(Abt 1154-1239)
Mascelina De BRACI
(Abt 1158-)
(Abt 1163-)
(Abt 1165-)
William De CANTILUPE, Jr
(Abt 1180-1250)
Milicent GOURNAI
(Abt 1189-)
(Abt 1202-)


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1. Sir Robert SAINT JOHN



  • Born: Abt 1202-1228, Basing, Hampshire, England
  • Christened: Abt 1202, Castle, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England
  • Married (1): 1223, Basing, Hampshire, England
  • Married (2): Bef 4 Jun 1271
  • Died: Calne, Wiltshire, England

   Other names for Agnes were CANTELUPE and CANTELOU.

   Ancestral File Number: 9XQZ-GW. User ID: 4727429.

   General Notes:

A History of The Plantagenets, Vol II, The Magnificent Century, Thomas B Costain, 1951, Doubleday & Co
p245: "The King who had stammered and gasped when he saw his barons sitting in Parliament in their armor had double reason to pause at the spectacle of Oxford in arms, and he met their demands in a mood which could only be described as submissive. This session, which later was geiven erroneously the title of the Mad Parliament, could not have been held at Beaumont palace, which lacked the space for such numbers. More likely the magnates assembled in Oxford Castle, where the keep and the square lower tower afforded plenty of room. One chronicle places the meeting in the monastery of the Dominicans.
"The principles which had been approved atLondon were expeditiously applied to a reorganization of the machinery of state. A committee of twenty-four, half chosen by the King, half by the magnates, was appointed to handle the details of the operation. Henry's nominees included his threee half brothers, John Mansel, and the leading peers who were standing by him. The baronial half included Gloucester, Simon de Montfort, Roger Bigod, adn Walter Cantilupe, the Bishop of Worcester. This body set to work at once.
"Out of their deliberations came the creation of two new administrative bodies. The first was a permanent council of fifteen men who would sit continuously with the King and advise him on all points of policy and who would have moreover, the power to restrain him; a gentle method of applying the right of veto. The second was a body of twentyfour to deal specifically with the difficulties of the King andfind ways of meeting them. It was ordained that three sessions of Parliament were to be heldeach year at spcified times for the discussion of state problems. The filling of the responsible offices under the King was to be a function of the council of fifteen.
"It will be seen that these regulations, which came to be called the Provisions of Oxford, were more than a curb of the King's power. Cloak their intent in the most careful and polite of phrase and they still constitute a transfer of final authority to the council of fifteen. That Henry agreed to terms as humiliating as this can be accepted as evidence of the panic into which he had been thrown by his recent mistakes and failures. Early in August he published his consent, after taking a solemn oath to abide by the Provisions, a step which was demandedalso of Lord Edward."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol II, p520, Cantelupe Saint Thomas de: "Known also as Thomas of Cantelupe (Cantilupe) and Thomas of Hereford, Born Abt 1218, Hambleden, Buckinghamshire, Died 25 Aug 1282, reformist, educator, English church prelate, bishop and defender of episcopal jurisdiction who played an important mediatory role in the Barons' War. Of noble birth, Thomas was educated at Oxford...In 1264 Montfort ruled by military decree; on 22Feb 1265 he appointed Thomas chancellor of England. After Montfort's death on the following August 4 and after the baronial party's subsequent disintegration, Thomas was dismissed...In 1275 he was made Bishop of Hereford, which he found in a state of deterioration. He restored his see, began a reform and became adviser to King Edward I of England...He was canonized in 1320 by Pope John XXII and his feast day is October 3."

Greenwoods Genealogy- Royal and Related European Ancestry
A396981. Agnes de Cantelou was born of, Calne, Wilts, England. She married Sir Robert St. John.

Ancestral File Ver 4.13 84ZW-54 Agnes CANTILUPE Born Abt 1202 Basing Hampshire England, 9XQZ-GW Born Abt 1228 Hambleden Berkshire England.

IGI Marriage 7223501-88-822007 Robert DE ST JOHN Mar 1223 Agnes DE CANTELUPE Basing Hampshire England.

   Marriage Information:

Agnes married Sir Robert SAINT JOHN, son of William De SAINT JOHN and Godeheld PAYNELL, in 1223 in Basing, Hampshire, England. (Sir Robert SAINT JOHN was born about 1199-1200 in Basing, Hampshire, England, died in Mar 1266-1267 and was buried about 1269.)

   Marriage Information:

Agnes also married John TURVILLE before 4 Jun 1271. (John TURVILLE was born about 1226.)


1 Ancestral File Ver 4.19, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998.

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