Mayor Charles Martel AUSTRASIA
(Abt 676-741)
Duchess Sunihilde Austrasia NANKS
(Abt 690-Abt 724)
Count Charibert LAON, I
(Abt 690-Aft 747)
Countess Bertrada LAON
(Abt 695-)
King Pepin FRANKS, III
Queen Bertrada De Laon FRANCE
(Abt 716-783)
King Carloman II Burgundy AUSTRASIA
(Abt 751-771)


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Queen Gerberge Lombardy AUSTRASIA

  • Prince Pepin AUSTRASIA
  • Prince Saint Siagre AUSTRASIA

King Carloman II Burgundy AUSTRASIA

  • Born: Abt 751, Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia
  • Married: Abt 768-769, , Austrasia, France
  • Died: 4 Dec 771, Samoucy, Aisne, France
  • Buried: Abbey, St Remy, Reims, Marne, France

   Other names for Carloman were FRANCE Co-King, AUSTRASIA King, NEUSTRIA King, BOURGOGNE King and BURGUNDY King.

   Ancestral File Number: 9GCC-D0.

   General Notes:

King of BURGUNDY, King of BOURGOGNE, King of AUSTRASIA, Co-King of FRANCE with Charlemagne Reigned 754-771, King of NEUSTRIA Reigned 768-771, Gisant Effigy Abbey Church of St Denis France.

Volume II The Royal Tombs, Alain Erlande-Brandenburg, Editions De la Lourelle, 7 Rue Dupuytren 75006 Paris
"Carloman, son of Pepin d.771...In 1263 and 1264 at the request of Saint Louis, the tombs of the kings of France were disposed at St-Denis and buried between the pillars at the crossing of the transept, the merovingians and Carolingians in the south, the Capetians in the north. To commemeorate the occasion, sixteen stone gisants were executed (that of Eudes and Hugh Capet disappeared during the French Revolution), all identically dressed and represented in the same fashion: with the eyes open and calm gestures. The face of the queens, emphasized by the play of light about their veils are the most beautiful. Those of Henry I and Robert the Pious are the most expressive. The work of three different artists can be recognized, each bringing a certain diversity to this series of gisants without upsetting its overall plan."

Europe in the Middle Ages, Robert S Hoyt, 1957, Harcourt Brace & Co, p621: "Genealogical Table II, The Carolingians, Carloman, King 768-771..."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p458, Carloman: "Born 751, Died 771, son of Pepin the Short. He and his brother, Charlemagne, shared the succession to their father's kingdom; Carloman ruled the southern portion. Attempts to end rivalry between the brothers failed, and when Carloman died Charlemagne seized his domain. Carloman's wife and children went to the court of Desiderius, who, as an enemy of Charlemagne, supported their claims."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol II, p569, Carloman: "Born 751, Died 771, the younger brother of Charlemagne, with whom he was anointed co-king of the Franks by Pope Stephen II (or III) in 754. He inherited in 768 the eastern part of the Frankish domain; favouring an alliance with the Lombards, he married a daughter of their king, Desiderius. Upon Carloman's sudden death, his lands were annexed by Charlemagne."

The Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, France 768: "King of NEUSTRIA Reigned 768-771..."

France A Modern History, Albert Guerard, 1959, Univ Michigan Press, p50: "...In 768 Pepin died. According to Frankish custom, his domains were divided between his two sons, Charles and Carloman. The latter, however, survived his father by three years only..."

Ancestral File 9GCC-D0 King of BOURGOGNE and AUSTRASIA Mar 769, Ver 4.10 King of BURGUNDY Mar 768, WCWH King of NEUSTRIA.

   Marriage Information:

Carloman married Queen Gerberge Lombardy AUSTRASIA, daughter of King Desiderius LOMBARD, about 768-769 in , Austrasia, France. (Queen Gerberge Lombardy AUSTRASIA was born about 751 in , , France.)

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