John Fitz Gilbert MARSHALL
(Abt 1105-Abt 1164)
(Abt 1139-)
Earl Richard Fitz Gilbert Clare PEMBROKE
(Abt 1125-1176)
Princess Eva Mcmurrough LEINSTER
(Abt 1141-1177)
Earl William Marshall PEMBROKE, Sr
(Abt 1144-1219)
Countess Isabel De Clare PEMBROKE
(Abt 1171-1220)
(Abt 1196-1241)


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Princess Margaret De Lamvallie SCOTLAND

Gilbert MARSHAL 1

  • Born: Abt 1196, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • Christened: 1203, St Davids, Pebidiog, Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • Married: 1 Aug 1236, Berwick, Sussex, England
  • Died: 27 Jun 1241, Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
  • Buried: Temple Church, London, Middlesex, England

   Another name for Gilbert was MARSHALL.

   Ancestral File Number: LLZV-7M.

   General Notes:

A History of the Plantagenets, Vol II, The Magnificent Century, Thomas B Costain, 1951, Doubleday & Co, p120:
"Henry did not like the younger Marshals, but the reason was probably nota personal one. They were an obstacle to his enjoyment of the fattest source of revenue in the kingdom. When a man of large possessions died without a male heir his estates passed to the courts of chancery and the King was in a position to benefit hugely. Twice the holders of the enormous Marshal estates had died without issue, and each time there had been a cadet to step up and claim the inheritance. It is not improbable that Henry thought often of the Bishop of Ferns raising his angry forefinger and shrilling his prediction that all the Marshals would die without heirs. Why did they not get along about the business?
"After the sensational murder of the able and resolute Earl Richard, the third son, Gilbert, was confirmed as head of the family. It was done in a grumbling spirit, and the lack of cordiality was so evident that the new marshal considered appealing to the Pope. The ill will of the King reached a head on the following Christmas, which the court spent at Winchester...
"Earl Gilbert came there with the rest and presented himself on the holiday morning. The whole court was beginning to hum and shine with Christmas hilarity, for Henry loved Christmas, loved to celebrate it as a dayof high jollity with, of course, religious undertones...
"There was no hint of seasonal good cheer, however, about the reception which Earl Gilbert was tendered. Court officials demanded his name (the best- known name in the kingdom) andthen refused him admission. Gilbert persisted but was told with cur finality that his presence was not desired. He returned to his own quarters and dispatched a note to the King, complaining bitterly of what had happened...
"King Henry received the message in the midst of the festivities...
"`How is it,' he demanded, `that Earl Gilbert turns his heels threateningly upon me?'
"Earl Gilbert had turned his heels only when no other course was open to him, but this royal habit of twisting facts was quite familiar to all about the King...Finally he turned his attention to the previous incumbent and declared in a bitter voice that Earl Richard had been a `bloody traitor.'
"When this was reported to Gilbert heleft Winchester in a white fury, and there was never any love lost between the two men thereafter. The King persecuted his marshal, finding fault with him and threatening to dispossess him. He made the occasion of Gilbert's death a reason for attacking his memory and assailing the rest of the family.
"For Gilbert died, and without issue, after a very few years of directing the fortunes of the Marshals. He had been sickly as a boy and on that account had been intended for the Church. All through his life he seemed to feel the need of proving that he had become strong and hard and a true son of his great father; and it was this which led to his early death. Although Henry had forbidden tournaments on the ground that hedid not want his subjects killing each other in sport, Gilbert attended one at Ware and in a spirit of bravado appeared in the lists on an Italian horse which no other man had dared mount. The charger threw him and, his foot catching in the stirrup, he was dragged for som distance. He died from the injuries."
p132: "Hubert de Burgh died on May 12, 1243, and was buried at Blackfriars in London. His wife married again, her second husband being Gilbert, third of the Marshal sons..."

The Political History of England 1216-1377, Vol III, T F Tout, 1905, AMS Press, p51: "...[1234] His good resolutions were further strengthened by the news of Earl Richard's death...The partisans of the marshal were pardoned...Gilbert Marshal, the next brother of the childess Earl Richard, was invested with his earldom and office, and Henry himself dubbed him a knight..."

Ancestral File Ver 4.11 G8BD-1V Born Abt 1198 Pembroke Pembrokeshire Wales Mar Aft 12 May 1243 Margaret De Lamvallie (AFN:G8BD-DR) Died 27 Jun 1242 SP, Ver 4.13 LLZV-7M Born Abt 1196 Chr 1203 Mar 1 Aug 1236 Marjory Princess of SCOTLAND (AFN:9FV1-8D) Died 27 Jun 1241 Bur Temple Church.

Ancestral File v4.19 LLZV-7M: Born Abt 1196, Died 27 Jun 1241.

   Marriage Information:

Gilbert married Princess Margaret De Lamvallie SCOTLAND, daughter of King William SCOTLAND, I and Queen Ermengarde De Beaumont SCOTLAND, on 1 Aug 1236 in Berwick, Sussex, England. (Princess Margaret De Lamvallie SCOTLAND was born before 1198 and died in 1259.)


1 Ancestral File Ver 4.19, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998.

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