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Elizabeth FITZ JOHN
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Sir John STRUG
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Eleanor STRUG
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1. Katherine PEVERELL

2. Countess Eleanor Berkeley ARUNDEL


  • Born: 22 Jun 1378, Farley, Hungerford, Somersetshire, England
  • Married (1): Bef 18 Sep 1402, Penhale, Cornwall, England
  • Married (2): Bef 8 May 1439, Beverstone, Gloucestershire, England
  • Died: 9 Aug 1449, , Provence, France
  • Buried: Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

   Other names for Walter were Knight and Sir.

   Ancestral File Number: 8TS8-94. User ID: 295490.

   General Notes:

Sir, First Lord of HUNGERFORD.

The Oxford History of England The Fifteenth Century 1399-1485, E F Jacob, Oxford Univ Press, p161:
"...On 23 July 1414 a further embassy led by Sir Walter Hungerford was dispatched [to Emperor Sigismund]; and the preamble to Hungerford's commission states that Clux had discussed with Sigismund `foedera amicitiarum et ligarum' ...There is no clear evidence that Hungerford concluded anything definite with Sigismund under this latter head, but a letter sent round by Sigismund to notabilities of the time advertised the emperor's aim of reconciling England and France..."

[1422] "What had Henry decided during his fatal illness? Here there is discrepancy among the chroniclers. The lastest will of Henry V along with its codicils is lost. The earl of Stafford, Lords Bourchier and Hungerford when asked in the council what words Henry V had in his final instructions used about the government of Normandy professed themselves to have been so upset at the time that they could scarcely remember..."

"...A more conventional, and better balanced but no less self-propelling counsellor was Sir Walter Hungerford, who like his father became steward for the duchy of Lancaster south of Trent. Hungerford's largeestate was built upon the nucleus of three manors in Wiltshire and Gloucester. His father's other lands had been entailed upon the male issue of his second wife who lived on until 1412 and he did not succed to the whole until that year. By bothhis marriages he did extremely well: his first marriage to Katherine Peverell, daughter of a Cornish squire, was the occasion for a settlement which provided for estates in Wiltshire or Gloucester worth L40 a year to be settled by Sir Thomas on the pair with the final prospect of entailed estates worth 300 or 400 marks annually. Katherine's mother, a niece of Hugh Courtenay, earl of Devon, died in 1422 and part of her dower estates came to Hungerford that year, lying mostly in Somerset. In 1439 the Cornish and other Devon lands of Peverell and Courtenay came in. The marriage of the granddaughter of Lord Burnell to Edmund, Sir Walter's third son, occasioned a settlement of thirteen manors in Surrey, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Somerset, and Essex, which passed into Sir Walter's hands by 1421 when Lord Burnell died; and during the minority Hungerford was able temporarily to augment his lands by grants and royal wardships, as well as by direct acquisition (some thiry additional manors mainly in Wiltshire and Somerset, along with his London inn in Charing). He bought some of these before he was treasurer of England (1426-1432) and many of the rest before the end of his term of office. By 1430 the estates were large enough to carry three stewards; and another was needed to administer the lands brought under his control by his second marriage, to Eleanor, countess of Arundel, the daughter and heiress of Sir John Berkeley of Beverstone Gloucester. In her right Hungerford came to hold thirteen manors in Dorset, six in Wiltshire, five in Gloucestershire, and two in Somerset; estates that brought him after 1440 nearly L70 a year. By this time his grandson Robert had been married to Eleanor Moleyns, whose father William had been killed at the siege of Orleans: a marriage which was to bring into the Hungerford family possession some twenty to thiry manors in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, and Cornwall. The constructionof this patrimony was the territorial concomitant of Hungerford's continuous service of the crown: as shire knight for Wiltshire and Speaker in the Leicester parliament of 1414; as chief steward of the duchy of Lancaster in the south, a position which his father had held; as royal ambassador at the council of Constance; as one of the feoffees and executors in the will made by Henry V on 22 July 1415 at Southampton just before leaving for France; as steward of Henry's household abroad and (on Henry's decease) as a member of the council charged with the exercise of the royal authority when parliament or great councils were not sitting. He was first summoned to parliament as Lord Hungerford on 7 January 1426 and served on the council which had to handle the Beaufort-Gloucester fracas in 1425-1426, and with his co-feoffees Beaufort and Chichele took his part in the slow process of administering Henry V's will until the enfeoffed duchy of Lancaster estates could beresumed by the king. He must have handled, or at least known about, practically every important piece of business that came up in the council until 1444. That year he was excused from being present at the chapter of the Garter, having since hiselection (1421) attended every chapter (saving those from 1439-1443) of which there is a record. He was fortunate in dying before the chaos of the fifties. He was too cautious a public servant to risk his life and fortunes by the gangster methods followed in East Anglia by the two de la Poles, or in Kent by James Fiennes, Lord Saye and Sele."

Greenwoods Genealogy- Royal and Related European Ancestry
"A brief note on sources: I do not presently have the capacity to display footnotes and sources in detail, but doing so might mislead you into thinking this is a quotable reference, which is IS NOT. Its just a finding aid. Anyone researching pre-1500 royal and semi-royal European ancestors must have three books at his disposal:
Ancestral Roots, by Frederick L. Weis (references here afor the 7th edition of ARC);
Magna Carta Sureties (MCS), also by Weis;
Royalty for Commoners, by Roderick W. Stuart (references here are for RFC 2nd edition).
The first two volumes are now being revised into a series by David Faris, unfortunately without the handy reference numbers. I tried to show both ARC and RFC reference numbers when assigned to one person, but The Master Genealogist decided not to print the second item. Other sources noted include references to the LDS PAF (with their index numbers) which have not been cross checked. Treat these as mere guesses. References to AAI are for the Automated Archives CD100, which contains much of the massive Augustine Ayers pedigree upon which RFC is also partly based. There are also references to T&R, or Paul Theroff and Michael Raffin, who have labored over the past few years, often on the once-great Prodigy Genealogy BB, to sort out both available and obscure sources. Much of the fundamental research behind all of these was originally summarized and verified in G. E. Cokayne's Complete Peerage (CP or NCP, for England) and Detlev Schwennicke's Europäische Stammtaflen (ES, for the Continent).
A12404. Sir Walter Hungerford 1st Lord Hungerford was born circa 1378. He married Katherine Peverell (ARC 51a-34), daughter of Thomas Peverell and Margaret de Courtenay (ARC 51a-33), before 18 Sep 1402. He died on 9 Aug 1449.

World Ancestral Chart No. 10002 Patricia (Downey) Adams Ancestors of Warren Cash 1760 Born Fairleigh Hungerford England, Died Provence France.
World Ancestral Chart No. 31759 Ancestors of Warren Cash 1760.

Ancestral File Ver 4.10 8TS8-94 Born Farleigh Hungerford Somerset England.

   Marriage Information:

Walter married Katherine PEVERELL, daughter of Sir Thomas PEVERELL and Margaret COURTENAY, before 18 Sep 1402 in Penhale, Cornwall, England. (Katherine PEVERELL was born about 1380-1382 in Park Hamatilly, Penhale, Cornwall, England, died after 14 Jun 1426 and was buried on 8 May 1439 in Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.)

   Marriage Information:

Walter also married Countess Eleanor Berkeley ARUNDEL, daughter of Sir John BERKELEY, before 8 May 1439 in Beverstone, Gloucestershire, England. (Countess Eleanor Berkeley ARUNDEL was born about 1400 in , Gloucestershire, England and died in 1455 in Arundel, Sussex, England.)

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