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Elizabeth ROUSE
Joseph KELLY, Sr
Cynthia FLAGG
Captain Levi BARBER, Jr
Abigail Morris KELLY
Civil War Vet 
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Henry Kelly BARBER


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Susan Eureka Ward SEAMANDS

Henry Kelly BARBER 4 5 6 7 8

  • Born: 10 Jul 1841, Harmar, Washington, Ohio, USA 9 10 11
  • Married: 28 Mar 1867, Guyandotte, Cabell, West Virginia, USA 1 2 3
  • Died: 23 Dec 1912, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA 12
  • Buried: 26 Dec 1912, Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks, 12 12352, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA 13

   Cause of his death was Chronic Interstitial Nephritis.

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   General Notes:

Private Civil War 36th Regiment Ohio Infantry Company F, Private, Musician (Drummer)- 1 Aug 1861 - 4 Jun 1863: 2nd Battle of Bull Run Aug 1862, South Mountain Sep 1862, Antietam Sep 1862, Discharged Before Chickamauga Sep 1863.

Student, Steamboat Clerk, Musician Civil War, Farmer, Engineer, Stationary Fireman.

3rd Cousin of Stephen Grover CLEVELAND, President of THE UNITED STATES: same GGrtGrandfather = Samuel HITCHCOCK (RN=8248).

5th Cousin of Lieutenant Colonel Rutherford B HAYES III, Congressman, Ohio
Governor, President of THE UNITED STATES: same GGGGrtGrandfather = Sergeant Nathaniel HOLCOMB (RN=434).

6th Cousin Once Removed of General Ulysses S GRANT, President of THE UNITED STATES: GGGGGGrtGrandfather = Matthew GRANT (RN=508)

First Name Henry = After Maternal Uncle Henry C Kelly.
Middle Initial K = Kelly After Mother's maiden name.

Interview Louise Barber ANDREW 1988-1998, Civil War Letter Abigail Morris KELLY Dec 1861, Genealogy Notes Lucy James COLE, US Census 1850, US Census 1860, US Census 1870, US Census 1880, Military Service Records 1861-1863, Cabell County Marriage Certificate, General Index Pension Funds, Land Transactions Carthage Illinois, Certificate of Medical Disability,

Harmar 19 Dec 1861
My Dear Son,
I received your very kind letter this afternoon. Was glad to hear that you are in good health. Lucy is just recovering...The dear little thing would look up at me and say 'Don't let brother Henry and Pa know I am sick.' When I ask why, she would reply 'It would make them feel so bad.' ...There is one thing I must tell you about your dear little sister. That is she never closes her eyes without praying for every member of the family especially Pa and brother Henry....and when night would come she would say, 'Ma I want to pray for dear Pa and Henry. One night she was so sick her throat was so sore she could not speak loud but in a shisper she asked God's blessing for dear Pa and Henry...
I must close and write a few lines to Pa,
Your Affectionate Mother
A. M. Barber
Dear Henry write often. Receive a kiss for Lucy, Levy and also from your Mother. My love to Pa.

Carthage IL
8 Mar 1887
"Dear Pa
"I did intend to write you sooner but all week I have been busy and Sunday your man Mr Longley was here to see about his seeder and corn teams and to buy plows. I think he will be a good steady tenant for you. Henry says as soon as he gets the little kitchen finished he will write you anything I want him to, and will write you the promises you told me to have him. I didn't tell him you asked me to have him do it, but told him it was his duty to you to do it...
Love to all and kiss the children.

Genealogy of Our Barber Family 1614-1965 by Lucy James COLE Flemming
"Capt Levi Barber -7 born 1 Nov 1814 in Harmar. Married on 31 Oct 1837 to Abigail M Kelly...born 18 May 1818... "Their children were as follows:...
"Henry born 19 Jul 1841 mar Susan E Seamonds (CGA's ANCESTOR)..."

The Family of Joseph Kelly by Lucy James Cole:
"Grandson of Joseph Kelly m Cynthia Flag (sic) Son of Abigail Morris Kelly m Capt Levi Barber = Henry married, had two children, lived in the west."

1850 Ohio Census
Washington County, Town of Harmar, Roll No 738, pg 231 (new) 460 (old):
Levi BARBER 35M Merchant Real Estate $10.5K OH, Abigail M 31F OH...Henry 9M at school OH...

1860 Ohio Census
Washington County, Harmar Village, Roll No 1048, pg 122:
Levi BARBER 45M RR Agent Real Property $50K Personal Property $1K Born Ohio, Abigail M 41F Ohio...Henry 18M at school Ohio...

1870 Ohio Census
Washington County, Harmar, Marietta, Roll 1279 pg 289:
Levi BARBER 55 WM Produce Market Real/Personal $40K/$5K OH, Abigail 52 WF Keep house OH...Henry Barber 29 WM Steamboat Clerk $0/0 Real/Personal Property OH, Susan Barber 19 WF Boarding VA...

1880 Illinois Census
Soundex B616 No 13 Roll 211 Vol 24 Hancock Co Ed 64 Sheet 4 Line 21
Henry BARBER 39 WM married farmer Born OH Parents OH, Susan E 28 WF wife keeping house Born VA Father VA Mother KY, Earl C 10 WM son at school, Abbie L 7 WF dau at school Born OH Father OH Mother VA, Ida Duke 20 WF married servant IL.

1900 Missouri Census
US Census H520 Soundex Vol 98 Ed 313 Sheet 4 Line 55 Henry K BARBER Boarder w/ Eugene A Longley w/granddaughter Abigail L Andrew 27 WF Born May 1873 OH r2844 Morgan.

US Army Order of Command:
Major General George B McClellan- Army of the Potomac
Major General Jesse Reno- IX Corps (Killed at Fox's Gap South Mtn 14 Sep 1862)>
Major General Ambrose E Burnside
Brigadier General Jacob D Cox- Kanawha Div Ohio Infantry
Colonel George Crook- 2nd Brigade
Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Clarke- 36th Ohio Regiment (Killed at Burnside Bridge Antietam 17 Sep 1862)> Captain Thomas Moore
Captain Joseph Kelly J- Company F

(Ohio 36 F - Marietta OH Aug 1861)
36 Ohio, Henry Barber, Private, Co F, 36 Reg't Ohio Infantry. Age 20 years. Appears on Company Muster-in Roll of the organization named above. Roll dated Capt Putnam, Marietta, OH, 26 Aug 1861. Muster-in to date 26 Aug 1861. Joined for duty and enrolled When 1 Aug 1861, Where Tunnel, Period 3 years.
36 Ohio, Henry Barber, Co F, 36 Reg't Ohio Infantry.
Appears on Company Descriptive Book of the organization named above.
Description. Age 20 years; height 5 feet 9 inches. Complexion Dark. Eyes Blue; Hair Black. Where born Washington Co OH. Occupation Student.
Enlistment. When 1 Aug 1861. Where Tunnel OH. By whom Capt Moore; Term 3 years. Remarks: Mustered Aug 26, 1861, Marietta OH, Capt Belknap. Musician from 1 Nov 1861. Discharged 21 Aug 1863 for disability.
Appears on OH 36F Company Muster Roll for Nov & Dec 1861. Present or absent Not stated. Remarks: Private to Musc Nov 1st 1861.
(Ohio 36 F - Lewisburg VA May 1862)
May 1862 Absent on furlough.
30 June 1862 Present. Supposed to be spare muster 18 Aug 1862
Jul/Aug 1862 To pay for one canteen.
(Ohio 36 F - 2nd Battle of Bull Run VA Aug 1862)
Sep/Oct 1862 Recapitation shows present for duty. On extra duty QM Dept.
(Ohio 36 F - Battle of South Mountain MD 14 Sep 1862)
(Ohio 36 F - Battle of Antietam MD 17 Sep 1862)
Dec 1862 Absent with leave. On furlough from 11 Dec 1862
Jan/Feb 1863 Present.
Mar/Apr 1863 Present.
Appears on OH 36F Company Muster Roll for May and June 1863. Absent. Remarks: Absent sick at Gallatin TN since 4 Jun 1863.
Appears on OH 36F Company Muster Roll for Jul and Aug 1863. Absent. Remarks: Absent sick at Gallatin TN since 4 Jun 1863.
Appears on OH 36F Company Muster Roll for Sep and Oct 1863. Remarks: Discharged for disability at Columbus, Ohio Aug 21, 1863, by order Post Commander.
36 Ohio, Henry Barber, Music Co F 36 Reg't Ohio Infantry.
Appears on Returns as follows:
May 1862 absent on furlough.
Sept and Oct 1862 on extra duty in QM Dept.
Nov 1862 on extra duty at Regt QMs
Dec 1862 absent on furlough from Dec 11
(Ohio 36 F - Tullahoma Campaign TN 23-30 Jun 1863)
June 1863 absent sick Carthage since 4 Jun 1863
(Ohio 36 F - Battle of Hoover's Gap TN 24 Jun 1863)
July and Aug 1863 absent sick Gallatin since 4 Jun 1863
Sep 1863 21 Aug 1863 Columbus OH Discharged for disability.
(Ohio 36 F - Battle of Chickamauga GA 19Aug 1863)

Site Visit- South Mountain & Antietam Battle Fields:
Battle of South Mountain 14 Sep 1862 Turners, Fox, and Crampton Gap

Battle of Antietam- Burnside Bridge (15-16 Sep 1862) Sign No. 56:
The Ninth Army Corps moved from Fox's Gap in South Mountain by Sharpsburg Rd. on the morning of Sept 15, and in the evening encamped in rear of extreme left of Army of Potomac under the crest of the ridge opposite the middle Antietam Bridge. On the morning of the 16th the corps moved to the left and took position upon the rear slopes of the ridges with the east fork of the Antietam, the center nearly opposite the Burnside Bridge. Benjamin's Battery (E, 2nd US Artillery) occupied the knoll commanding the bridge. The remaining batteries of the Corps were in reserve under the cover of the ridge. During the 16th Benjamin's Battery engaged the Confederate batteries posted on Cemetery Hill...

Battle of Antietam- Burnside Bridge (17 Sep 1862) Sign No. 57:
At 10 o'clock AM Crook's Brigade, preceded by the 11th CT as skirmishes, it attempted to cross the bridge but failed. Several attempts by the 2nd MD and 6th NH also failed. 51st NY & PA captured the bridge around 1 o'clock PM. The Union IX Corps spent 2 hrs preparing for the final assault on Sharpsburg. All except the 2nd Division went forward attacking the enemy's right flank. Three Ohio Regiments got lost in the woods and came out 300 yards too far upstream...

Battle of Antietam- Burnside Bridge (17 Sep 1862) Sign No. 60:
IX Corps, Crooks Brigade, Kanawha Div, Col George Crook 36th Ohio Infantry Commanding. 11th, 28th, 36th OH, Seamands KY Battery. 16-17 Sep 1862:
On the evening of Sept 16 Crook's Brigade found line on the ridge east of the Antietam and north Burnside Bridge. On the morning of the 17th, preceded by the 11th CT of Harlands Brigade as skirmishes, it attempted to carry the bridge but failed. About 2 PM five companies of the 28th Ohio crossed the stream at a ford 250 yards north of the bridge and advanced to the rising ground east of Sharpsburg Road. The remainder of the Brigade crossed the bridge and moved up the road about 350 yards. Then the entire Brigade advanced over the high ground west of the road and supported the left of Wilcox's (1st) Division. It assisted in checking AP Hill's advance but the left of the line having been turned, it was obliged to withdraw to cover of the ridge south and east of this line. This tablet marks the center of the advance position of the Brigade.

Battle of Antietam- Burnside Bridge (17 Sep 1862) Sign No. 70:
US 9th Army Corps...Crooks Brigade of the Kanawha Division crossed and formed on Sturgis' right in support...1-2 Ewing's Brigade of the Kanawha crossed at Snavely's ford and formed in support Rodman's (3rd Division)...

36th Infantry Ohio Marker Antietam
Commanded by Lieut Col Melvin Clarke (killed) Crook's 2nd Brigade
Kanawha Division Ninth Army Corps Army of the Potomac:
"This Regiment advanced near the bridge over Antietam Creek on the morning of 17 Sep 1862, supporting Sturgis' (2nd) Division. It participated in the charge by which the bridge was captured. Lt Col Melvin Clarke was killed near this spot.
"Its loss was 1 officer and 1 man killed, 21 men wounded, 2 men missing; Total 21."

Certificate of Marriage Cabell Co Commission Clerk's Office West Virginia: Marriage Register No. 2 Page No. 17 "Susan Seamands age 17 born Jackson Co Iowa and Henry Barbour (sic) age 26 born Washington Co Ohio were married at Guyandotte Cabell County West Virginia 29 March 1867 by J C Reece, Husband's Parents Levi and Abie (sic) Barbour (sic) Occupation Engineer, Susan Seamands Born Jackson County Iowa, Both Residing in Cabell County West Virginia, Age 17, Parents Grant and Adeline Seamands."

1861-1864 No 20 Bangert- Barentzer
Henry Barber F36 Ohio Inf- Invalid 15 Jun 1872 Appl No 176144 Cert No 163124.

Certificate of Disability for Discharge
In the case of R55 Henry Barber, Musician Co F 36 Reg't of OH.
Approved D Stanton, Adjutant General's Office Sep 14, 1863. Duplicate sent the Pension Office.

Army of the United States
Certificate of Disability for Discharge.
Henry Barber of Captain Kellys Company F of the 36th Regiment of United States Ohio Volunteer Infantry was enlisted by Capt Moore of the 36th Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Camp Putman OH on the 1st day of August 1861 to serve three years; he was born in Washington Co in the State of Ohio is Twenty (20) years of age, 5 feet 9 inches high, Dark complexion, Blue eyes, Black hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Farmer. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty days. Admitted to Hospital. Station: Columbus OH, August 20 1863. Colin MacKenzie...Infirmary Hospital, Commanding Company.
I certify that I have carefully examined the said Henry Barber of Captain Joseph Kelly's Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of Dislocated and Subluxation of right Knee joint which existed previous to enlistment. He is not fit for the Invalid Corps...AD White AA Surgeon. Discharged this 21 day of August 1863 at Columbus OH by order Brig Gen Mason Commanding the Post, MM Gass 1st Lt...The place where the soldier desires to be addressed may be here added. Town Marietta, State Ohio.

Dr BF Hart- Family Physician, Marietta Ohio
"No rupture present before Aug 1863..."

15 Jun 1872- Declaration. "While on march between Hagerstown MD and South Mountain 13 Sep 1862 ruptured on right caused by jumping across small ravine, totally disabling him at the time..."

Applies for disability 1879 Carthage Hancock IL. Rupture right side- 13 Sep 1862. Disability due to right inguinal hernia complete. Signed Levi Barber Jr. Dr George O Hildreth Marietta OH, Dr JK Baude Carthage IL. From discharge until 1 Jul 1875 lived at Harmar OH. Then moved to Carthage IL. Managing a farm. Halftime work secondary to disability.

24 Oct 1879 AW McCormick & Sons, Atty Cincinnati OH. $4-8/mo.

Carthage Hancock IL 1875-1885, Adrian Bates MO Abt 1885-1887, St Louis St Louis MO 1896-1912.

Oct 1890 Lower abdominal abscess.

Declaration 24 Jun 1890.

29 Nov 1891- Adrian Bates MO $10/mo.

6 Jan 1893- Divorced from wife (Married once) Sue E Barber in St Louis City Circuit Court MO. Client sts wife died 38-39 yo. Plaintiff comes. Defendant still in default. Comes not. Alimony $1/mo.

1893- Physical exam: 52 yo, 5 ft 10 1/4 in, 149 1/2 lb.

2 Feb 1893- Effects from kick of mule, Right iliac lumbago.

1897- Disease of Kidneys.

26 Nov 1898- Adrian Bates Co Missouri- Hernia has increased. Believes entitled to higher rate. Witnesses- A Enos, WP Estes. 15 Jun 1872- Declaration of 15 Jun 1872 "While on march between Hagerstown MD and South Mountain 13 Sep 1862 ruptured on right caused by jumping across small ravine, totally disabling him at the time..." Employed as steamboat clerk prior to entry to service. Children Earl C Barber 4 Apr 1870 and Mrs WH Andrew 22 May 1873.

1900 Disabled- Right Inguinal Hernia, Disease of Kidneys, Piles, Senile disability $8/mo.

28 Feb 1907- 909 Walton Ave St Louis MO $12/mo (claimant doesn't write)

23 Jul 1910- Declaration for Pension. Signed Eugene A, Sue E Longley. (Born 10 Jul 1841)

25 Jul 1910- 15 Jul 1911- 5057 Delmar Av St Louis MO. Requests increase in claim $12>15/mo. (Born 10 Jul 1840= 70yo)

12 Jul 1911- Pension. Signed EA Longley, Abbie L Andrew

4 Nov 1912- Last paid $23/mo. Claimant Mrs Abbie Andrew 39yo Widowed, 720 Aubert Ave St Louis MO.

23 Dec 1912- Date of death. Kidney and bladder trouble. Interstitial nephritis. Dr Charles Mitchell 2609 N Taylor St Louis MO. Physician $4. Undertaker $58. Reimbursed $38.33. Property left- wearing apparel <$10.

26 Dec 1912- Burial. Remains Grave No 12352 Sec 12 National Cemetery Jefferson Barracks MO.

David Barber to Capt Levi Barber 14 Apr 1883 Carthage IL
"...I am afraid there is nothing here to pay taxes on your 2 quarters, and I hear Henry has little or no corn. I hear the man or men who have a mortgage on the lower quarter are clamorous for their interest...
...Times are very hard here now, produce low & no land selling: great emigration to the West. I hope you will keep up your spirits & write to me as to your health..."

David Barber to Capt Levi Barber 27 Feb 1885 Carthage IL
"...Have just been spoken to by Miller of Mineral & Miller of a note of Henry's to Quinby Clothier on which you were surety. Let me know by return mail of the whole amt of your debts, and I well see what the land can be sold for...Times for so many are distressed. Do not despair but hope for the best..."

David Barber to Capt Levi Barber 6 Mar 1885 Carthage IL
"...I have also put in the deed the 10 acres you own, also under lease with my lands...I have written to Henry to call on me. I am troubled with Diabetes, suffer no pain but have to urinate very often day and night..."

David Barber to Capt Levi Barber 16 Mar 1885 Carthage IL
"...Henry has cleared the lands he will not cultivate himself..."

14 Jan 1888, Carthage IL, Sharp & Berry Bros, Lawyers
"Farms for Sale and Rent. Money to Loan at all Time and at Lowest Rates of Interest.
To Mrs Lucy Cole, Harmar, OH
Dear Madam,
Thomas here. We have written Henry stating it was claimed the signatures to his notes were not genuine etc and will see what he will do or say...
Very Truly
Sharp & Berry Bros."

The Connecticut Barbers, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut, Donald S Barber, McDowell Publications, Utica NY, 1992, p261:"335. Capt. Levi7 Barber...
"Children of Levi and Abigail, born at Marietta:
"...Henry8, b 10 Jul 1841; m Guyandotte WV 27 Mar 1867 Susan E Seamonds; resided at Carthage IL. [Ref: Barber Gen]
"Children of Henry and Susan:
"Earl Cranston9, b Carthage IL 4 Apr 1870; m Dora Cherry.
"Abigail9, b 18 May 1872; m _______ Andrews (sic)..."

Barber Genealogy, Sect I Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909, Sect II Descendants of John Barber of Worcester Massachusetts 1714-1909, Publ John Barber White, Ed Lillian May Wilson, Haverhill Mass, Press of the Nichols Print, 1909, clxiv 659p 24cm, 10-11369, CS71.B24 1909, Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909.
p209: "1422. Capt. Levi Barber7...m. Oct 31, 1837, Abigail M., dau. of Joseph and Cynthia (Flaff) Kelly...
+2273. II. Henry, b. Jul 10, 1841; m. Susan E. Seaminds (sic)...
p298: "2273. Henry Barber8 (Levi7, Levi6, David5, Dr Samuel4, Samuel3, Thomas2, Thomas1) b. July 10, 1841; m. in Guyandotte, WV. Mar 27, 1867, Susan E. Seamonds. Children:...
3130. II. Abigail, b. May 18, 1872; m. Mr. Andrews.

Washington County Ohio to 1980 (A Collection of Topical & Family Sketches), Washington County Historical Society Inc, 1980
p83 "The children of Capt. Levi and Abigail were as follows:...Henry 1841 (m. Susan Seamonds (sic)..."

p207 "Joseph Kelly Family:
Joseph and Cynthia had five children.
...the third child, Abigal (sic) Morris Kelly married Captain Levi Barber. Their son...Henry Barber married, had two children and lived in the West...

Family Records of the Descendants of Gershom Flagg [Born 1730] of Lancaster Massahusettes (sic)...Published by Norman Gershom Flagg and Lucius C S Flagg 1907
pg 118:
[973] Abigail Morris Kelly...was m 1 Nov 1837 to Capt Levi Barber of Marietta OH. Issue (all born in Marietta OH):...
[986] 2 Henry, b 10 Jul 1841. Family No. 986.

pg 120:
[986] Henry Barber, son of Abigail [973] b 10 Jul 1841 in Marietta OH. He m 1868 Susan Seamands Res 1907 Marietta OH Issue:...
[990] 2 Abbie Laura b 20 May 1873, m.

Florence Louise Engle May 2001
Henry Barber was born 10 Jul 1841 and Died 4 May 1881 (sic). He married Susan E Seamonds (sic) 27 Mar 1867. She was born 2 Oct 1850.

BARBER, Henry, 36th OH Infantry, Company F, Enlisted in Harmar Twp, Additional Details-Drummer. 19 Jul 2000
Database: Civil War Muster Rolls
Surname, Given Name, Middle Initial, Company, Unit, Rank - Induction, Rank - Discharge, Notes, Box #, Extraction #, Record #:
Barber, Henry, ,F, 36 Ohio Infantry, Private, Musician, 00552, 0005, 00000513
Roster of the 36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
BARBER, Henry, 36th Ohio Company F, Enlisted at age 20.

ANCESTRY.COM 30 Jul 2000
Database: Full Context of American Civil War Soldiers
Henry Barber
Enlist Date Enlist Place Enlist Rank Enlist Age
01 August 1861 Priv 20
Served Ohio Enlisted F Co. 36th Inf Reg. OH disch disability at Gallatin, TN on 21 August 1863
Source: Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio
Abbreviation: OH Roster
Published on 1886

Jefferson Barracks Cemetery
2900 Sheridan Road
St. Louis 63125

LDS Submission: Carlos Hickman 306 East 9 N Lehi Utah. LDS Heir: Don Carlos Hickman 12th Cousin. Henry BARBER Mar Susan E SEAMINDS (sic).


1. Military Service; 26 Aug 1861, Marietta, Washington, Ohio, USA. 14 15

2. Military Discharge; 21 Aug 1863, Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA. 16 17 Medical Discharge- right knee subluxation, inguinal hernia

3. Occupation: Steamboat Clerk, 1865, Marietta, Washington, Ohio, USA.

4. Removed; 1 Jul 1875, Carthage, Hancock, Illinois, USA. 18 19 20 From Harmar OH 1875-1885

5. Occupation: Farmer, 1875, Carthage, Hancock, Illinois, USA.

6. Removed; 1885, Adrian, Bates, Missouri, USA. 1885-1887

7. Removed; 1896, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA. 21 From Carthage, Hancock, Illinois, USA.

   Marriage Information:

Henry married Susan Eureka Ward SEAMANDS, daughter of Elijah Grant SEAMANDS, Jr and Adeline WARD, on 28 Mar 1867 in Guyandotte, Cabell, West Virginia, USA 1 2 3. The marriage ended in divorce on 6 Jan 1893. (Susan Eureka Ward SEAMANDS was born on 2 Oct 1850 in , Jackson, Iowa, USA 9 11, died on 24 Feb 1928 in 1147 Walton, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA 22 and was buried on 25 Feb 1928 in Cemetery, Valhalla, 18A 1173, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA 23.) The cause of her death was diabetes Mellitus, Gangrene, Amputation of Leg.

1 Cabell County Marriage Records, Cabell County Marriage Records, 28 Mar 1867, Book 2, Page 17, Line 31.

2 Family Records of the Descendants of Gershom Flagg, Norman Gersom Flagg and Lucius C S Flagg, with Other Genealogical Records of the Flagg Family Descended from Thomas Flegg of Watertown Mass and Including the Flegg Lineage in England, Compiled and Published 1907, p118, 120.

3 Barber Genealogy, Lillian May Wilson, Ed, Sect I Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909, Publ John Barber White, Haverhill Mass, Press of the Nichols Print, 1909 clxiv 659ph 24cm, 10-11369, CS71.B24, p298.

4 Interview Louise Barber Andrew, 1988-1998.

5 Interview Florence Louise Flemming, Florence Louise Flemming, Interview, 21 Jun 2001.

6 Washington County Ohio to 1980, Washington County Historical Society, Inc, p83, 208.

7 US Census 1850, US Census 1850, Ohio, Washington, Harmar, Roll No 738, Pg 231 (new) 460 (old).

8 Missouri Death Certificate, Bureau of Vital Statistics, State Board of Health, 1914, Registered No 7162.

9 Cabell Co WV Heritage 1809-1996, Cabell Co WV Heritage 1809-1996, (929.3754421 C HRL), Marriage Register No. 2 Page No. 17.

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11 US Census 1870, US Census 1870, Ohio, Washington, Harmar, Marietta, Roll 1279, Pg 289.

12 Missouri Death Certificate, Bureau of Vital Statistics, State Board of Health, 1912, Registered No 11031.

13 Cemetery Records, 12 12352 Jefferson Barracks. Site visit Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, 12 12352, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA.

14 Military Service Records, Military Service Records, Civil War, Union, Ohio 36 F, Marietta, Aug 1861.

15 Civil War Letters, Abigail M Kelly to Henry K Barber 19 Dec 1861.

16 Disability Certificate, Disability Certificate, 14 Sep1863, R55 Co F 36 Regt Ohio.

17 Military Pension Records, Military Pension Records, 1861-1864, Appl No 176144 Cert No 163124.

18 Connecticut Barbers, Donald S Barber, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut, McDowell Publications, Utica NY, p261.

19 US Census 1880, Illinois Soundex B616 No 13 Roll 211 Vol 24 Hancock Co Ed 64 Sheet 4 Line 21.

20 Letters, Letters, 8 Mar 1887, From Sue E Seamands to Levi Barber Jr.

21 US Census 1900, Missouri US Census H520 Soundex Vol 98 Ed 313 Sheet 4 Line 55.

22 Missouri Death Certificate, Bureau of Vital Statistics, State Board of Health, 1928, Registered No 2052.

23 Cemetery Records, 18A #1173 Valhalla Cemetery.

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