Empress Ermengarde Hesbaye HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
(Abt 778-818)
King Louis GERMANY
Queen Emma Hesbaye GERMANY
(Abt 810-Abt 810)
King Charles GERMANY, III
(Abt 830-887)


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King Charles GERMANY, III

  • Born: Abt 830, , , Germany
  • Died: 1 Nov 887-888

   Other names for Charles were ITALY King, FRANCE King, "The Fat", SWABIA Emperor and GERMANY King.

   Ancestral File Number: 9GCT-G8.

   General Notes:

"The Fat", King of SWABIA Reigned 876-884, Sole King and Emperor of FRANCE, GERMANY and ITALY 884-887 (deposed).

France A Modern History, Albert Guerard, 1959, Univ Michigan Press, p53:
"...At his death, Lothair, hiseldest son, became emperor; but the younger brothers, Louis and Charles, defeated him, bound themselves together against him by the bilingual Oaths of Strasbourg (842), and imposed upon him the Treaty of Verdun (843). This treaty was but a family compact for the division of the Frankish domains: like all previous partitions of the kind, it was drawn without any regard for linguistic differences or natural boundaries. Yet, as we have seen, it may be said to mark the faint beginningsof modern nationalities. For to the share of Louis fell Francia Orientalis, where the Teutonic element prevailed; Charles the Bald received Francia Occidentalis, almost completely Romanized. Between the two was carved for Lothair Francia Media,a long and loose strip of territory in the maleys of the Meuse, the Rhine, the Saone, and the Rhone, with those parts of Italy then under Frankish influence...
"Throughout the ninth century the incursions of the Northmen were increasing in fierceness and frequency. Their dragon boats boldly ascended the Seine and the Loire, spreding terror. In the hope of securing a strong leader, the lords of West Francia elected to the throne Charles the Fat of Germany, under whom the empirewas united for the last time. Paris was valiantly defended by Count Odo (Eudes), the son of another vigorous fighter, Robert the Strong. When Charles the Fat appeared with an `immense' army, he simply bribed the invaders off with treasures andthe spoils of Burgundy. Indignant at his cowardice, the French liegemen deposed him in 887..."

The Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Germany 876: "Charles The Fat, King of Italy 880, Germany 882, and France 884,Kingdom Reunited 884-887..."

Europe in the Middle Ages, Robert S Hoyt, 1957, Harcourt Brace & Co, p621: "Genealogical Table I, The Carolingians, Charles the Fat, King of Swabia 876- 884, Sole King and Emperor 884-887, deposed..."

Ancestral File Ver 4.11 9GCT-G8 Emperor of SWABIA [SUABI].

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