Lieutenant Samuel HUMPHREY, Sr
Mary Buell MILLS
Thomas NORTH, Sr
(Abt 1649-1712)
Ensign Samuel HUMPHREY, Jr


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Samuel BARBER, Jr


  • Born: 29 Jan 1721/22, Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Christened: Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, England
  • Married: 11 Jun 1739, Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Died: 1 Mar 1751/52, Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Buried: Mar 1751/52, Cemetery, South Burying Ground, Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

   Other names for Tryphena were Triphenia and Tryphene.

   Ancestral File Number: FP46-FC. User ID: 289.

   General Notes:

South Burying Ground in Simsbury CT land given by brother in law Joseph WILCOX, 1st to be buried there, 1st white person to be buried in the limits of Canton (Simsbury) Connecticut.

Part of the Genealogy of the Barber Family
(Handwritten by ?Col Levi Barber vs Capt Levi Barber)...
Fourth Generation
3rd Samuel Barber (Dr) born in 1713, died in 1797, 1st wife Tryphena Humphrey; 2nd wife Hannah Humphrey, each wife bore 7 children; Tryphena died aged 30 years; Hannah died aged 93 years, the 3rd Samuel Barber was the son of the 2nd Samuel Barber and Mercy Barber...

(FLF- Jun 2001)
Canton Dec 24th 1821
To Hon Levi Barber Member of Congress
I have been informed that you are the son of David Barber of Castleton Vermont deceased (I think) and grandson of Samuel Barber of West Simsbury (now Canton) deceased. My object in writing is to ascertain the fact respecting our relationship, to present you my respects, and solicit a correspondence. It gives me much pride (I hope that you will not think that to be wicked) to boast that some of our own are thought worthy of honor. Our family are more eminent for piety than talents, and their talents are not of the blustering kind. Elijah the last of my father's first wives' son died a little more than a year ago. Before he took his winged flight he requested me to write the Hon Levi Barber of Congress, but I informed him that I was not a member and I knew not his place of residence. I am able to give you as much information of your relations here as any man, and should be glad to inquire of you of some information of some of my relatives. I even have taken great interest in the proceedings of Congress, and have all the newspapers which I will even obtain and all the pamphlets our family strife has ingendered bound in volumes. I have not the honor to be known by any of the members from this state at present though I know Maj Reefs very well yet he does not know me. Excuse the egotism herein exhibited, accept my respects and please to return me an answer.
Giles Barber

(FLF- Jun 2001)
Canton Mar 18th 1822
To Hon Levi Barber Member of Congress
Your favor of the 19 of January was duly and thankfully received, and I should have written sooner had I dared obtrude my gibberish among the elegant love letters of Gen Jackson and Judge of Promentin. I will now give you some account of your relatives. Your Grandmother's name was Tryphena Humphrey of as good a family as any in the place, she died in January 1752 aged 32 and was the first white person buried in the limits of this town. The burying ground was given by her brother-in-law Joseph Willcox who was the second person buried there. Your Grandfather was one of the first settlers of West Simsbury remarkable for his skill in hunting which one time, as the Indians afterwards talk, deterred them from butchering the family. He died Jan 14, 1797 aged 84. Your Uncle Elijah left 3 children, 1 son David and two daughters in good circumstances.Probably you have already been informed that your Uncle Timothy died Apr 12, 1817 and left this property to Frederick Bandle, my sister's son) an industrious, pious, and laborious man. My mother who literally followed the divine direction of taking no thought for tomorrow died the 28 of Jul 1819 aged 93. She left 7 children: Tryphena, who is now Widow Johnson I believe now lives with her son in law Charles Warren at Darby Creek OH, Joel who lives within about 24 miles of Montreal Canada, Hannah who probably lives her son ( a holy man) in Columbia NY, Sarah who lives in this place, Asbel who lives in Canada and Jesse who lived in the town of Swanton VT in good circumstances but died March 24, 1813 in the state of New York 100 miles from here.
No kind domestication so that his pale ghost only graced his funeral bier.
Three of your mother's sisters married in this place. Pretience who married Jacob Barber. She died some years ago and left a large family who live some in this village and some in New York and Ohio. Another of your maternal aunts married Capt Uriah Case but died while young and left 4 children, 3 daughters and a son. 1 daughter is dead. 1 lives in the state of New York. 1 daughter Widow Taylor lives in Worthington Ohio. The son Uriah Case Jr I suppose lives somewhere near Scioto Ohio teaches a school ['master ingnoramus'- added later!]. Another of your aunts married Edward Case is now living in this place. She is a smart woman, has 4 children, 1 son and 3 daughters in easy circumstances.
If we may judge of members of Congress by the newpapers, Randolph is much superior to any others. Such discourse in ancient times would have made the mountains or at least the the trees and savage beasts to dance but now as it was said of a bad fiddler he moves nothing but tongue his fiddle stick. Mr Wright's speech about * is much the best that I have seen.
I wish that you would write to me agian before Congress adjourns.
Accept my respite
Giles Barber
To Hon Levi Barber March 19. Just as I was going to the Post Office I had the satisfaction of receiving your favor and News Paper etc. I live 4 miles from the Post Office.

Genealogy of Our Barber Family 1614-1965 by Lucy James COLE Flemming
(Written by Lucy Cole Flemming (great granddaughter of Col Levi Barber from record book kept in the family and from Barber Genealogy compiled by Lillian May Wilson in 1909. Copied from LCF's handwritten account by granddaughter Linda Engle Lackore Summer 2000)...
"Dr Samuel Barber-4 (son of Samuel-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1) was born 1713 or 1714 in Simsbury. He was twice married- 1st to Tryphena Humphrey. She died in 1752 age 30 years. Dr Samuel's 2nd marriage was to Hannah Humphrey. Dr Samuel died in Jan 1797, age 83 years.
"Children by 1st marriage (Tryphena Humphrey)
Samuel b 6 Mar 1740 d 1780 m * Cowles
Timothy b 21 Mar 1742 d 1817 m K Riley
Joseph b 14 Aug 1744 d 1807 m Leah Grove
David b 12 Jul 1746 m Sarah Lawrence d 1783 Hubbarton Vermont, injured in
battle of Bunker Hill (OUR ANCESTOR)
Elijah b 25 Jul 1748 m Sarah Pettibone
Ezekial b 12 Jul 1750 d 1806 m Elizabeth Goddard
Daniel b 1752 d in Revolutionary War- unmarried..."

History of the Simon Mills Family, Katie R Mills, Vol I, p3:
"...Simeon and Mary (Buell) Mills became the parents of eleven children, although only six of them reached maturity. They continued to live in Windsor until about 1670, as daughter Sarah, born that year, is recorded at Windsor; and Simon's name appears on the list of freemen at Windsor dated 11 Oct 1669, but when he sold some land at Windsor in Apr 1672 he is described as 'now dwelling at Simsbury'..."
"...Widow Mary Bissell went back to Simsbury to live with her children, and there she died 24 Jun 1718. She made her will 9 Mar 1718, and it was presented to the Hartford Probate Court on 5 Aug following. She made bequests to daughters Mary, Hannah and Elizabeth; the the heirs of son John; to heirsof daughter Sarah Ellsworth; and to son Simon, who was named executor. The value of the estate was L 17-13-09.
"Those who signed for shares were Samuel Humphrey Sr, Simon, John, Joseph and Benjamin Mills and Suel Tuller- all of Simsbury;and Hannah and Daniel Loomis, Thomas Ellsworth and Thomas Hoskins- all of Windsor.
"Children- 7 born at Windsor, and 4 at Simsbury:
1. Samuel Mills b 23 Apr 1661, d 19 May 1661
2. Simon Mills b 21 Jan 1661/1662, d 'soon'
2. 3. Mary Mills b 8 Dec 1662, age 20 in 1683, m Lt Samuel Humphrey
3. 4. Hannah Mills b Abt 1665, not listed in the Church record, age 18
in 1683, m (1) Simon Drake, (2) Damiel Loomis
5. Simon Mills b 1 May 1667, not on list in 1683, d before his father
4. 6. John Mills b 7 Jan 1668/1669, age 14 on list, m Sarah Pettibone
5. 7. Sarah Mills, b 16 Sep 1670, age 13 on list m Sgt Thomas Ellsworth
8. Abigail Mills b 1672, age11 on list, d Bef Jul 1691
6. 9. Elizabeth Mills b 1674, age 9 on list, m Thomas Hoskins
10. Prudence Mills b 1676, age 7 on list 'now dead', d 1683
7. 11. Simon Mills b 1678, bapt 11 May 1679 at Windsor, age 5 on list, m
Mary Gaylor...
p6: "Second Generation.
"2. Mary Mills, daughter of Simon and Mary (Buell) Mills, was born at Windsor CT 8 Dec 1662. She was married Abt 1680 to Lt. Samuel Humphrey b 15 May 1656 son of Michael and Priscilla (Grant) Humphrey of Windsor.
"They made their home at Simsbury, where they became parents of eight children. Mrs Mary (Mills) Humphrey died at Simsbury 4 Apr 1730; her husband died 15 June 1736, in his 80th year.
"Children- all born at Simsbury-
"1. Mary Humphrey b 16 Nov 1681, d 18 Jul1737, m 7 Dec 1699 by Rev Dudley Woodbridge to Bartholomew Case b Oct 1670 son of John and Sarah (Spencer) Case of Simsbury. He died 25 Oct 1725 at age 55 years.
"2. ElizabethHumphrey b 22 Apr 1684, m Jul 1705 John Collier Jr Son of Goodman Collier of Hartford...
"3. Samuel Humphrey Jr- Called 'Ensign' b 7 or 17 May 1686, d 16 Oct 1759, age 73 years. He married four times and was the father of 19 children. He married (1) 23 Feb 1709/1710 Hannah Phelps b 25 Oct 1693, dau of Joseph 2nd and Mary (Collier) Phelps of Simsbury. She died 15 Oct 1710 at birth of ony child Samuel Humphrey III b 15 Oct 1710, d 7 Jul 1755, in 45th year, m Mary Wilcox, dau of Joseph Sr and Abigail (Thrail) Wilcox...
"His 2nd marriage was on 26 Feb 1712/1713 to Mary Tuller b 27 Nov 1692 dau of John Tuller of Simsbury and Elizabeth (Case). They had one child- abel Humphrey b 13 Mar 1714, m Jemima Warner. "His 3rd mariage was 6 Dec 1714 to Lydia North, dau of Nathaniel North of Farmington, and they had 8 children. She died 8 Aug 1730, soon after the birth of their youngest son. Children:
"Lydia, Elizabeth, Ezekiel, Tryphena, Mary,David, PHebe, and Isaac.
"His 4th marriage was on 31 Oct 1731 to Mary Orton of Litchfield CT; and they had 9 children. About 1739 this family moved to Goshen CT. Their friends at Simsbury were so sorry to see them move away that a large company went part way with them- and many wept at the parting.
"4. Jonathan Humphrey b 2 Dec 1688, d 14 Jun 1749 at age 61 years, m 30 Jun 1714 Mercy Ruggles dau of Rev Benjamin and Mercy (Woodbridge) Ruggles of Suffield..."

The Connecticut Barbers, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut, Donald S Barber, McDowell Publications, Utica NY, 1992, p12: "9. Samuel3 Barber, b probably Windsor CT 17 May 1673; d Simsbury Ct 18 Dec 1725; m Simsbury 17Dec 1712 Sarah Holcomb, b 15 Feb 1678, d 1787, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Bliss) Holcomb...
"Children of Samuel and Sarah:
"21. Samuel4, b 1713/1714; m/1 Tryphena Humphrey; m/2 Hannah Humphrey..." p24: "21. Dr. Samuel4 Barber, "b probably Simsbury CT 1713/1714; d 14 Jan 1797; m/1 Simsbury 11 Jun 1739 Tryphena Humphrey, b 29 Jan 1722, d Simsbury 1 Mar 1752 (the first burial in South Burying Ground, Simsbury), daughter of Samuel and Lydia (North) Humphrey; residedat Simsbury; m/2 Hannah Humphrey, daughter of Noah and Hannah (Case) Humphrey, b 8 Jun 1728, d 1819 at the home of her son Giles. Hannah m/1 John ?Case...
"Children of Samuel and Tryphena, born at Simsbury:
"59. Samuel5, b 6 Mar 1740;m Eunice Cowles.
"Timothy5, b 21 Mar 1742; d Norfolk Ct 12 Apr 1817; m Keturah Riley (buried at Norfolk 14 Feb 1814); resided at Norfolk. There Timothy received land from his father and built a home on it in 1764; Timothy and Keturah hadno children. [Timothy's will 1817, Norfolk: to brother Elijah, and also to Frederick, Samuel, Elizabeth and Sarah Bandell]
"60. Joseph5, b 14 Aug 1744; m/1 Betsey Anderson; m/2 Leah Grover.
"61. David5, b 12 Jul 1746; m Sarah Lawrence.
"62. Elijah5, b 25 Jul 1748; m Sarah Pettibone.
"63. Ezekiel5, b 12 Apr 1750; m Elizabeth Goddard.
"Daniel5, b 7 Jan 1752; died while in the Revolutionary Army in 1776 near New York City; unmarried..."

John North of Farmington, Dexter North, Washington DC, 1921, xi 322p 24 cm, 22-22879, CS71.N86 1921: "John North of Farmington Connecticut and his descendants; with a short account of other early North families."
p14: "Children [of Thomas and Hannah (Bird) North]:
"viii. Lydia, bapt. Mar., 1696; d. Aug. 8, 1736; m. Dec 6, 1714, Samuel Humphrey of Simsbury. Children:...(4) Tryphena, b. Jan. 29, 1722; d. 1752; m. June 11, 1739, Dr. Samuel Barber..."

The Chapin Book of Genealogical Data, With BriefBiographical Sketches of the Descendants of Deacon Samuel Chapin, Gilbert Warren Chapin, Vol I, Chapin Family Association, Hartford Connecticut, 1924
p246: "Dr. Samuel Barber 1-3-3-7-1.
son Samuel & Sarah (Holcombe) Barber, of Simsbury.
b. 1713, d. Jan. 14, 1797.
1st m. Tryphena Humphrey, b. June 27, 1722, d. 1752.
Children: BARBER. 1 Samuel b. Mar 6, 1740. d. 1780. 2 Timothy b. Mar 21, 1742. d. 1817. 3 Joseph b. Aug 14, 1744. *4 David b. Jul 12, 1746 d. 1783, Revolution. *5 Elijah b. Jul 25, 1748. d. 1820. 6 Ezekiel b. Apr 12, 1750. d. 1806. 7 Daniel b. 1752. unm. d. 1776.

Barber Genealogy, Sect I Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909, Sect II Descendants of John Barber of Worcester Massachusetts 1714- 1909, Publ John Barber White, Ed Lillian May Wilson, Haverhill Mass, Press of the Nichols Print, 1909, clxiv 659p 24cm, 10-11369, CS71.B24 1909, Descendants of ThomasBarber of Windsor Connecticut 1614-1909.
p52: "78. Dr. Samuel Barber, (Samuel3, Thomas2, Thomas1), b. in 1713 or 1714; m. 1st, Tryphena, dau. of Samuel Humphrey. She d. in 1752, aged 30 years, and was the first person interred in the southburying ground in Simsbury. He m. 2nd, Hannah Humphrey, dau. of Captain Noah Humphrey, who commanded a company which went to Havana in 1762..."
"Tryphene Humphrey, 1st wife of Dr Samuel Barber, was descended from the Emigrant Michael Humphrey..."
facing page: (Photograph) "Dr. Samuel Barber's Homestead (Simsbury, Conn)"
"Tryphene Humphrey [dau. of Enign Samuel Humphrey m. Lydia North], b. June 27, 1722; m. Dr. Samuel Barber."

"Dr Samuel Barber had fourteen children, eleven sons and three daughters, all of whom lived to adult years. He resided on the premises occupied in 1845 by his grandson, Volney G Barber. He died in Jan 1797 aged 83 years. His wife's name was Tryphena Humphrey who died in Jan 1752 aged 32 years, and was the first white person buried in the limits of Canton. The burying ground was given to the town by her brother-in-law, Joseph W Wilcox who was the second person buried there."

Holcombe Family Genealogy
James and Randal Holcombe
Descendants of Michael Humphrey
36. Tryphenia4 Humphrey (Samuel3, Samuel2, Michael1) was born on 29 Jan 1722. She married Samuel Barber II, son of Samuel Barber and Sarah Holcombe, on 11 Jun 1739 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT. She died in 1752.
Children of Tryphenia4 Humphrey and Samuel Barber II were as follows:
125. i. Samuel5, born 6 Mar 1740 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT; married Eunice Cowles.
ii. Timothy; born 21 Mar 1742 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT; married Keturah Riley; died 12 Apr 1817 at Norfolk, Litchfield Co., CT, at age 75.
Timothy and Keturah had no children. Don Babber cites his will, 1817.
126. iii. Joseph, born 12 Aug 1744 at Canton, Hartford Co., CT; married Betsey Anderson; married Leah Grover.
127. iv. David, born 12 Jul 1746 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT; married Sarah Lawrence.
128. v. Elijah, born 25 Jul 1748 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT; married Sarah Pettibone.
129. vi. Ezekiel, born 12 Apr 1750 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT; married Lourancy (--?--); married Elizabeth Goddard.
vii. Daniel; born 7 Jan 1752 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT; died 1776 at near New York City.
Died single in the Army.

FP46-FC Born Abt 1722, Mar Samuel Barber (AFN:GQ3Z-Q3) 11 Jun 1739 Died 1752 Canton Hartford CT, Daughter = Tryphena BARBER (AFN:MPBB-V0) Born Abt 1740.

LDS Submission: Anna Mae Barber Wright 404 N Delmare Av San Gabriel California. LDS Heir: Anna Mae Barber Wright 3rd GGDaughter DB, 4th GGDaughter DrSB. (Dr) Samuel BARBER Mar 11 Jun 1739 (1) Tryphena HUMPHREY Born 29 Jan 1722 Chr ?Lyne<Lyme Regis ?Norf<Dorsetshire England Died 1752.

LDS Submission: Mrs Harriet C Larsen 73 South 4th East Logan Utah. LDS Heir: Joseph Nephi Comish c 5th GGNephew il SBSr, 5th GGNephew SH. Samuel BARBER Mar 11 Jun 1739 Tryphena HUMPHREY.

LDS Submission: Vera L Price 640 I St Idaho Falls Idaho. LDS Heir: Levi North 5th Cousin-In-Law SH, 5th Cousin LN. Tryphena HUMPHREY Born 29 Jan 1722 Farmington Mar Dr Samuel BARBER 11 Jun 1739 Died 1752. IGI Marriage 7409915-61-934210 Jun 1739 and 7331209-47-822337 Samuel BARBER Mar Triphenia HUMPHRY 11 Jun 1739 Simsbury Hartford Connecticut.

   Marriage Information:

Tryphena married Samuel BARBER, Jr, son of Samuel BARBER, Sr and Sarah HOLCOMB, on 11 Jun 1739 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. (Samuel BARBER, Jr was born on 26 Jan 1713/14 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, USA and died on 14 Jan 1797 in Barberton, Canton, Hartford, Connecticut, USA.)

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