(Abt 795-)
(Abt 799-)
Empress Ermengarde Hesbaye HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
(Abt 778-818)
Duke Robert Orleans FRANCE
(Abt 820-866)
Princess Adelaide Tours HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
(Abt 814-)
King Robert Paris FRANCE, I
(Abt 865-923)


Family Links

1. Queen Beatrice De Vermandois FRANCE

2. Queen Adele FRANCE

King Robert Paris FRANCE, I

  • Born: Abt 865-870, , Bourgogne, France
  • Died: 15 Jun 923, Battle, Soissons, France

   Other names for Robert were FRANCE King, ANJOU Margrave and PARIS Count.

   Ancestral File Number: 9G81-BX. User ID: 4840894734.

   General Notes:

Margrave of ANJOU, Count of PARIS, King of FRANCE Reigned 922-923.

Barber Grandparents: 125 Kings, 143 Generations, Ted Butler Bernard and Gertrude Barber Bernard, 1978, McKinney TX, p81: "Robert, King of France, (S of 320, F of 347); Markgraf of Anjou and Count of Paris; became king onJune 15, 923, killed in Battle of Soissons in 923 soon after being made king; married Beatrix, daughter of Pepin I, Count of Senlis and Valois."

The Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, France 922: "Eudes, King ofFrance 922-923..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1985, Micropaedia, Vol II, p532, Capet: "Robert the Strong's two sons, usually styled Robertian rather than Capetian, were both crowned kings of the Franks: Eudes in 888, Robert I in 922..."

Macropaedia, Vol VII, p614, France History of: "...with the death of Charles the Fat in 888, the West Frankish magnates elected as king Eudes son of Robert the Strong and the first of the Robertians to take the crown away from the Carolingian dynasty..."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol II, p532, Capet: "Robert the Strong's two sons, usually styled Robertian rather than Capetian, were both crowned kings of the Franks: Eudes in 888, Robert I in 922..."
VIII, p610, Robert I: "Born Abt 865, Died 15 Jun 923 Soissons France, younger son of Robert the Strong of Neustria, and briefly king of the Franks. His decisive victory over the Norman barbarians at Chartres (911) led to a treaty halting the incursions of a portion of this fierce tribe."
"Robert faithfully served his older brother, King Eudes, during Eudes' reign (888-898). Though on Eudes' death he became one of the most powerful Frankish lords, inheriting all the family lands between the Seine and the Loire rivers, he swore fealty with other magnates to the new king, the Carolingian Charles III the Simple. Nevertheless, he was already served in his domains by viscounts, officials usually regarded as instruments of regal power. From 911 onward, his role became more decisive: his defeat of the Normans at Chartres paved the way for the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, by which Charles assigned to the Normans a specific territory."
"Robert's military success greatly enhancedhis prestige and dissension between him and the King became undisguised. When Charles III imprudently offered preferment exclusively to lords from Lorraine, the Neustrian lords, led by Robert, broke into open revolt (919). The elected Robert king at Reims in June 922. Charles gathered an army and met Robert's army near Soissons (June 923). Charles' aremy was routed, but Robert was killed. His grandson was Hugh Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty."
Macropaedia, Vol VII, p615, France History of: "...A new revolt of the magnates led to the election of another Robertian, the brother of Eudes, to the kingship as Robert I in 922. After Robert I had been killed in battle against Charles in 923, his son-in-law Rudolph (Raoul)was elected in his place; and Charles the Simple was taken prisoner (to die in captivity in 929)." The New Columbia Encyclopedia 1975 p2332 Robert I: "c865-923, French king (922- 923), son of Count Robert the Strong and younger brother of KingEudes. He inherited from Eudes the territory between the Seine and the Loire rivers. In 922, Robert led a rebellion against King Charles III (the Simple) and was crowned king by a party of nobles and clergy, but he was soon killed in battle. His son-in-law, Raoul of Burgundy, succeeded him. His son was Hugh the Great."

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9G81-BX Ver 4.10 Born ?Bef 923 Died 15 Jun 923, Ver 4.13 Born 870.

   Marriage Information:

Robert married Queen Beatrice De Vermandois FRANCE, daughter of Count Herbert Graf VERMANDOIS, I and Countess Beatrice De Morvis FRANCE. (Queen Beatrice De Vermandois FRANCE was born about 880 in Vermandois, Normandy, France and died in Mar 931.)

   Marriage Information:

Robert also married Queen Adele FRANCE.

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