one of several immigrants to come from Nayland in Suffolk, some others being JOHN FIRMIN and ISAAC STEARNS.
COMMENTS: In the 1629 Bishop's Visitation of Nayland, Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Diocese of Norwich, John Warren was the first in a list of seven men from that parish who were presented "for not kneeling at the communion," a common Puritan offense [VIS 6/1, Norwich Diocesan Archives, Norfolk and Norwich Record Office].
In the grants of Beaverbrook Plowlands and Remote Meadows John Warren received thirteen acres, but his immediate family at this time comprised six individuals (himself, wife and four children); this implies wealth well above the average, and this is borne out by the size of his homestall and Farm grants.
Elizabeth French in 1910 published English wills and parish register entries which identifed the English origin of John Warren and three generations of his paternal ancestry [NEHGR 64:348-55]. Examination of the originals of the Nayland registers reveals only one discrepancy, in the baptismal date for the first daughter Elizabeth.
In 1654, John Warren Sr. gave Hugh Mason six pounds of peas and wheat and nine pounds of powder for the town so that Mason would make fireworks at the general training in Cambridge [WaTR 1:38].
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: The most recent published accounts of John Warren and his family are by John B. Threlfall in 1990 [GMC50 479-93] and by Dean C. Smith and Melinde Lutz Sanborn in 1996 [Kempton Anc 463-91].

ANCESTRY.COM 13 Aug 2000
John, Watertown, came [probably] in 1630. Frm. May 18, 1681. Town officer. Sympathized with Quakers. In court concerning baptism, (8) 1651. [Mdx. Files.] Wife Margaret d. Nov. 6, 1662. Ch. John, Mary, (m. John Bigelow,) Daniel, Elizabeth, (m. James Knapp). He d. 13 (10) 1667, [ae. 82.] He made will 30 Nov. prob. 16 Dec. 1667, being aged; beq. to ch. Daniel, John, Mary Begelow and Elizabeth Knope; to gr. ch. Mary B.; to Michell, dau. to Richard Bloyce, dec.; to each gr. ch.

Ancestral File Ver 4.13 8J41-S2 John WARREN Born 1 May 1585 Nayland Suffolk England, Chr 1 Aug 1585 Nayland Suffolk England, Mar 13 Jan 1592 Margaret BAYLY (AFN:8J41-T7) Nayland Suffolk England, Died 13 Dec 1667 Watertown MA, Bur Dec 1667 MA, Ancestral File v4.19 8J41-S2 Born 1 May 1585 Son of Christopher WARREN (AFN: 8J4W-5C) and 1RGP-DN5 Born Abt ?1617 (sic) Aft Death of Mother <1587.


1. Immigration; 1630, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA. From Nayland Suffolk England.

2. Freeman; 18 May 1631, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.

   Marriage Information:

John married Margaret BAYLY, daughter of William BAYLY and Ann, on 13 Jan 1591/92 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. (Margaret BAYLY was born in 1587 in Nayland, Suffolk, England, died on 6 Nov 1662 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA and was buried in Nov 1662 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.)

   Marriage Information:

John also married Sarah.

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