King Clovis FRANKS, I
(Abt 465-511)
Queen Saint Clotilda Burgundy FRANKS
(Abt 467-Abt 543)
King Chlotar FRANKS, I
(Abt 497-561)
Queen Ingonde FRANKS
(Abt 499-)
King Chilperic NEUSTRIA, I
(Abt 519-Abt 561)


Family Links

1. Audovera
2. Concubine Fredegunda , I
3. Princess Galswintha VISIGOTHS

King Chilperic NEUSTRIA, I

  • Born: Abt 519-539, , , France
  • Married (3): Abt 566
  • Died: Abt 561-584, Dy, Austrasia, France

   Other names for Chilperic were Childebert, SOISSONS King, Childeric and NEUSTRIA King.

   Ancestral File Number: 8HRB-2D.

   General Notes:

King of SOISSONS, King of NEUSTRIA Reigned 561-584.

The Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, France 561: "Chilperic, King of Neustria 561-584, Replaced by Clotaire II 584-628..."

The Story of Civilization, Will Durant, Vol IV, The Age of Faith, Ch IV, Europe Takes Form, Bk III Prelude to France, Sec 3 The Merovingians 511-614, p92: "Chlotar I outliving his brothers and inheriting their kingdoms, governed a Gaul vaster than any later France. Dying (561), he redivided Gaul into three parts: the Reims and Metzregion, known as Austrasia (ie East), went to his son Sigebert; Burgundy to Gunthram; and to Chilperic the Soissons region, known as Neustria (ie Northwest).
"From the day of Clovis' marriage the history of France has been bisexual, mingling love and war. Sigebert sent costly presents to Athanagild, Visigothic king of Spain, and asked for his daughter Burnhilda; Athanagild, fearing the Franks even when they bore gifts, consented; and Brunhilda came to grace the halls of Metz and Reims (566). Chilperic was envious; all that he had was a simple wife, Audovera, and a rough concubine, Fredegunda. He asked Athanagild for Brunhilda's sister; Galswintha came to Soissons, and Chilperic loved her, for she had brought great treasures. But she was older than her sister. Chilperic returned to the arms of Fredegunda; Galswintha proposed to go back to Spain; Chilperic had her strangled (567). Sigebert declared war upon Chilperic, and defeated him; but two slaves sent byFredegunda assassinated Sigebert...
"Chilperic is described to us as `the Nero and Herod of our time,' ruthless, murderous, lecherous, gluttonous, greedy for gold. Gregory of Tours, our sole authority for this portrait, partly explains itby making him also the Frederick II of his age. Chilperic, he tells us. scoffed at the idea of three persons in one God, and at the conception of God as like a man; held scandalous discussions with Jews; protested against the wealth of the Church and the political activity of the bishops; annulled wills made in favor of churches; sold bishoprics to the highest bidders; and tried to removed Gregory himself from the see of Tours. The poet Fortunatus described the same king as a synthesis of virtues, a just and genial ruler, a Cicero of eloquence; but Chilperic had rewarded Fortunatus' verse.
"Chilperic was stabbed to death in 584, possibly by an agent of Brunhilda. He left an infant son, Chlotar II, in whose stead Fredegunda ruled Neustria with as much skill, perfidy, and cruelty as any man of the time. She sent a young cleric to kill Brunhilda; when he returned unsuccessful she had his hands and feet cut off; but these items too are from Gregory..."

The Kings of France, Claude Wenzler, Tran. Angela Moyon, Editons Quest-France 13 Rue du Breil, Rennes, France 1995, p2:
"Simplified Family Tree Franks and Merovingians (400-737 AD)- Chilperic I Son of Chlotar I 539-584, Did not Reign."

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 8HRB-2D Chilperic I Son of ?Charlbert I King of PARIS (AFN:9GBL-KP) Born 528 Died 584 Mar Fredegonde (AFN:8HV7-9H), Ver 4.10 9GBL-JJ Childebert Childeric FRANKS Prince Son of Clotaire I (AFN:9GBK-XG) Born Abt 519 Died 561.

   Marriage Information:

Chilperic married Audovera.

   Marriage Information:

Chilperic also married Concubine Fredegunda , I. (Concubine Fredegunda , I died in 596 and was buried in Abbey, St Denis, Paris, Seine, France.)

   Marriage Information:

Chilperic also married Princess Galswintha VISIGOTHS, daughter of King Athanagild VISIGOTHS, about 566. (Princess Galswintha VISIGOTHS was born in , Visigoth, Spain and died about 567 in , , Neustria.)

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