(Abt 800-)
Countess Ascrida Rognvaldsdatter OPPLAND
(Abt 804-)
(Abt 823-)
Mrs Nefja Hrolf
(Abt 828-)
Earl Rognvald Eysteinsson MORE & ROMSDAL, I
(Abt 830-890)
Countess Ragnhild MORE
(Abt 822-)
(Abt 845-Abt 927)


Family Links

1. Duchess Poppa Evreux NORMANDY

2. Duchess Gisele NORMANDY


  • Born: Abt 845-870, Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway
  • Christened: 911-912, , Normandy, France
  • Married (1): 891
  • Married (2): 28 Jun 905-912, , , France
  • Died: Abt 927-933, Notre Dame, Rouen, Normandy, France
  • Buried: Notre Dame, Rouen, Normandy, France

   Other names for Rollo were Rolf, NORMANDY Duke, "The Walker", Robert I and "The Ganger".

   Ancestral File Number: 9GDD-2H. User ID: 2420447362.

   General Notes:

"The Ganger", "The Walker", 1st Duke of NORMANDY 911-927.

Barber Grandparents: 125 Kings, 143 Generations, Ted Butler Bernard and Gertrude Barber Bernard, 1978, McKinney TX, p81: "327W Rollo or Rolf, `The Walker', Duke of Normandy, (Parents not known,F of 343); came from Norway, conquered Normandy of France, and was first Duke of the duchy; married Poppa, daughter of Berenger Count of Boulogne."

Kings and Queens of Great Britain, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute, 1990: "Rolf The Ganger, Mar Papia Daughter of Berengar, Died c932."

A History of the English Speaking People Winston S Churchill Vol I The Birth of Britain Dodd Mead & Co 1956 p142 "...Meanwhile across the waters of the English Channel a new military power was growing up. The Viking settlement founded in Normandy in the early years of the tenth century had become the most vigorous military state in France. In less than a hundred years the sea-rovers had transformed themselves into a feudal society. Such records as exist are overlaid by legend. We do not even know whether Rollo, the traditional founder of the Norman state, was a Norwegian, a Dane, or a Swede. Norman history begins with the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, made by Rollo with Charles the Simple, King of the West Franks, which affirmed the suzerainty of the King of France and defined the boundaries of the Duchy of Normandy..."

France A Modern History, Albert Guerard, 1959, Univ Michigan Press, p53: "...The lowest depths of humiliation were reached by the Carolingian Charles the Simple, by whom Rollo, the Norse pirate, was granted the fair duchy of Normandy (911). This pitiful kinglet, although abler than the Merovingian faineants, lost his last strongholds to rebellious nobles and died a prisoner at Peronne..."

The Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Edition, Normandy 911: "Robert 1st Duke of Normandy 911-927..."

The New Columbia Encyclopedia 1975 p2345 Rollo: "Also Hrolf, Born Abt 860, Died Abt 932, First Duke of Normandy. As leader of the Norman pirates settled at the mouth of the Seine, he attacked (910) Paris and Chartres. By the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (911) with King Charles III of France, he received in fief the territory his men had occupied (part of the future duchy of Normandy) on condition that he defend it against attack and that he receive baptism. Rollo was baptized (912) as Robert. He supported Charles against Raoul, from whom he obtained additional territory. He was succeeded by his son William Longsword. Rollo's direct descendants included William the Conqueror."

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1981, Micropaedia, Vol VII, p391, Normans: "Original- ly Nortmann, also Northmen, a term used generally in medieval western Europe to denote the barbarian heathen pirates (Vikings) from Scandinavia, who between about 800 and 1050 pillaged or occupied many coastal areas. More particularly and in modern usage, it refers to those Vikings who settled in what later became the duchy of Normandy in northern France. Late in the 9th century a number of Scandinavians, probably Danes, had secured a foothold on the lower Seine River. In about 911 this group, under a leader Hrolfr (Rollo), himself probably a Norwegian, gained from the Frankish King Charles III the Simple, formal recognition of their occupation of a north coast area bounded to the east, south, and west by the rivers Bresle, Epte, and Dives (the so-called Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte. By 933 they had extended their control westward over the Bessin, Avranchin , and Cotentin..."

The Story of Civilization, Will Durant, Vol IV, The Age of Faith, Bk IV, The Dark Ages, Ch XX, The Rise of the North, Sec V, The Northmen, p510: "...They began like pirates and ended like statesmen; Rollo gave a creative order to Normandy, William the Conqueror to England, Roger II to Sicily; they mingled their fresh blood of the north, like an energizing hormone, with that of peoples made torpid by rural routine. History seldom destroys that which does not deserve to die; and the burning of the tares makes for the next sowing a richer soil."

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9GDD-2H Rollo NORMANDY Duke Born/?Died Abt 870, NCE Also Hrolf or Hrolfr Born Abt 860 Died Abt 932, 8HS8-4K Rollo Born 846 Died 931, Ancestral File Ver 4.10 9GDD-2H Born Abt 845/870 Of Maer Nord-Trondelag Norway Chr 911 Died 927/933 Notre Dame Rouen France Bur Notre Dame Rouen France.

   Marriage Information:

Rollo married Duchess Poppa Evreux NORMANDY, daughter of Count Berenger De Bayeaux BOULOGNE and Countess Boulogne Berenger De Bayeaux, in 891. (Duchess Poppa Evreux NORMANDY was born about 848-893 in Evreux, Eure, Normandy, France.)

   Marriage Information:

Rollo also married Duchess Gisele NORMANDY on 28 Jun 905-912 in , , France. (Duchess Gisele NORMANDY was born about 895 in , Normandy, France.)

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