Emperor Saint Charlemagne Franks HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
Empress Hildegard Swabia HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
(Abt 744-783)
Duke Ingeramne HESBAYE
(Abt 753-)
Duchess Ingeramme HESBAYE
(Abt 758-)
Empress Ermengarde Hesbaye HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
(Abt 778-818)
Emperor Lothaire I Italy King HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE


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1. Queen Dode D' ITALY

  • Prince Carloman ITALY
2. Empress Ermengarde D' Alsace HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE

Emperor Lothaire I Italy King HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE

  • Born: 795-799, Altdorf, Bavaria, Germany
  • Married (1): Abt 815
  • Married (2): 15 Oct 821, Thionville, Moselle, France
  • Died: 29 Sep 855, Abbey, Pruem, Rheinland, Prussia, Germany
  • Buried: St Saveur, Manche, Normandy, France

   Other names for Lothaire were Lothair, EAST Emperor, HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE Joint Emperor, BAVARIA King and ITALY King.

   Ancestral File Number: 9GCS-WC. User ID: 38727157044.

   General Notes:

King of BAVARIA 814, Joint Emperor HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE 817, King of ITALY 822,
Emperor of the EAST Reigned 838/840-855.

France A Modern History,Albert Guerard, 1959, Univ Michigan Press, p52:
"...At his death, Lothair, his eldest son, became emperor; but the younger brothers, Louis and Charles, defeated him, bound themselves together against him by the bilingual Oaths of Strasbourg (842), and imposed upon him the Treaty of Verdun (843). This treaty was but a family compact for the division of the Frankish domains: like all previous partitions of the kind, it was drawn without any regard for linguistic differences or natural boundaries. Yet, as we have seen, it may be said to mark the faint beginnings of modern nationalities. For to the share of Louis fell Francia Orientalis, where the Teutonic element prevailed; Charles the Bald received Francia Occidentalis,almost completely Romanized. Between the two was carved for Lothair Francia Media, a long and loose strip of territory in the maleys of the Meuse, the Rhine, the Saone, and the Rhone, with those parts of Italy then under Frankish influence. Avariable and ever-dwindling part of this preposterous empire came to be known as Lotharingia, Lothringen, Lorraine. For six hundred years it struggled to be born; it almost reached the definiteness of a hope under the last great dukes of Burgundy. It may be said that Belgium and the Netherlands are a remnant of that elusive middle kingdom, and that for over a thousand years France and Germany have been fighting for the heritage of Lothair..."

Europe in the Middle Ages, Robert S Hoyt,1957, Harcourt Brace & Co, p621: "Genealogical Table II, The Carolingians, Lothair, Emperor 840-855..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol VI, p336, Lothair I: "Born 795, Died 29 Sep 855 Abbye of Prum Germany, Frankish emperor whose attempt to gain sole rule over the empire was checked by his brothers. Henceforth, Frankish imperial supremacy was replaced by joint rule. Eldest son of Emperor Louis I the Pious and a grandson of Charlemagne...Under the `Ordinatio Imperii', a decree issued by Louis in 817 to provide for the unity of the empire after his death, Lothair's younger brothers, Pepin and Louis (later called the German) were to receive their own kingdoms, Aquitaine and Bavaria, but were to remain underthe general suzerainty of Lothair..."
"When in 829 Louis the Pious, under the influence of his second wife, Judith, revised the `Ordinatio Imperii' to grant part of the empire previously granted to Lothair to his son by Judith Charles (later called the Bald), Lothair broke with the imperial government...When Pepin died in Dec 838, Louis I the Pious drew up a new partition scheme, dividing the empire, aside from Bavaria and neighbouring areas, which were left to Louis the German, between Lothair and Charles the Bald, with Lothair taking the eastern portion. Lothair was to have the title of emperor, but without the suzerainty over the other princes that had been granted by the `Ordinatia Imperii' of 817."
"On Louis the Pious' death (840), Lothair again claimed his rights under the `Ordinatio' of 817, but his brothers, Louis the German and Charles the Bald, defeated him at the Battle of Fontenoy (841). The Treaty of Verdun (Aug 843) left Lothair the Middle Realm of the Frankish dominions from the North Sea to Italy, while Louis received the eastern and Charles the western territory. The imperial title fell to Lothair."
"After granting the government of Italy to his eldest son, Louis II, as early as 844, Lothair partitioned his realm between Louis (emperor from 850) and his two other sons, Lothair II and Charles, in 855. He then abdicated and became a monk."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia, 1975, p1613, Lothair I: "Born 795, Died855, Emperor of the West (840-855), son and successor of Louis I. In 817 his father crowned him coemperor. He was recrowned (823) at Rome by the pope and issued (824) a constitution, proclaiming his right to confirm papal elections. He twice (830, and 833) revolted against his father, who favored Lothair's half brother Charles (the Bald, later Charles II) at his elder son's expense, and in 833, with his brothers Pepin and Louis the German, he succeeded in temporarily deposing LouisI. However, his brothers deserted him and restored Louis. Lothair retained only Italy. He later was reconciled with his father, who in 838 allotted him almost the whole eastern half of the empire, the west (France) going to Charles. After Louis' death, Charles and Louis the German made war on their brother Lothair, who tried to reunite the whole empire under his sole rule. The battle of Fontenoy (941), although indecisive, checked Lothair. Renewing their alliance in 842 (Oath of Strasbourg), Charles and Louis the German forced (843) Lothair to sign the fateful Treaty of Verdun, which partitioned the empire of Charlemagne among the three brothers; Lothair retained the imperial title. He subdivided his domains among his sons Louis II, who was crowned emperor at Rome in 850, Lothair, King of Lotharingia, and Charles."

The Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Italy 840: "Lothaire, King of Italy 840-855..."

World Ancestral Chart No. 125360 Ancestors of Patricia Ann Kieffer.

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9GCS-WC Lothaire ITALY King Born 795, 9HMN-S6 Ver 4.10/4.19 Lothair HOLY ROMAN Emperor Born Abt 795 Altdorf Bavaria Germany, Died Abbey Prum Germany, Ver 4.13 Born Abt 799, 9LT0-8H Died Pruem Germany, 9HQD-Q2 Lothaire I ITALY King Born Abt 798.

   Marriage Information:

Lothaire married Queen Dode D' ITALY about 815. (Queen Dode D' ITALY was born about 796 in , Lorraine, France and died on 9 Jul 852.)

   Marriage Information:

Lothaire also married Empress Ermengarde D' Alsace HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, daughter of Count Hugues Tours UPPER ALSACE and Countess Ava Tours UPPER ALSACE, on 15 Oct 821 in Thionville, Moselle, France. (Empress Ermengarde D' Alsace HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE was born about 797-800 in Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, Alsace, France, christened in , Alsace, France, died on 20 Mar 851-854 and was buried in Abbey, Erstein, Strasbourg.)

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