(Abt 989-1000)
Sancho Garcia CASTILE
King Sancho Aragon NAVARRE, III
(Abt 970-1035)
Princess Nunnia CASTILE
(Abt 983-)
King Ferdinand CASTILE, I
(Abt 1004-1065)


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Queen Sancha Leon CASTILE

King Ferdinand CASTILE, I

  • Born: Abt 1004-1018, , Castile, Spain
  • Married: 1033
  • Died: 27 Dec 1065, , Leon, Spain

   Other names for Ferdinand were CASTILE King, "The Great" and LEON Emperor.

   Ancestral File Number: 8XQ3-NB. User ID: 302556036.

   General Notes:

"The Great", King of CASTILE Reigned 1035-1065, and Emperor of LEON Reigned

Kings and Queens of Europe, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute, 1989: "Fernando I, Son of Sancho III King of Navarre and Castilla's 2nd Marriage, King of Castilla 1035-1065, King of Leon 1038/1039-1065, Mar Sancha Daughter of Alfonso V King of Leon, Died 1065."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Castile 1035: "Ferdinand, The Great, King of Castile 1035-1065..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Macropaedia, Vol I,p 484, Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon: "Alfonso [VI] was born sometime before June 1040, the second son of King Ferdinand I and his wife Sanchia...On his death in 1065, Ferdinand left to Alfonso the kingdom of Leon together with tribute paid bythe Muslim kingdom of Toledo. These possessions aroused the envious hostility of Alfonso's elder brother, Sancho II, who had inherited the kingdom of Castile and the tribute of Saragossa..."
Vol IV, p96, Ferdinand I the Great: "Born 1016/1018, Died 27 Dec 1065 Leon Spain, King of Castile and Leon and a son of Sancho III Garces of Navarre. He became king of a truncated Castile on his father's death in 1035. He had married Sancha, sister and heiress of Bermudo III of Leon, and when Bermudo was killed at Tamaron in 1037, fighting against the Castilians, Ferdinand, despite opposition, seized the Leonese throne and was crowned emperor at Leon in 1039. He reorganized the administration of Leon, particularly by reducing the hereditary powers of the magnates. In 1054 he proceeded to recover the Castilian territory given by his father to Ferdinand's brother Garcia IV, King of Navarre. In 1054 Garcia himself was killed by Ferdinand's troops at Atapuerca, and Navarre then accepted the Emperor's suzerainty. Ferdinand next moved against the Moors, first recovering the region of Beira Alta in Portugal and Gormaz and Berlanga in the east. In 1062 he attacked the kingdom of Toledo and made its king, Yahia I, his vassal, while the kings of Saragossa and Seville also acknowledged his suzerainty. In this way a large part of Spain- Christian and Moorish- became subject to Ferdinand's will. However, following his father's unwise example, he partly destroyed what he had so successfully built up by dividing his empire on his three sons, Sancho, Alfonso, and Garcia."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p2412, Sancho III: "...Although his kingdom was the largest Christian political unit in Spain, Sancho regarded it as his personal domain, to be divided at will. Its unity was thus broken at his death when he bequeathed his lands to his four sons...Castile made into a king- dom went to Ferdinand I..."
p937, Ferdinand I the Great: "Died 1065, Spanish king of Castile (1035-1065) and Leon (1037-1065). He inherited Castile from his father, Sancho III of Navarre, conquered Leon, and took parts of Navarre from his brother Garcia. Ferdinand fought successfully against the Moors and reduced to vassalage the Moorish kings of zaragoza, Badajoz, Seville, and Toledo. At the Council of Coyanza (1050) he confirmed the laws of Alfonso V and introduced church reforms. He divided his kingdom among his sons: Castile went to Sancho II, Leon to Alfonso VI, and Galicia to Garcia."

Ancestral File Ver 4.11 8XQ3-NB Born Abt 1004, 9HMK-DP Born Abt 1013.

   Marriage Information:

Ferdinand married Queen Sancha Leon CASTILE, daughter of King Alfonso LEON, V and Elvira, in 1033. (Queen Sancha Leon CASTILE was born about 1006-1015 and died on 13 Dec 1067.)

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