William BLISS, Sr
(Abt 1530-1574)
(Abt 1532-1596)
(Abt 1550-1616)
Mrs Bliss John Thomas
(Abt 1553-)
Thomas BLISS, Sr


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1. Margaret LAWRENCE

  • Thomas BLISS, Jr
  • Ann BLISS
2. Dorothy WHEATLEY
  • Mary BLISS
3. Margaret HULINS

Thomas BLISS, Sr

  • Born: 1577-1590, Belstone, Devonshire, England
  • Married (1): 1612-1615, Belstone, Devonshire, England
  • Married (2): 22 Nov 1614, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England
  • Married (3): 18 Oct 1617-1621, St Nicholas, Glouchester, Gloucestershire, England
  • Died: 14 Feb 1649/50, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Buried: Abt 1650, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

   Ancestral File Number: 8P1T-Q2. User ID: 4620.

   General Notes:

Monument to First Hartford Settlers, Hartford CT: "...Thomas Bliss Sr, Thomas Bliss Jr..."

17th Century Colonial Ancestors of Members of the National Society of Colonial Dames XVII Century 1915-1975, Mary Louise Marshall Hutton, Baltimore Genealogi- cal Publishing Co Inc, 1987, p28:
"Thomas Bliss (1580/1585-1639) MA/CT, m. Margaret Lawrence, Founder, Military Service."

The Bliss Book, Charles Arthur Hoppin, Hartford Connecticut, 1913: "A Romantic History of the Bliss Family from the Time of its Beginning, in England, to its Advent into America, and Illustrating the Conditions of Life of the English Ancestors of many Others of the Founders of New England."
p105: "The Bliss Family Tree...Thomas b Aft 1550 m Margaret < John chr 1652 < William b 1530/1535 m 1561 Elizabeth < Richard b 1500 < Richard b 1460 < < < < Philip b 1356..."
p171: "The Will of Thomas Blisse of Preston Capes, England, and Hartford, Connecticut.
"Feb 14th, 1650, Mary Parsons of Springfeild (sic) the Daughter of Thomas Bliss, Late of Hartford, deceased, doth testifie that when her father Lay on his death bed shee heard her mother Aske him, how hee would dispose of his estate, hee answered hee would give it to her, who should have it else. her mother asked him if hee would not dispose of it to his children, her father Answered again no, her mother should have it this shee shall bee ready to testifie if Called thereunto. Wittness, John Pynchon, Hen: Smith. Children: Lawrence Bliss, John Bliss, Sam Bliss, Hesther Bliss, Eliz Blidd, Hannah Bliss, Sarah Bliss.
"[From volume II, page 28, Probate Records of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1650.]
"The Inventory of the goods, Chattells, and Cattles of Thomas Bliss of Hartford, deceased, taken by Joseph Mygatt and Nathaniel Warde this 14th Febr. 1650.
[L][s][d] It:his wearing apparrell 02:00:00 It: one bedstead with 2 featherbeds uppon it with Sheets and Blanketts 08:00:00 It: a trundle bed, a flock bed upon with Sheets and Blanketts 1 pr.ea. 03:00:00 It: forSheets and table cloths & yearne in ye howse 03:00:00 It: 2 brass potts, 1 Iron pott, 2 kettles, 1 skillet & a morter 03:10:00 It: in milk vessells & other Small dishes 00:10:00 It: in pewtras much as comes to 01:15:00 It: 1 Spitt, 1 frying pann, 1 tramell, 1 fier pan & tongs 00:08:00 It: one beetle, foure wedges 00:06:00 It: one old trunck, 2 chests, & one boxe, old ones 00:10:00 It: 2 paire of Scales & weights to ym 00:06:08 It: 2 old bibles 00:05:00 It: one powdering tubb & a Cowle 00:07:00 It: one beare vesssell and old tubbs 00:12:00 It: 2 whelles & 2 old seines 00:08:00 It: 1 chaire and 2 old stooles 00:02:00 It: 1 charne, 1 buckett & 2 payles 00:06:00 It: one Loone with barrs & Stayes & 1 wheele 02:16:00 It: 2 Axes & 4 old howes00:09:00 It: 2 Sawes & one Spade 00:12:00 It: 2 cowes & 2 yeare old Calves 16:00:00 It: Due to him in a Debt02:00:00 It: his howse, and Lott belonging to it 02:00:00 It: of meadow and uplanD 35:00:00 It: another howse & Lott02:00:00
Natha: Warde
Joseph Mygatt [From Probate Records, Hartford County, Conn., Vol. II, p.28.]"

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Micropaedia, Vol VI, p674, Massachusetts Bay Colony:
"One of the original English settlements in present Massachusetts, settled in 1630 by agroup of about 1,000 Puritan refugees from England under Gov. Johna Winthrop. The Massachusetts Bay Company had obtained, from Charles I in 1629, a charter empowering the company to trade and colonize in New England between the Charles and Merrimack rivers. Omitted from the charter was the usual clause requiring the company to hold its business meetings in England, a circumstance that the Puritan stockholders used to transfer control of the colony to America. The Puritans established a theocratic government with the franchise limited to church members..."

The Annals of America, Vol I, 1493-1754, Discovering a New World, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chicago, 1976, p157, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut:
"The Connecticut settlement at Hartford was established in 1636 by settlers from the New Towne (now Cambridge), Massachusetts, congregation of the Reverend Thomas Hooker. This group had been preceded by others which had located at Windsor and Wethersfield. InJanuary 1639, the freemen of these three townships assembled and drew up the so-called Fundamental Orders of Connecticut often hailed as the first written American constitution...It contained a preamble that is essentially a compact, the remainder being a body of laws. Hooker's move was prompted primarily by political considerations. He opposed the dominant figures at Boston, who looked down on democracy- believing it to be `no fit government either for church or commonwealth...'"

The Holcomb(e) Genealogy History and Directory, Jesse Seaver, Philadelphia PA, American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1925, vii 286p 27.5cm, CS71.H725 1925 and 1925a
p41: "Nathaniel (Son of Thomas) Holcomb and His Descendants. (ah) "201 Nathaniel Holcomb (2- ): b. 4 Nov 1648 in Poquonock Windsor CT; d. 5 Mar (Feb) 1740/1741; rem. to Massacoe, now Simsbury; m. (1) 27 Feb 1670 Mary (dau. of Nathaniel (or Thomas) Bliss (one of the original founders of Hartford CT) and Catherine Chapin dau. of Dea. Samuel Chapin of Springfield, a character in the Charter Oak story (see Part XII); m. (2) 16 (17) Jan 1725 (3 or 2) Sarah, widow of Josiah Owen (d. 29 Sep 1706). He was a Rep from Simsbury and Windsor to the Gen. Courtof CT, 1703-1706; 1720-1722; farmer; sergeant in Rev. War..."

Genealogy of the Bliss Family in America Vol 1, Compiled by Aaron Tyler Bliss Midland, Michigan, 1982, p20, "The Hartford Line":
p28 arrival in New England Abt 1638.
From the Hartford Book of Distributions, Feb 1639-40: "Severall Parcells of land in Hertford vpon the River of Conecticott belonging to `Thomas Blisse sen & to his heires forever. One parcell on which his dwellinge house now standeth with yards of gardens therein being Contayninge by Estimation two roods (more or lesse) Abuttinge on the highway leading from John Barnards land toward the north on the west & on Thom Richards land on the North & on Thom Blisse jun: land on the South & on PaulPecks land on the East."
At the division of the lands on the east side of the Great River in 1641, "Thomas Blysse Senior" was given six acres and "Thomas Blysse Junior" was given four acres.
"March the 4th, 1646. Tho:Blisse for not trayneing, is fyned 2s, 6d."
Will recorded 14 Feb 1650-1: "mary parsons of Springfeild the daughter of Thomas Bliss late of Hartford deceased, doth testifie, that when her father lay on his death bed Shee heard her mother Aske him, how hee would dispose of his estate, hee Answered hee would biue it to her, who should haue it elce, her mother asked him if hee would not dispose of it to his Children, her father Answered againe no, her mother Should haue it, this Shee Shall bee readyto testifie if Called therevnto." Probate Records Hartford Co, Conn, Vol II, p28.
Inventory of goods Chattells and Cattles of Thomas Bliss of Hartford deceased taken 14 Feb 1650-1. Invt. L86-s12-d08: "his wearing Apparrell; one bedsteadwith 2 featherbeds vppon it with sheets and Blankitts; a trundle bed, a flock bed vppon it with sheets and Blankitts 1 pr of each; for sheets and table Cloths & yarne in ye howse; 2 brass potts, 1 Iron pott, s kettles, 1 skillet & a morter; inmilk vessells & other small dishes; in pewter as much as Comes to; 1 Spitt, 1 frying pann, 1 tramell, 1 fier pan & tongs; one beetle, foure wedges; one ould trunck, 2 chests, & one boxe, old ones; 2 paire of scales & weights to ym; 2 old bibles; one podering tubb & a Cowle; one beare vessell and old tubbs; 2 wheeles & 2 old seiues; 1 Chaire and 2 old stooles; 1 Charne, 1 buckett & 2 payles; one Loome with barrs & Slayes, & 1 wheele; 2 Axes & 4 old howes; 2 Sawes & one Spade; 2 Cowes& 2 yeare old Claues [16:00:00]; due to him in a debt; his howse and Lott belonging to it [2:00:00]; of meadow and vpland [35:00:00]; another howse Lott [2:10:00]."

Database: Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1635-50
1650 to 1663.
Page 28 Name: Thomas Bliss Location: Hartford
Invt. 86-12-08. Taken 14 February, 1650, by Nathaniel Ward, Joseph Mygatt. Nuncupative Will. Testimony of John Pinchon & Hen: Smith gives property to his wife. Mary Parsons, a daughter, of Springfield, doth Testify to the same.
Court Record, Page 17--20 February, 1650-1: Adms. to the Relict, She to keep the whole Estate in her Hands for her Use and the Education of the Children during her life, then to be divided among the Children, viz: to Lawrence, to John, to Samuel, to Hester, to Elizabeth, to Hannah, and to Sarah Bliss.

World Ancestral Chart No. 17450 Ancestors of Wayne G Thorpe and Olive Loraine Slade: Born Abt 1585 Belstone Devonshire England Died Abt 1640 Hartford CT.

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 8KK9-DH Born 1580 Daventry Northamptonshire England, Mar Dorothy Wheatley, Died Jun 1649 Rehoboth Bristol Massachusetts.

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 2B7X-DD Born 1580/1585, Mar 1612/1615 ?Hartford Connecticut, Died 1640, Buried ?Hartford Connecticut.

Ancestral File Ver 4.13 8P1T-Q2 Born Abt 1580/1585 Painswick Perh Gloucestershire England, Mar Mrs HYDE IDE (AFN:JSPP-B0) and IDE (AFN:L46Q-2V), Mar 22 Nov 1614 Dorothy WHEAT- LEY (AFN: 52KW-9B), Mar 18 Oct 1621 Margaret HULINS (AFN:52KW-9B) St Nicholas Gloucester Gloucestershire, Mar Mrs Thomas BLISS (AFN:8P1T-R7) Rehoboth Bristol Massachusetts, Died/Bur 1639/1640 Hartford Connecticut, ?Son<Grandson of William and Elizabeth BLISS<Son of John Thomas and (Mrs) John Thomas BLISS.

IGIBirth 8725207-41-1396406 1577, 8520732-61-1396059 and 8676209-20-1396239 1582, 7808633-58-1126261 Thomas BLISS Father Thomas BLISS 1590 Belstone Devon England.

IGI Birth 8111102-36-1260871 Thomas BLISS Father William BLISS Mother Elizabeth 1580 Daventry Northampton England.

IGI Christening 7208008-28-820269 Nathaniel BLISS Father Thomas BLISSE Mother Dorthy WHEATLIE 8 Dec 1622 Daventry Northampton England.

IGI Marriage 8691406-32-1396332 Thomas BLISS Spouse Margaret LAWRENCE 1612 Belstone Devon England, IGI Marriage 8431430-87-1395892 Thomas BLISS Mar Margaret HULINS 1617 Rodborough Gloucester England, E036112-855634-Printout- 1238652 and M036112-855634-Printout-1238652 Thomas BLISS Spouse Margret HULINGES 18 Oct 1621St Nicholas Gloucester Gloucester England.

IGI Will 7736229-56-1126207 Will Thomas BLISS 8 Jun 1649 Rehoboth Bristol Massachusetts.

   Marriage Information:

Thomas married Margaret LAWRENCE, daughter of Anthony LAWRENCE and Margaret, in 1612-1615 in Belstone, Devonshire, England. (Margaret LAWRENCE was born about 1594-1595 in Belstone, Devonshire, England, christened on 15 Jul 1595 in Olueskirk, Lancashire, England, died on 28 Aug 1684 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA and was buried in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.)

   Marriage Information:

Thomas also married Dorothy WHEATLEY, daughter of Frank WHEATLEY and Frenes, on 22 Nov 1614 in Daventry, Northamptonshire, England. (Dorothy WHEATLEY was born on 22 Aug 1591 in Maiden Newton, Dorset, England, christened on 22 Aug 1591 and died before 1646.)

   Marriage Information:

Thomas also married Margaret HULINS, daughter of Yeoman John HULINS, Sr and Margaret, on 18 Oct 1617-1621 in St Nicholas, Glouchester, Gloucestershire, England. (Margaret HULINS was born on 15 Jul 1594-1595 in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England, christened on 15 Jul 1595 in Olueskirk, Lancashire, England, died on 28 Aug 1684 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA and was buried in 1684 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.)

   Marriage Information:

Thomas also married HYDE.

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