(Abt 880-Abt 940)
Queen Thyra Jutland DENMARK
(Abt 880-)
King Olof Bjornsson SWEDEN
(Abt 885-)
(Abt 886-)
King Harold Blatand DENMARK, I
(Abt 910-987)
Queen Gyrithe Olafsdotter DENMARK
(Abt 905-)
King Svend DENMARK, I
(Abt 960-1014)


Family Links

1. Queen Sigrid Skoglar-Testedotter SWEDEN

2. Queen Swietoslava Gunhilda Poland SWEDEN

King Svend DENMARK, I

  • Born: Abt 960, , , Denmark
  • Married (2): Abt 998
  • Died: 3 Feb 1014, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

   Other names for Svend were "Forkbeard", Tveskagg, ENGLAND King, "Tveskagg", DENMARK King, Sveyn and Sweyn.

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   General Notes:

"Tveskagg", "Forkbeard", King of DENMARK or DANMARK Reigned 985/987-1014,
King of ENGLAND Reigned 1013-1014.

Barber Grandparents: 125 Kings, 143 Generations, Ted Butler Bernard and Gertrude Barber Bernard, 1978, McKinney TX, p82: "340Y Svend (Sweyn) `Fork Beard', King of Denmark, later King of England, (S of 339, F of 353); King of Denmark 986 to 914 (sic); King of both Denmark and England 913 to 914 (sic); united Sweden and Norway under his rule; married Gudhild, daughter of the Polish Duke Miesco."

Kings and Queens of Europe, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute, 1989: "Svend I Tveskagg, Son of Harald I Blatand, King of Danmark c985- 1014, King of England 1013-1014, Mar =1 Gunhild, =2 (2) Sigrid Widow of Eric Segersall King of Sverige, Died 1014."

Kings and Queens of Great Britain, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute, 1990: "Sveyn Forkbeard King of Denmark 985-1014, King of England 1013-1014, Mar =1 Gunhilda Divorced, Mar =2 (2) Sigrid Widow of Eric VI King of Sweden, Died 1014...
"Swietoslawa, Daughter of Mieszko I of Poland or Polska and Dombrowska (Dubravka) of Cechy or Bohemia, Mar =1 Eric King of Sverige or Sweden, =2 (2) Svend I King of Danmark or Denmark."

The Story of Civilization, Will Durant, Vol IV, The Age of Faith, Bk IV, The Dark Ages, Ch XX, The Rise of the North, Sec I, England, p485:
"Believing or pretending that the Danes of England were plotting to kill him and the nation's Witenagemot or parliament, Ethelred secretly ordered a general massacre of the Danes everywhere in the island (1002). We do not know how thoroughly the order was carried out; probably all male Danes of arms-bearing age in England were slaughtered, and some women; among these was the sister of King Sweyn of Denmark. Swearing revenge, Sweyn invaded England in 1003, and again in 1013, this time with all his forces. Ethelred's nobles deserted him, he fled to Normandy, and Sweyn was master and king England. When Sweyn died (1014) Ethelred renewed the struggle; the nobles again deserted him, and made their peace with Sweyn's son Cnut (1015).

From Alfred to Henry III 871-1272, Christopher Brooke, 1961, Norton Library History of England, p58: "...The mainland of Scandinavia, remarkably quiescent since the fall of Eric Bloodaxe, was ready for another wave of expansion; Viking attacks began again; and the unsettled politics of England combined with England's growing wealth to makeit a favoured target.
"The second wave of Danish attacks began, like the first with plundering raids. But the attacks of the period 980-1016 differed fundamentally from those of the ninth century. From the early nine-nineties they became large-scale, highly organised raids, planned by the leading figures of the Scandinavian world, conducted by highly professional armies. This phase lasted until 1013, when Swein, the Danish King, decided to take over the government of his prey, and came in person.

p59: "...Olaf shortly after became the first Christian King of Norway; but he never ceased to be a Viking adventurer. In 994 he came accompanied by Swein, heir to the throne of Denmark, at the head of a formidable host. There was talk of making Swein King of England; but his alliance with Olaf was precarious and his campaign not wholly successful, so he agreed to peace for a payment of L16,000. In most years after this, down to 1006, a Danish host attacked Englandand levied plunder or tribute- the `Dane-geld'- or both. Then came a gap of two years, when Ethelred and his councillors made feverish attempts to prepare the country's defences against further attacks. From 1009 the attacks were continuous, and aimed for the first time at the conquest of the kingdom...
"...Swein's armies in 1009 were led by three experienced Vikings, including Thorkell the Tall and one of his brothers. From 1009 to 1012 they raided many English shires systematically. In 1012 they made peace with the English in exchange for an immense ransom, assessed in the `Chronicle' at L48,000...
"In 1013 Swein himself came to England for the third and last time- he had raided in the countory in 994 and 1003. This time he was derermined on conquest, and after a rapid campaign described in brief but vivid phrases by the chronicler he was accepted as king over most of the country. Then in February 1014 he suddenly died..."

The Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions,
Denmark 985: "Sweyn, King of Denmark 985-1014..."
England 1013: "Dane Sweyn, King of England 1013-1014..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, Micropaedia, 1981, Vol VII, Olof Skotkonung, p525: "The son of King Erik the Victorious, Olof, opposing the development of a strong Norwegian state, joined Sweyn I Forkbeard, King of Denmark, and his allies in a victorious war against Norway in 1000..." A History of the English Speaking PeopleWinston S Churchill Vol I The Birth of Britain Dodd Mead & Co p138:
"...In 1013 Sweyn, accompanied by his youngest son, Canute, came again to England, subdued the Yorkshire Danes and the five boroughs in the Danelaw, was accepted as overlord of Northumbria and Danish Mercia, sacked Oxford and Winchester in a punitive foray, and, though repulsed from London, was proclaimed King of England, while Ethelred fled for refuge to the Duke of Normandy, whose sister he had married. On these triumphs Sweyn died at the beginning of 1014. There was another respite..."

   Marriage Information:

Svend married Queen Sigrid Skoglar-Testedotter SWEDEN, daughter of SKOGLAR TOSTE and Mrs Toste Skoglar. (Queen Sigrid Skoglar-Testedotter SWEDEN was born about 935 in , , Sweden.)

   Marriage Information:

Svend also married Queen Swietoslava Gunhilda Poland SWEDEN, daughter of Duke Mieszko POLAND, I and Princess Dubravka Cechy BOHEMIA, about 998. (Queen Swietoslava Gunhilda Poland SWEDEN was born about 970 in Poznan, Poznanskiego, Poland and died after 2 Feb 1014.)

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