King William Normandy ENGLAND, I
Queen Matilda Flanders ENGLAND
(Abt 1031-1083)
Count Stephen Henry BLOIS & CHARTRES
Countess Adela England BLOIS
(Abt 1056-1137)
Count Theobald Champagne BLOIS, IV


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Princess Mathilde CARINTHIA

Count Theobald Champagne BLOIS, IV

  • Born: 1093, Blois, Loir-Et-Cher, France
  • Married: 1123
  • Died: 10 Jan 1151-1152

   Other names for Theobald were II, BLOIS Count and Thibaud.

   Ancestral File Number: 9FN9-XB. User ID: 75639038.

   General Notes:

Count of BLOIS.

Kings and Queens of Great Britain,Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute, 1990: "Theobald IV Count of Blois, Son of Adela and Stephen, Mar Maud of Carinthia, Died 1152."

The Political History of England, Vol II, George Burton Adams Longmans Green and Co, 1905, p157:
[1111] "...In Louis' army were two men, one of whom had lately been, and the other was soon to be, in alliance with Henry, Robert of Jerusalem Count of Flanders, and Theobald, Count of Blois, eldest son of Henry's sister and brother of his successor as king, Stephen of England. Possibly a truce had soon closed this first war, but if so, it had begun again in the year of Henry's crossing, 1111; and the Count of Blois was now in the field against his sovereign and defeated Louis in a battle in which the Count of Flanders was killed..."
p165: "The peace between Henry and Louis, made in the spring of 1113, was broken by Henry's coming to the aid of his nephew, Theobald of Blois. Theobald had seized the Count of Nevers on his return from assisting Louis in a campaign in the duchy of France in 1115...
"On Henry's side were a majority of the Norman barons and the counts of Britanny and of Blois. For the first time, also, appeared upon the stageof history in this war Henry's other nephew, Stephen, who was destined to do so much evil to England and to Henry's plans before his death. His uncle had already made him Count of Mortain. The lordship of Belleme, which Henry had given to Theobald, had been by him transferred to Stephen in the division oftheir inheritance. It was probably not long after this that Henry procured for him the hand of Matilda, heiress of the county of Boulogne, and thus extended his own influence over that important territory of the borders of Flanders..."
p174: [1124] "Henry probably had little difficulty in moving his son-in- law the emperor Henry V, to attack Louis of France... The policy of an attack on Louis was not popular with the German princes, and the army with which the Emperor crossed the border was not a large one. To oppose him Louis advanced with a great and enthusiastic host. Taking in solemn ceremony from the altar of St Denis the oriflamme, the banner of theholy defender of the land, he aroused the patriotism of northern France as against a hereditary enemy. Even Henry's nephew, Theobald of Blois, led out his forces to aid the king. The news of the army advancing against them did not increase theardour of the German forces; and hearing of an insurrection in Worms, the Emperor turned back, having accomplished nothing more than to secure a free hand for Henry of England against the Norman rebels."
p248: [1152] "...By the end of June the young bridegroom was at Barfleur preparing to cross the channel with an invading force. But he was not to be permitted to enjoy his new fortunes unchallenged. Louis VII in particular had reasons for interfering, and the law was on his side. The heiress Eleanor had no right to marry without the consent of her feudal suzerain. A summons, it is said, was at once served on Henry to appear before the king's court and answer for his conduct, and this summons, which Henry refused toobey, was supported by a new coalition. Louis and Eustace were again in alliance, and they were joined by Henry's own brother Geoffrey, who could make considerable trouble in the south of Henry's lands, by Robert of Dreux, Count of Perche, andby Eustace's cousin Henry, Count of Champagne. Stephen's brother Theobald had died at the beginning of the year, and his great dominions had been divided, Champagne and Blois being once more separated, never to be reunited until they were absorbed at different dates into the royal domain..."
p271: [1160] "A year later the other branch of Stephen's family came into a new relationship to the politics of France and England. At the beginning of October, 1160, Louis' second wife died, leaving him still without a male heir. Without waiting till the end of any period of mourning, within a fortnight, he married the daughter of Stephen's brother, Theobald of Blois, sister of the Counts Henry of Champagne and Theobald of Blois, who were already betrothed to the two daughters of his marriage with Eleanor. This opened for the house of Blois a new prospect of influence and gain, and for the king of England of trouble which was in part fulfilled..."

The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England, Antonia Fraser, 1975, Alfred Knopf, p25: "Theobald Count of Blois, died 1151..."

Ancestral File Ver 4.11 9FN9-XB Thibaud IV (II) Count of CHAMPAGNE Born 1093 Blois France Mar Mathilde (Maude) Princess of CARINTHIA 9HM3-22 1123 Died 10 Jan 1152, Ver 4.11 FNMB-D7 Thibaud IV Le Grand DEBLOIS Born 1093 Blois France Mar Mahaut of Mathilde FNMB-FD 1126 Died 8 Jan 1152.

   Marriage Information:

Theobald married Princess Mathilde CARINTHIA, daughter of Duke Engelbert CARINTHIA, II and Duchess Uta Von Putten CARINTHIA, in 1123. (Princess Mathilde CARINTHIA was born about 1097 in , Karnten, Austria and died after 8 Jan 1152.)

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