(Abt 1157-1190)
(Abt 1160-)
Lord Manasser Biset KIDDERMINSTER
(Abt 1175-Bef 1238)
Margaret BISSET
(Abt 1179-Aft 1232)
(Abt 1207-Abt 1269)


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Eudo La ZOUCHE 1

  • Born: Abt 1207, North Molton, Devonshire, England
  • Married: 26 Feb 1253
  • Died: Abt 1269-1279

   Other names for Eudo were Eon and Ivo.

   Ancestral File Number: 84ZT-F7.

   General Notes:

Ancestral File v4.19 84ZT-F7.

4 Mar 2002
I am trying to sort out the Eudos. Apparently, Dugdale states Eudo was
the son of Alan and elean de Qyincy and Weis now states Eudo was the son
of Roger and Margaret Bisset. I was sent your sire as a reference for
the birth of Lucy la Zouche. Could you tell me your source for her birth
and parents. Thank you.

18 Mar 2002
Well, I thought as you have that Eudo was the son of Alan and Elena,
however, in at least two resources now they are attributing Eudo to Roger
and Margaret Bisset. While there very well may be a Eudo/Ivo/Euon son of
Roger and Margaret, age probablilites place Eudo who married Milicent
Cantilupo as the son of Alan and Elena. I am trying to find more proof of
this and have found Eudo and Milicent's children aligned with the heirs of
the de Quincis.
Pat Junkin

19 Mar 2002,
Hi Cliff,
I have noticed the postings on the ancestral file but the support is not
conclusive for what has been put on the site. There seems to be good
research that concludes Roger la Zouche b. 1175 married Margaret [Bisset]
perhaps daughter of Manasser Biset, Lord of Kidderminster.
I posted the following on another list.
According to Complete Peerage, Roger la Zouche b. ca., d. 1238 m. Mararet
Roger's Lands: Tonge and Esseby from his mother, North Molton, Black
Torrington, King's Nympton (Devon) Swavesey, Fulborn, (Cambs.) Mapledurham
and Petersfield, Hants, Cotesey, Norfolk; also land in Scotland.
1. Alan b. ca., d. 1269/70 m. Elene de Quincy b. ca. 1195, d. ca. 1269.
Elene's sister, Margaret, had married William de Ferrers. Sometime after
1264, there is a release by Richard le Swein of Swithelund, to Margaret de
Ferr[ariis], countess of Derby, Ellen la Zuche, Alexander Comyn, earl of
Bouchan, and Elizabeth his wife, the heirs of Roger de Quency, late earl of
Winchester. In 1273 Alan la Zousche to grant a messuage in Sheepshed, and
the advowson of the church of Markfield, to the prior and canons of Charley,
retaining the manors of Ashby la Zouch and Sheepshed. Leic. William de
Ferrariis to grant land in Milneleghes by Charley to the same, retaining the
manor of Groby. Eudo and Millicent and their children continue to hold lands
in conjunction with the de Ferrers, Hastings and Comyns.
2. William (grandfather of Lord Zouche de Mortimer) b. , alive 1272 on writ
3. Eon/Ivo/Eudo b. before 1238, d. 1269/70?.
CP says that this Eon in 1253 was granted the marriage of Agatha, 6th
daughter of William de Ferrers, who was to be delivered to him 26 Feb. 1253.
She married Hugh de Mortimer. If he was granted marriage in 1253, did he
not marry until 1273, Millicent? Haryngsworth came to Eudo through his
marriage to Milicent as sister and coheir of George de Cantilupo [also
Eyton, Houton, Beds., Beruby, Rowell, and Bolewyck, Northants., Totnes in
Devon, Moles Bracy,Salop, etc] and hence the son, William, born 1277 becomes
first Lord Zouche of Haryngsworth. " Lic. for William de Bosco to enfeoff
Millicent de Montealto of Manors of Thorp-Enaud, Leic., Weston, Warw.,
Bromfield and Hoghton, N"hants, Ebrighton and Franecote Glous., Tybbeneye
and Stanelak, Oxon and Esyngton Suf., she to regrant a moiety thereof to
said William for life, remainder to her s. William la Zouche and wife
Matilda and heris corp and finally to right heirs of Matilda..1296. William
de Bosco was Millicent's uncle.
Confirmation by Roger la Zuche, son and heir of Sir Alan la Zuche, to the
leprous women and the prior and brethren of Maydenebradelegh, of a grant in
frank almoin (recited) made to them by his said father, of a yearly rent of
100s. &c. due from Sir Nicholas de Vaus for lands in Tudewrthe; in return
for which brother John the prior, and the sick sisters, and the brethren, of
the said house, granted a chaplain to celebrate divine sevice for the souls
of Sir Alan and the lady Elena his wife &c. Witnesses to the confirmation :-
Sirs Ivo la Zuche, Alan la Zuche, Nicholas de Vallibus, and William de Dun,
knights, and others (named) : [ Wilts ] 1269-1285
I have an Alan, s. of Alan and Elena who in 1279 held Fulborn of his sd.
bro, Roger, therefore, I believe it likely that this Ivo is a brother, not
an uncle.
When Sir William de Kalna alias de Cantilupo in a writ to the sheriff of
Wilts. 18 Nov 39 Hen. III [1255] it names George, "aged not quite 3, is his
heir." In Beds. "Extent made by twelve freemen and twelve customary tenants
39 Hen. III. Eyton manor, 12 hides held of the king in chief by service of 1
fee.., including the herbage of Dudenmeshei (?) and Mentemore, a mill called
Sfeifesmull, and fees in Mentmore town held by Ralph le [Po]er, Sir William
Russel, Sir Hugh Dun and Roger Argenteim; and 7 hides held of the heirs of
Hugh Gurnay for 1/4 fee. All rents of the 19 hides were assigned by Sir
William Cantilupo to John de Montealto, with his daughter, and the rents of
three mills were assigned for life to Lady Agnes de Verdon." WILLIIAM DE
This would indicate to me that Millicent had married John de Montealto by
1255, hence probably b. before 1240.
IN the IPM 1273 of George de Cantilupo, his heirs are: Milsanda the wife of
Eudo la Zuche and Joan de Hastings, w/o Henry Hastings and her son John
[underage]...he held Totnes in Devon by reason of pourparty of the lands &c
which were of William de Brewosa.. Haringworth in Northants. Berewyk in
Somerset....his birth was 1251 and he was born on the death of his
grandfather William.
This tells me that that John de Montalteo was alive in 1255 and that
Milicent married Eudo sometime between 1256 and 1273, probably later part of
According to Langston and Buck in Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor
Charlemagne's Descendants, Eudo did not die until 1295 which leaves the
possibility that the 1279 death date ascribed is the death date of Eudo, son
of Roger and Margaret Bisset.
The Inq. of Millicent de Cantilupe de Monte Alto de la Zouche was taken 27
Edw. I (1299) naming her son William, age 22, her heir, with lands in
Websnade, Wodemanleye, Birchmore, Toternho, Eddeworth, Beston and
Henlawe, Wymington, Leteburn and Mentmore in Bedford; lands in
Feldhamme and Wodehamme, Bucks. Calstone and Calne in Wilts.; Ruyton,
Bulkynton, Wybytoft, Wolfareshull, including a park held of John
Comyn, earl of Boghan, one of the heirs of Roger de Quyncy in Warwick;
[Sweins may also have had some part in Bulkyngton] Odecomb in Somerset,
Brnfield [Braunfield] and Little Houghton in N'hants.; Totnes, Lodeswell,
Cornworthy, Dertemere in Devon; Haryngsworth in Nhants; and,
Thorp Everard, Buscby, Belgrave and lands in Leicester.
Obtained as her pourparty
the manors of Haryngsworth and Bulwick, Northants, Totnes, Devon and
considerable estates in Beds. Som. and Wilts.
Chris Phillips mentioned that Alan had a brother Eudo active in 1262,
therefore we must assume that he was born before 1238 and most probably
around 1200-1210. I have found no reference to the birth date of a Eudo b.
1207 as is posted on the ancestral file, although this fits. If we assume
that the Eudo here mentioned married Milicent, then he was 63-73 years old
and she some 30 years plus. The Inq. of Millicent de Cantilupe del la Zouche
de Monte Alto was taken 27 Edw. I (1299) naming her son William, age 22 [b.
1277-Millicent almost 40], her heir.
My suggestion is that Eudo, the son of Roger and Margaret, brother
of Alan b. 1195, married certainly before he was 63 years of age and may
have had children and that Eudo who married Milicent is the son of Alan and
4. Lora b. married Gilbert de Sanford [Knights of Edward I states Lora was
daughter of Roger s/hr of Alan having given Sanford Indeworth Manor Wilts.
to Sandford in marriage [Inq. 18 Feb 1279]
5. Alice m. William de Harcourt
Hope this ilustrates the problem and is not more than you needed.
Pat (Patricia Junkin)

   Marriage Information:

Eudo married Agatha De FERRERS, daughter of Earl William De Ferrers DERBY and Margaret De QUINCY, on 26 Feb 1253.


1 Ancestral File Ver 4.19, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998.

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