Emperor Frederick GERMANY, I
(-Abt 1190)
Emperor Henry GERMANY, VI
(-Abt 1197)
Emperor Frederick GERMANY, II


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1. Queen Constancia Aragon HUNGARY
3. Empress Isabella England GERMANY

  • Emperor Conrad GERMANY, IV

Emperor Frederick GERMANY, II

  • Married (1): 1210
  • Married (3): 20 Jul 1235, Worms, Rhinehessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
  • Died: 1250, , , Germany

   Other names for Frederick were SICILY King, HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE Emperor and GERMANY Emperor.

   Ancestral File Number: 8XJ6-SS.

   General Notes:

King of SICILY, Emperor of GERMANY 1215-1250, Emperor of HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE.

Kings and Queens of Great Britain, Genealogical Chart, Anne Taute and Romilly Squire, Taute, 1990: "Isabella, Mar(3) Frederick II Emperor of Germany, Died 1250."

The Political History of England, Vol II, George Burton Adams Longmans Green and Co, 1905, Ch XXI, p431:
[1214] "It was about July first that Louis set out to raise the siege of La Roche-au-Moine, and on the 27th the decisive battle of Bouvines was fought in the north before John had resolved on his next move. The coalition, on which John had laboured so long and from which he hoped so much, was at last in the field. The emperorOtto IV, the Counts of Flanders, Bologne, Holland, Brabant, and Limburg, the Duke of Lorraine, and others, each from motives of his own, had joined their forces with the English under the Earl of Salisbury, to overthrow the king of France. To oppose this combination Philip had only his vassals of northern France, without foreign allies and with a part of his force detached to watch the movements of the English king on the Loire. The odds seemed to be decidedly against him, but the allies, attacking at a disadvantage the French army which they believed in retreat, were totally defeated near Bouvines. The Earl of Salisbury and the Counts of Flanders and Boulogne with many others were taken prisoners, and the triumph of Philip was as complete as his danger had been great...
"The effects of the battle of Bouvines were not confined to France nor to the war then going on. The results in German history- the fall of Otto IV, the triumph of Frederick II- we have nooccasion to trace..."

Wall Chart of World History, Edward Hull, 1988, Studio Editions, Germany 1215: "Frederick II, King of Sicily, Son of Henry VI, Emperor of Germany 1215-1250, 38 years..."

A History of The Plantagenets, Vol II, The Magnificent Century, Thomas B Costain, 1951, Doubleday & Co
p20: "Isabella Born 1214, Died 1241, Married Emperor Frederick II GERMANY..."
p91: "...The new pontiff, under the name of Gregory IX, was a man of great firmness of character and ofvery great learning, although he failed to attain tin the pontificate the full stature of his illustrious relative [Innocent III]. Being embroiled with Frederick II of Germany at this time, and finding that versatile and violent monarch as much as he could handle, Gregory does not seem to have taken the situation in England with any particular seriousness..."
p204: "Richard of Cornwall was organizing a party of English knights to go to the Crusades, and Simon was pledged to take the cross with him...He did not leave with Richard of Cornwall but went first to get Eleanor, who was insisting on accompanying him as far as possible. They traveled together to Brindisi, where the German Emperor, perhaps on prompting from his consort, who was Eleanor's older sister, had loaned for her use a huge echoing stone palace overlooking the sea. Here she stayed with her small staff of servants, her mind filled with the dangers her husband was encountering in the East... "The Crusade proved to be a fruitless effort because a truce had been arragned before they arrived. That Simon found some way of distinguishing himself is evident, however, from the fact that the `barons, knights, and citizens of the Kingdomof Jerusalem' wrote to Frederick of Germany requesting that he make Simon their governor pending the time when Conrad, the Emperor's son, would attain his majority and he be capable of assuming the reins. North camne of it but the incident that the young earl had displayed some of the qualities of leadership which were to be so magnificently proven in later years."

The Story of Civilization, Will Durant, Vol IV, The Age of Faith, Bk V, The Climax of Christianity, Ch XXIII, The Crusades, p607: "Frederick II, the young Emperor of Germany and Italy, had taken the crusader's vow in 1215, and had promised to join the besiegers at Damietta; but political complications in Italy, and perhaps an inadequate faith, detained him.In 1228, while excommunicate for his delays, Frederick set out on the Sixth Crusade...Arrived at Palestine, he sent emissaries to the Sultan, who was impressed by Frederick's knowledge of the Arabic language, literature, science, and philosophy. The two rulers entered into a friendly exchange of compliments and ideas; and to the astonishment of both Christendom and Islam they signed a treaty (1229) by which al-Kamil ceded to Frederick Acre, Jaffa, Sidon, Nazareth, Bethlehem, and allof Jerusalem except the enclosure-sacred to Islam-containing the Dome of the Rock...and for ten years and ten months each side pledged itself to peace. The excommunicate Emperor had succeeded where for a century Christendom had failed; the two cultures, brought together for a moment in mutual understanding and respect, had found it possible to be friends."

The Political History of England 1216-1377, Vol III, T F Tout, 1905, AMS Press,
p33: "...A proposal to affiance Henry's sister, Isabella, to Henry, King of the Romans, the infant son of Frederick II, led to no results, for the Arch- bishop of Cologne, the chief upholder of the scheme in Germany, was murdered, and the young king found a bride in Austria. Yet the project counteracted the negotiations set on foot by Louis to secure Frederick II for his own side, and induced the Emperor to take up a position of neutrality..."
p61: "...Henry III's cosmopolitan instincts led him to take as much part in foreign politics as his resources allowed. In 1235 he married his sister Isabella to Frederick II, and henceforth manifested a strong interest in the affairs of his imperial brother-in-law. His relations with France were still uneasy, and he hoped to find in Frederick's support a counter poise to the steady pressure of French hostility...Frederick constantly corresponded with both the king and Richard of Cornwall, and it was nothing but solicitude for the safety of the heir to the throne that led the English magnates to reject the emperor's request that Richard should receive a high command under him... Even Frederick's breach with the pope in 1239 did not destroy his friendship with Henry. The situation became extremely complicated since Innocent IV derived large financial support for his crusade from the unwilling English clergy, while Henry still professed to be Frederick's friend..."
p66: "...[1244] Though the barons persisted in their refusal of an extraordinary grant, they agreed to pay an aid to marry the king's eldest daughter to the son of Frederick II...Further demands arose from the quarrel between Innocent IV and the emperor..."
p78: "...The foremost grievance against the king was still his co-operation with the papacy in spoiling the Church of England. Though the death of the excommunicated Frederick II in 1250 was a great gain for Innocent IV..."

Ancestral File Ver 4.11 8XJ6-SS, and 8WKP-PD.

   Marriage Information:

Frederick married Queen Constancia Aragon HUNGARY, daughter of King Alfonso II ARAGON and Sancha CASTILE, in 1210. (Queen Constancia Aragon HUNGARY was born on 18 Jan 1174 in , Aragon, Spain and died on 23 Jun 1222.)

   Marriage Information:

   Marriage Information:

Frederick also married Empress Isabella England GERMANY, daughter of King John ENGLAND and Queen Isabella De Taillefer ENGLAND, on 20 Jul 1235 in Worms, Rhinehessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. (Empress Isabella England GERMANY was born in 1214 in Winchester, Hampshire, England, died on 1 Dec 1241 in Foggia, Apulia, Italy and was buried in Andria, Bari, Apulia, Italy.)

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