King Bjorn Ericksson SWEDEN, III
(Abt 867-Abt 936)
Queen Bjorn SWEDEN
(Abt 872-)
(Abt 909-)
Mrs Toste Skoglar
(Abt 914-)
King Eric Segersall SWEDEN, VIII
(Abt 930-Abt 994)
Queen Sigrid Skoglar-Testedotter SWEDEN
(Abt 935-)
King Olof Skotkonung SWEDEN, III
(Abt 950-Abt 1022)


Family Links

1. Queen Astrid Obotrites SWEDEN

2. Princess Edla Mecklenburg WENDIN

King Olof Skotkonung SWEDEN, III

  • Born: Abt 950-975, , , Sweden
  • Married (1): Abt 999-1019, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Died: Abt 1022-1026

   Other names for Olof were Edmund Eriksson, SWEDEN King, Olaf and SVERIGE King.

   Ancestral File Number: 8HJ6-LV. User ID: 1210223814.

   General Notes:

King of SWEDEN or SVERIGE Reigned 994/995-1022/1026.

Not Married Edla Mecklenburg Princess Wendin.

Kings and Queens of Europe, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute 1989: "Olof Skotkonung, Son of Eric Segersall, King of Sverige c995- c1022, Mar = Estrid, Died c1022."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Sweden 994: "Olaf, King of Sweden 994-1026, Christianity Introduced..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Micropaedia, 1981, Vol VII, Olaf I Tryggvason, p508: "Olaf I Tryggvason, Viking King of Norway, who made the first effective effort to Christianize Norway...Olaf met his death in the battle of Svolder (c1000) at the hands of Danish King Sweyn I, Swedish King Olof Skotkonung, and Erik the Norwegian, Earl of Lade. Thebattle is often retold in medieval Scandinavian poems."

Vol VII, Olof Skotkonung, p525: "Called the Tax King (Died 1022, Sweden), King of Sweden whose efforts to impose Chritianity were frustrated by the leading non-Christian Swedish chieftains.
"The son of King Erik the Victorious, Olof, opposing the development of a strong Norwegian state, joined Sweyn I Forkbeard, King of Denmark, and his allies in a victorious war against Norway in 1000. Olof subsequently married his illegitimate daughter Holmfrith to the Earl Sweyn, one of the Danish viceroys in Norway. Initially opposed to Olaf II Haraldsson, King of Norway, he later made peace with him and married his other illegitimate daughter, Astri, to the Norwegian ruler. His legitimate daughter, Ingigerth, married Yaroslav I the Wise, Grand Prince of Kiev.
"A committed Christian, Olof was prevented by advocates of the native Norse religion based at the temple at Uppsala, from personally enforcing conversion. Missionaries from many European countries, however, carried out the work of conversion. Olof's life is described extensively in Icelandic sagas of the 13th century."

Barber Grandparents: 125 Kings, 143 Generations, Ted Butler Bernard and Gertrude Barber Bernard, 1978, McKinney TX, p77: "299X Edmund, King of Sweden, (S of 288, F of 311)."

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9585-66 Olaf III King of SWEDEN Born Abt 950 Sweden Mar 1019 Uppsala Uppsala Sweden Died (in Winter) 1022.
King of SWEDEN.

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 8HJ6-LV: Born Abt 962.

   Marriage Information:

Olof married Queen Astrid Obotrites SWEDEN, daughter of Prince Mieceslas OBOTRITES and Sophia, about 999-1019 in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden. (Queen Astrid Obotrites SWEDEN was born about 977-979 in , , Sweden.)

   Marriage Information:

Olof also married Princess Edla Mecklenburg WENDIN.

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