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Michael Kevin LAMBUR

Julie Irene ANDREW 1 2

  • Born: 9 Feb 1955, Hospital, Deaconess, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Christened: Abt Apr 1955, Church, Presbyterian, Ferguson, St Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Married: 23 Dec 1981, Florissant, St Louis, Missouri, USA

   General Notes:

Genealogy Questionnaire Dec 1999 JIA.

ES- Beechwoods Elementary School, Greenhills OH
and DeSmet Grade School, Florissant MO
JHS- Florissant Junior High School, Florissant MO
HS- McClure High School, Florissant MO 1973.
BA- Art History & Library Science, University of Missouri Columbia 1976
MA- Library Science, University of Missouri St Louis 1977
Teachers Certificate Elementary Education, Harris Stowe Teachers College 1982.

Grandparents- I loved going to Grandma Andrew's house on Christmas. I especially liked playing with my cousin Debbie, who was my age. I loved Grandma's macaroni & cheese, and we always drank Dr. Pepper (to this day, whenever I drink Dr. Pepper I think of Grandma). I remember one Christmas when Grandma knitted us all stocking caps- mine was light pink. Whenever we visited Grandma, we'd also see Aunt Tootie. She would take us into her room and show us stuff. I was very sad when Grandma was dying of cancer. She was very weak the last time I saw her in the hospital.

Parents- Mom would take us to the library every week. I loved this! We would check out lots of books to read. When we got home, we had to write down the titles in a notebook so that we would remember to return everything the following week. I kept a book diary of all the books I read. I'm sure this experience influenced my decision to become a librarian as an adult. My favorite hobby is reading and now I take my children to the library every week. Mom also taught me to play the piano, for which I am very grateful. Every night after dinner, I'd play the piano. I loved to play songs from various musicals like "Flower Drum Song", "The Sound of Music", "Carousel", etc. Later on I learned to play some Scott Joplin rags.

Dad- I remember my Dad liked to listen to me play the piano. Early memories of Dad include times when he took us swimming. This was very special. I also remember when we were little, Dad would play "Lion". He would get down on all fours and roar like a lion and chase us. When Dad went on a business trip, he would always bring us back something. I still have a Buddha figure he gave me.

Siblings- I always thought I was so very lucky to have 7 brothers and sisters. Kathie and I were close because we shared a room. At night we would play the "knocking game". I would knock on the wall to see if she was asleep and if she wasn't, she would knock back. Sometimes we'd play the "scratching game" and we would scratch on the sheets instead. We did this until we fell asleep. Kat would organize cleaning. She made up the "Busy Bees" which thought was great fun. We had bee wings and we'd sing "We are the busy bees, we will do our work" while buzzing around the house picking up things. We would get stickers to put on our wings if we did a good job.

Val and I fought like cats and dogs when we were little. I was jealous of her and she was jealous of me. I would scratch her with my long fingernails and she would pull out my curlers. We became good friends in college. We would always run into each other on Friday nights at the college library. We'd go to the student union and buy a hostess cupcake and a coke. One summer, Val lived with my roommate Debbie and me in an old house. One day she opened her closet door and a bird flew out. She chased the bird outside with a broom, bit forgot she was in her underwear. The people at the gas station across the street thought she was quite funny!

Adair and Cliff were my big brothers. I loved holidays when they would come home and play board games like Monopoly or Clue with us. We also played cards with their girlfriends. I also remember going ice skating with them. This was very special.

Jeff was also my older brother, but closer to me in age. We had good times exploring the wood- Winton Woods in OH and Sunset Park in MO. In Ohio he helped me raise a blue jay who fell out of his nest. We named him Jimmy Jay. Jeff also had hamsters for pets. When he was at summer camp, I was supposed to take care of them. Once they escaped and we tried to make a trap to get them back. When Jeff was in college and I was in high school, my friend Barb and I loved visiting him in the basement. He introduced us to the Grateful Dead, the New Riders of the Purple Sage, and Bob Dylan. He taught us to play some of their songs on the guitar. He always made fun of our designer monogrammed purses and our weejun loafers.

Mimi and Lisa were my baby sisters. I remember being jealous when both of them were born. Lisa had long blond hair and I remember fixing her two braids for school. I guess because of the age difference and because they were close to each other, I don't remember playing with them when we were kids. Mimi and I became close when she was out of college and living in the city. She took our engagement picture and also our wedding pictures.

Elementary School- I went to school in Greenhills OH for grades K-3. Jeff or Kathie came home for lunch when I was in kindergarten and walked me to school. I was very shy in kindergarten. Once we were having nap time and the teacher was calling children one by one to go out and play. She never called my name and I thought it was because I was bad. So I stayed on my cot. The teacher was quite surprised to see me when recess was over and she let me go out and play by myself. We moved to Florissant MO the summer before 4th grade. I went to DeSmet Grade School. I remember living social studies. I loved writing reports and making maps of different countries.

Junior High School- I loved French class. I took it every year. I also loved being in the orchestra in the 8th grade. I played the oboe solo in "Swan Lake" on my clarinet. I won an award for the best member of the orchestra in the 8th grade. In the 9th grade, they made me play in the band, which I hated, and I switched to oboe because there were too many clarinets.

High School- Ours was the last large graduating class at McCluer before they built the new high school. My sophomore year we had split shifts. My class went to school from 1pm to 6:30pm. I liked this schedule. In the mornings, my friend Barb and I volunteered in the elementary school library.

Sophomore year, I met my first boyfriend, Bruce. We met at my friend Barb's church. He went to the Lutheran high school. Our first date was a high school dance. We dated throughout high school and my first two years of college. We had a lot in common: reading, movies, music, and camping (which I sort of liked).

I continued to take French in high school and also 3 years of German. When I graduated, there were 1300 in my class. I didn't even know the kids I lined up with in the graduation ceremony. I hated going to such a large school and felt like it was hard to get to know anyone. I had a few very close friends: Barb, Nancy, and Radine.

College- I went to University of Missouri Columbia and lived with my sister Kathie and her new husband, Gary. We lived in a two bedroom apartment with a swimming pool. Bruce also went to UMC, and he spent a lot of time at our apartment. I wasn't sure of what to major in, so I took a lot of liberal arts classes my first two years. I especially loved my film classes (Bergman and Fellinni films, German film-makers, and also Japanese films) and my art history classes. My sophomore year, I declared a double major in Art History and library Science. I was a pretty serious student. I loved weekends when there were Missou football games because then the library would be empty and I could study better. In Dec 1976, I got my Bachelor of Arts degree and the following Dec I finished up my Master of Arts in Library Science. My masters thesis was entitled "Sexism in Children's Literature."

After graduating from college, I was hired as a children's librarian in Alton IL. However, the job was too stressful for me and I resigned after 3 months. This was a very depressing time for me. It helped that I moved in with my best friend Barb in University City and I got a job as a clerk-typist at the University of Missouri St Louis. I typed papers and books in the History Department, which I found to be very interesting. I really felt at home in the academic setting.

After a couple of years as a typist , I felt underchallenged and decided to go back to school. I took classes at Harris Stowe Teacher's College and later on at UMSL. By May of 1982, I had earned a teaching certificate for graded K-8. I wanted to become a school librarian, and a teaching certificate was required for this.

Michael and I met at a contra dance (old fashioned line dancing to the tunes of fiddles, bass, mandolin, etc) in University City, Missouri. He asked me to dance (I think it was a square dance) and later on asked me to save the last dance for him (how romantic!). they announced a folk dance for the following Saturday. I asked Michael if he folk danced (I didn't know he was in a folk dancing troupe) and we agreed to look for each other the next week (even though I hated folk dancing). Our first official date was ice skating in Forest Park and hamburgers and beer at Blueberry Hill (a local bar). I hated ice skating (what a dud I was!) and remember sitting down while Michael skated. He also thought I was a dud because I refused hot chocolate- I was on one of my many "no sugar" kicks.

We were inseparable after that first date. Michael was an art teacher and I was finishing up getting my teacher's certificate. We got a one-bedroom flat on Nebraska Avenue, off of Cherokee Street in South St Louis. We lived there for 5 years. We knew we had to move out of the city when Michael's truck got stolen while we were at the movies and my new Toyota got stolen from where it was parked in front of our house. To make matters worse, my car was eventually found with the key in it and we were pretty sure our neighbor (an ex-con) stole it. After we got an alarm for the car, my neighbor was so mad that he plowed into it, smashing the front end. After that we knew we had to move. We took a drive to the country, and ended up finding a house to rent on a 1,000 acre farm outside of Augusta MO. The farm was wonderful except when the rich people who owned it and had a house right next to ours, came on weekends or holidays.

When I turned 30 years old, I wanted to start a family. Ironically, I was infertile and had to go through a number of tests before conceiving our first child 1 1/2 years later. Andrew was born on 24 Oct 1987. He was a very wakeful and high-needs baby. His first year of life, I held him most of the time. Andrew was a very active toddler and proved to be quite challenging.

We were blessed with twins the second time around. What a shock it was when the technician announced at the routine 4 month sonogram, "Look, there are two babies"!! Michael thought he was joking and then went into shock when he saw the images of two babies. Being pregnant with twins was quite challenging. I developed a blood clot in my leg during the 5th month and had to have complete bed rest. What a challenge with an active 2 yo running around. Katie and Sallie were born 4 weeks early on 6 Jan 1991, but were quite healthy. Katie weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and Sallie weighed 5 lbs 3 oz. They were easy babies and slept a lot their first month of life.

I worked as a school librarian at Winfield Middle School in Winfield MO from Aug 1982 through Oct 1987. I took a leave of absence when Andrew was born, intending to come back after 3 months. However, I really hated the thought of returning to work. I loaded Andrew in the car with baby formula (which he refused to drink) one dark and col January morning. It was to be a 60 minute commute to the babysitter's and then 20 minutes to my school. I guess it wasn't meant to be because on the way to work that day, I slid on ice in New Melle and ended up in a ditch. A man rescued us anthat was it for me. I was not going back to work!

I stayed home for 6 years and by the time Katie and Sallie were 3 1/2, I felt like I needed to get out of the house. In the summer of 1994, I was hired for the perfect job: a children's librarian w Sundays a month at the Kathryn Linneman branch in the St Charle City-County Library District. The pay was great and I worked from 1pm- 5pm. I am still working this job and love it.

I also felt the need to get back into the schools and worked a short time as a substitute teach in the Washington School District (Aug 1994- Feb 1995). I didn't like this much, so I quit. I got a job as an elementary school librarian at St Francis Borgia Grade School in Washington MO. It was strange working in a Catholic school, but I loved the work. This job was part-time and I worked in this position August 1995- June 1997.

Finally, I was hired in August 1997 as a school librarian in the Washington School District. I currently work part-time as a librarian at Augusta Elementary School and Marthasville Elementary School. I love the work and only work 2 1/2 days per week.

Reading, music, good movies, swimming, deep water aerobics.

La Lech League leader for 2 1/2 years.

Member of Emerson Unitarian-Universalist Chapel.


1. Occupation: Elementary School Librarian, 1990, Marthasville, , Missouri, USA.

   Marriage Information:

Julie married Michael Kevin LAMBUR, son of Oliver Michael LAMBUR, Jr and Wilma DEEKER, on 23 Dec 1981 in Florissant, St Louis, Missouri, USA. (Michael Kevin LAMBUR was born on 29 Oct 1952 in St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA.)

1 St Louis Reunion, Jun 1999, 2001.

2 Genealogy Questionnaire, Clifford G Andrew, Dec 1999 JIA.

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