Emperor Constantine BYZANTIUM, VII
(Abt 905-958)
Empress Eleni Lecapenus BYZANTIUM
(Abt 906-961)
(Abt 912-)
Emperor Romanus BYZANTIUM, II
(Abt 939-963)
Empress Theophano BYZANTIUM
(Abt 936-991)
Princess Theophano BYZANTIUM
(Abt 956-991)


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Emperor Otto II Germany HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE

Princess Theophano BYZANTIUM

  • Born: Abt 956, Constantinople, Byzantium, Turkey
  • Married: 14 Apr 972
  • Died: 15 Jun 991

   Another name for Theophano was BYZANTIUM Princess.

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The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p2030, Otto I the Great: "Otto's campaign (966-972) to gain control over S Italy was unsuccessful, but a minor diplomatic triumph was scored in 972 when Emperor John I ofByzantium gave a Greek princess in marriage to Otto's son and successor, Otto II."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol VII, p625, Otto I the Great Emperor: "...He solidified relations with the Eastern Empire by marrying his son Otto II to the Byzantine princess Theophano (972)."

Macropaedia, Vol III, p562, Byzantine Empire: "...Otto I's ambassador Liuprand of Cremona wrote an account of his mission to Nicephorus Phocas in 968 and of the Emperor's scornful rejection ofa proposed marriage between Otto's son and a Byzantine princess. The incident vividly demonstrates the superior attitude of the Byzantines toward the West in the 10th century. John Tzimisces relented to the extent of arranging for one of his own relatives to marry Otto II in 972, though the arrangement implied no recognition of a Western claim to the empire..."

Vol XIII, p768, Otto I the Great Emperor: "...Prolonged negotiations with Byzantium resulted in the marriage of Otto II tothe Byzantine Princess Theophano, in 972..."

The Story of Civilization, Will Durant, Vol IV, The Age of Faith, Bk IV, The Dark Ages, Ch XX, The Rise of the North, Sec VI, Germany, p512: "Otto, nearing death, forestalled disorder by having hisson Otto II crowned coemperor by Pope John XIII (967); and he secured as his son's wife Theophano, daughter of Romanus II the Byzantine Emperor (972); Charlemagne's dream of a marital union of the two empires was transiently made real...Otto III (983-1002) was then a boy of three; his mother Theophano and his grandmother Adelaide ruled as regents for eight years. Theophano, in her eighteen years of influence, brought something of Byzantine refinement to the German court, and stimulated the Ottonian renaissance in letters and arts."

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   Marriage Information:

Theophano married Emperor Otto II Germany HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, son of Emperor Otto I Germany HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE and Empress Saint Adelaide Burgundy GERMANY, on 14 Apr 972. (Emperor Otto II Germany HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE was born in 955 in , Saxony, Germany and died on 7 Dec 983 in Rome, , Italy.)

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